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  1. Fresh snow alert in Mammoth!!!....Again!!!! :D Anyone up for Easter weekend carving?? Will be there April 15 & 16!!
  2. Will you be in town?? If yes and you have some spare time, let's catch up!!!?? On my way to Big Bear!
  3. What do you call 'really warm weather', Andrei??? Up to 95 degrees in L.A. these coming days!!!! ? Beach anyone??? ????
  4. OMG!!!!! ? I need to go back!!!! ?❄ Looking rather dreary in SoCal these days!!! ?
  5. Guess what!!?? Tomorrow's meeting was just moved to Friday! !! Will hopefully see you there tomorrow!!! :D I wish I coukd go to TTC!!! :(
  6. Nice!!!!! ? Can't do Thursday, but most likely Friday?? Need to get up there before the snow melts away !!!
  7. Hi Karlen/AccusticBoarder! So nice to meet you & your nephew!! Great riding with you & what a surprise to run into Giuseppe/Megtirimix!! Let's do it again sooonest!!! :D
  8. Awesome!! I'll PM you! :)
  9. Might see you Saturday!!
  10. So sorry to hear that!!! Bummer!!!! Hope you feel better soon! Gave my 4WD & board quite a work-out!!! ??
  11. Bear Mountain today!!! Anyone? :D
  12. Hi there, I have used CME recently in Vail. Very reliable company and very reasonable!! You can bring 3 pieces of luggage per person! Paid $ 45 for a 45 minute trip (EGE to Vail) while paying the same amount for a 15 minute trip on High Mountain taxi from Beaver Creek to Vail. Hope that helps! :)
  13. Hi Chris! Totally agree!!! Mammy/June for Pres. weekend!!....if not before!!! ;)
  14. Wednesday a bit tricky, but penciled in!! :D Alternatively could do Tue or Th! Yesterday was AWESOME!!!!
  15. Darn it! Cleared my Tuesday to Wednesday....how about next week?