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  1. Bought my first ever SB and eager to learn!

    I ride at a small hill called brimecombe.ca aka the old Oshawa ski club most sat and sundays. I’m a newbie of 3yrs and mostly learned via grit and grind on my own. Looking for my own coach as well to move to the next level. I’m currently learning from a few 12yr olds who are provincial champs....yah go figure lol. Happy to teach whatever I can and know if you are out that way. There are a few folks aka less then on one hand that board on most hills in ont each weekend, ask the local snowboard and ski instructors which runs they mostly hang out on and chase them down. I hear a good group hangs at MSLM but never meet them. Go in the morning when the hills are groomed as that’s when most like to carve. It’s a lot of trial and error unless you can find a coach. sites that may help get you going. http://www.alpinecarving.com/ Lots of good reading, bit dated but still good. for ew equipment when ready check out yyzcanuck.ca in Toronto. Look on youtube under alpine boarding or carving and watch as many videos as you can find. Ben from Russia below is all video with no words but helpful as he takes you from beginning turns to carving.
  2. Mount st.luis moonstone Dec 11

    Sorry not able to make it but keep posting as maybe another day :) I generally ride weekends at a small hill called https://www.brimacombe.ca/ just outside Toronto not ideal but we take what we can get around here :) Cheers