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    milford, nh
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    new england. loon and loaf mostly
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    remodeling carpenter
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    donek custom saber 64
    winterstick custom wescott 64
    rossi xv 164
    donek nomad 170
    oxygen supercross 64
    prior atv 72
    coiler nirvana balance 74
    F2 WC speedster 185
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    ride insano w/ power wrap intuitions
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    F2 tits, bails 53/47 or 60/55
    Now o-drive 44/22.5 w/ bomber power plates
    rossignol xv 44/24
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  1. Be there tomorrow late morning/early afternoon if anyone wants to go north peak to south to gogo to Bunyan room.
  2. Banked Slaloms

    3/17/18 sugarbush "sidesurfers" banked is definitely an event worth attending. great riders, friendly scene, turny course and event as a whole. the recent snow didn't do much to help with the integrity of the course holding up, but that's just banked slaloms for you after 200+ riders rip through it all looking for the same line. http://www.sugarbush.com/uploaded/events/2018-sidesurfers-banked-slalom-top-finishers-and-time-results.pdf
  3. Drake Podium FF

    nothing loose about the o-drives. the sk8 tech thing probably does something for flex/give but all i feel is a firm hold/feel/response when riding. i have not ridden the recon. almost got that instead, but i was advised that the o-drive is what i needed to have. wise recommendation from someone who has ridden both. for fast hard aggressive freeride/freecarve, the o-drives are the tool. they don't like taking it easy. i suppose you could get away with the recon just as well if you prefer a little more flex/give. the recon doesn't have that "flip-it" strap though that really locks in the heel/ankle when in freeride mode. (i use bomber power plates as well; blue e-ring bumpers. soon to have some gecko cross, medium bumpers) i haven't ridden the driver x. it was going to be my next softboot until i just swapped out the liner for powerwraps in the insano's. i think it's three season's on the insano shells now. they're done and hopefully make it through the season with some shoe-goo. i have a backup pair of rome folsom's. i'll put the powerwrap in those next. if that fails, i'll have to go driver x i suppose. softboot liners just don't do it for me after being exposed to a higher cuff deeluxe 131 liner in hardboots. powerwrap isn't that much taller, but the support makes it feel that way for me. holds up throughout the season better than any other stock liner i've had in the past too. they're a readily available liner so not hard to find. basically a new pair of boots every year for the cost of a liner. had malamutes back when i toured a lot in the backcountry in MT. loved em. can't lose with those either. my riding style/focus has changed since then so don't know how i'd like them now. curious if there's somewhere on this forum comparing powerwraps to palau 141? and where to find the palau 141... (yyz)
  4. Drake Podium FF

    ridden burton diodes. found them to have very minimal support for carving/bx/banked courses. rossignol xv. liked em a lot before i broke the metal heel cup and got some odrives. NOW O-Drives. ya. pretty much a lifer. nothing compares. locked in great stiff ankle support. "flip-it" ankle strap = one side for freestyle vs one side for freeride/freecarve. toe straps must got over the top of foot unless you like breaking plastic ladder straps and buckles from drag if you lean over or dig deep carves. i've contacted NOW and JF is aware of this and was told that changes will be made. only had this issue with the back foot. the highback does not rotate if you run steeper angles. i'm at 40/20 and it works, but would prefer a rotate option. the odrives just happen to be on sale at REI right now too. boots are ride insano w/ intuition powerwraps
  5. Crotched

    Early to mid afternoon eta. Final beer league racing is at 5:30.
  6. Banked Slaloms

    For those not attending one of the best banked slaloms of the year at the Loaf there's an alternative at Loon. Saturday 3/24. Methodology event. Speed and style. Banked slalom with a hip after finish line.
  7. Apex Gecko setup

    which model Buell? stealth, free, cross? which bumpers? red (hard) or orange (medium)? thanks for the feedback on sharing your experience with these on softies.
  8. MK at Loon

    Alumni of the MK. ^
  9. Banked Slaloms

    oh how we love those banked courses. a turning of the snowboard. unaware of the killington slash and berm, but that was the first one of the year i believe. the mike baker banked is a joke for racing, great for partying debauchery and laughing at people getting hurt. whatever floats your boat. this years VTO banked course was a very fun and nicely flowing built course. organized well and had great weather. pics: https://www.facebook.com/hubert.schriebl/media_set?set=a.1988292887865236.1073742089.100000536326068&type=3&pnref=story i have no idea if this link doesn't work if you're not on FB or not.
  10. great analogy. bottom line is two fold... different motions for the ocean and the right tool for the conditions... or however you might feel like riding that day. softies: donek saber - carve, race, any speed. groomers any day and some minor off piste or chop winterstick wescott - medium speed turns, directional freeride anything. any conditions rossi xv - riding with wife or beginners at small hills or on busy trails. also early season donek nomad - i think anything, anywhere, any time. TBD. it's on the way hardies: oxygen supercross - sl board and early season trainer prior atv - anything, any conditions except pow. might have to let this one go soon. softies in pow. always coiler nb - freecarve anything and beer league racing f2 speedster - gs board, wide open groomers and race. it's too much board for me really. a humbling trainer board voids: backup freecarve. two of em. a 175 and a 180 180 race directional softy freeride there's always something. maintenance and binding changes can be a nuisance, but options are nice.
  11. Famous last words. 🤘🏻
  12. Crotched

    There every Wednesday night for racing and beer. Sporadic other than that. I'm close by in Milford so 2hr+ sessions are a norm. This morning was delicious. Might be there next Thursday weather dependent. *screw heel sides*!
  13. Thanks ursle. Even just lapping the gates? 10-2 timeframe for course. Tough call but good on the heads up. I've never been to okemo so I'll have to look at a map to check lift options to course. Willing to walk a little if needed/possible. Freeride is not an option for me if busy. Sacrifice for chasing stubbies I guess. Hope there's a good beer selection at the bar.
  14. Nice. Loafing it this Sunday but will check back next weekend.
  15. I'm not sure how to share advise to those with more experience, but my strategy is one more beer and get early starts. This way I don't overthink it and just ride it. I also have been riding a 174 coiler nirvana balance instead of my 185 F2 WC speedster on ski gate courses. 39yrs young 200+lbs I saw that Okemo Sunday mornings are $39 for NH & VT residents. Do you set gates on Sundays too? Interested in practicing running stubbies.