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  1. Tracks

    Each Track tells a Tale... and Tracks no lie :)
  2. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    So many Wonderful days through the years... and the 2012/13 Season is close
  3. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    6 on 14 ! cut it out... Pow Mind has taken over why yes, I love to follow my own Pow Tracks
  4. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    never been in the bowl and not thinking it was worth it... you're up at 12, 000 or so some Incredible Surf today perfect head high point break with no one out and glassy i 8 myself silly...
  5. Taking the powder with you!

    Pat? Camp Bird, westB. more Snow on the way
  6. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    3 days of Pow and 2 of Grooom... This new Flight Attendant is a Supermodel with Benefits...the stance up about an inch and a half or so from the Land Lord...some added torsion for loading and release, soft for some Bass... Stoked 60 knot winds, up on the Bowl today ...
  7. Downhill Snowboard Racing

    Ugly...they had one here years ago and it was Ugly.. A Real WC Ski Downhill course would be Suicide...
  8. Minds in the Water

  9. Minds in the Water

    We are Water...
  10. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Milkland... Incredible day out there Thank You
  11. Tracks

    Pow just takes over your mind nice over the top section
  12. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Secret Spot was Secret today Milkland coming Alive... Aloha to Pat and Karen, Ruthie and Corey
  13. Tracks

    back into the treeze
  14. Minds in the Water

    some Heavy Water Head slap at 2:20 ouch...
  15. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Stoked the new stick works like the old Stick, only better
  16. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Stoked the new Stick works like the old Stick Track no Lie
  17. Tracks

    1st 2 2 day
  18. hardboot carving % vs softboot, you personally?

    this versus that...go ahead, you can Focus on that...or you can Focus on this
  19. Tracks

    an empty canvas
  20. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Actually, I took this shot of Pat D at Wes B this morning from the chairlift ...the best Surf session this year... Unbelievable Pats a twenty year vet of Milk and the style used there by some Old Surfers...
  21. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Sounds interesting John... Cliff used footage from the lift in Ride the Edge, but only of a couple of riders I like the idea also of perhaps one section where you use a super telephoto to get a 100ft. field of vision, where the riders are out of focus riding into focus and then back out, one after the other 2 to 3 carves each all in slo-mo... soundtrack? East West, Paul Butterfield Blues Band ...
  22. Tracks

    Indeed, those 1st track runs are special...
  23. Minds in the Water

    surfin in the Dark, like surfing in the Fog...
  24. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    the Grooooommmm 2 day however sum of the cut backs were exceptionally Fine
  25. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Glad you had Fun, there really is not enough snow to go into the woods there yet...so Well Done