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  1. Minds in the Water

    Looking Good Shawndoggy...ready for Snow
  2. Minds in the Water

    some Nazare
  3. Minds in the Water

    some Crunch at the Wedge
  4. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Spotted this Red Tail Hawk yesterday...
  5. Softboot Carving worth watching

    What a great Vid....Snowboarding is FUN
  6. Phillip Cross surf-style old school

    Seriously...there is only one Milkman
  7. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    The Color show is starting...
  8. Minds in the Water

    I remember our son Rob coming back from Indo in 2004...after surfing Nias at double overhead, he said it was the most Beautiful Place and Wave he had ever seen ... this is a wonderful little Jewel...
  9. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    walked down the road this evening
  10. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Took this pic of Pyramid yesterday while up on Aspen Mt.....realized when I got home and looked at it...there are two people standing on top
  11. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Wonderful Lighting on Mt. Daley and Snowmass this morning...
  12. Minds in the Water

    figure the Foil around 4 ft.long 18in. wide and 4 in. thick and shaped for down pressure on the back, lift up front...
  13. Minds in the Water

    Wonder...with Pow light enough and Deep enough...
  14. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

  15. Minds in the Water