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  1. Gray Snowboards?

    The top strap has a rather to get to the correct size and then a buckle at the back (like a regular hardboot boot). So it can be unbuckled to easily get in and out of the boot or perhaps at the bottom of each run (like what I do to all my buckles). Then BAM CLICK SMASH retighten at the top of each run and off we goooo
  2. Gray Snowboards?

    Yeah g style isn't a thing here. Only upz. BUT the g style top 'booster' style strap is by far the best. Going to grab some for myself next season.
  3. Gray Snowboards?

    I was kind of under that impression as well but in all the years I've been here I've only ever seen a single Oxess board. That was 4 years ago from a guy who was sponsored by Oxess and was a snowboard Cross racer. Most of my Japanese friends I ride with spare no expense on their gear but from what I've seen SG is by far the most popular alpine brand and I'm seeing more and more Gray softboot boards by the day (perhaps I'm just noticing that now I'm interested in picking one up myself and since two of my friends own them I found out). I'm always surprised how little Oxess boards there are around especially since their sale bx boards from Oxess are usually around the 500-800EUR amount, which is kind of 'cheap' compared to the other gear I see around here. Something cool I've noticed though is the number of people I've seen learning to or actually carving well down the slopes. Would probably see a few every chair ride. Some really decent ones who could be mistaken for riding hardboots, also. Spoke to some. Front angles of 40ish and rear of 20ish are not uncommon. Can't get rid of Masahiko's tag in the quote. Just ignore that.
  4. Gray Snowboards?

    I think 26 wide, not 25...
  5. Gray Snowboards?

    Gray desperado ti type r 166w looks like a legit board. Amazon co jp. Thanks for pointing me toward that. The one I played with briefly had what seemed to be some sort of possibly ptex topsheet. Not sure. But it was heavy and damp and amazing. Didn't notice the weight when on though. Less than my Kessler + apex V2.
  6. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    Tried a whole heap of different apps for Olympics. 7 sport have coverage of every event that's live. NordVPN. 80bux/24months. Done.
  7. Gray Snowboards?

    Interesting. I don't have access to try anything but the gray think unfortunately. I think I'll go the wide version and throw a set of flows on them.
  8. Gray Snowboards?

    Oh and I'll ask him what price he got it for. 8% consumption tax here for locally delivered purchases.
  9. Gray Snowboards?

    Rode it on plates but the master who it belongs to uses flows on bomber power plates. I'm going to buy one for next season 100%. Might try a pair of those geckos with it. Was super damp and easy to ride/carve all things considered. My first contact with a softboot carve board but here there are a few ogasaka moss and gray boards. And the odd F2 eliminator here n there, not sure if that qualifies.
  10. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    I think the Americans got upset when some wild man defected and beat them all. So they lobbied and had half the discipline removed. Instead they added another gnarly sweet dude f*** yeah event. Big air.
  11. Gray Snowboards?

    I'm in for a group buy. I might be able to enquire while I'm still in Japan. 9 days and counting.
  12. Gray Snowboards?

    The most experienced guy I know has a Gray Desperado Ti Type R. One hella heavy beast and it carves magically. Super damp also. Contemplating picking one up myself. Oh. And he's in Japan. And he's Japanese.
  13. Apex. So it is! Anyone ridden one of their BX boards?
  14. revelation today

  15. Just watched the seeding and noticed the following boards: SG, Kessler, Oxess and one other mystery board to me, which was by far the most popular board. Anyone know which it is? Seems to come in a black or white top sheet with either black or white graphic on top (inverted to the top sheet colour). The base is black with some sort of graphic at the tip. Looks red and white, possibly a Swiss flag. Tried to take some screenshots but on my phone, these were the best I could manage. They are of the black toosheet version of this board.