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  1. You're on FB. You know what we're all up to. Some remodel, some lay back and some have turned into the human gerbil - pedaling themselves up and down insane mountains. Here's my updated for the lone no-FB person on this thread ;)
  2. Beautiful picture!
  3. Don't you know the answer to this already?
  4. Came across this recently and thought of you @big mario... The short TL/DR of it: Arthroscopic knee surgery doesn't improve symptoms more than exercise. To quote them: I will caveat this by saying I'm not a doctor (my wife is the doctor). Your doctor is the authority on whether you need this or not. Just pointing out what the literature says on the subject. Either way, please heal quickly. Trying to cross your trenches makes the day very *interesting* :)
  5. Bit too late for that, isn't it?
  6. We're not worried about the structural part. Mentally is more concerning. Especially the added stress of your fellow LCI people. Feel better!
  7. This got me thinking.... (oh oh...) Why would it matter what degree the binding has your boot? Who really cares? The boot is going to be at a certain angle, then the footbed is at another angle, and the camber of the board makes a difference too... In the end you put on the boot, bind in, and go screaming down the mountain with varying levels of control (some less than others). As long as you are comfortable why should it matter what angle you got between the board and the boot? This obsessiveness with numbers is what got me into trouble in the first place. I tried to measure really accurately the binding angle and didn't ride any better. Only when I stopped measuring and made small incremental adjustment to how the setup FEELS did I get better... (and again, the enginerd being stupid here)
  8. Just proving my point :) Engineer == S
  9. ^^^ Being an engineer has nothing to do with not making stupid mistakes.
  10. Ahh, see what 8.5 years will do to you? The terrain park was awesome today :D Somebody forgot to tell the snow machine that it's May. 3" forecasted, more than 6" in most places. Especially the terrain park! Met up with RacerH, OddJob, Dennis and PCD in the morning. Apparently only PCD and I realized it was a pow day and brought out the softies. A quick trip up Ptarmigan proved that firebowl/cut was not where it's at. Going up 6 the terrain park looked sweet. It was :) After 5 rounds of park-ratting the J-crew realized it was time to look for more freshies. Lovey provides! South chutes were awesome with more than a foot of pow! Total tally for the day: 13 runs. 12 of those on untracked pow. What a day! In the pic below pc denver aka park Pete getting ready to drop into the gnar!
  11. Donek REV 180 This board is in excellent condition. I rode it a total of 5 runs. Took me that long to realize that it's too much board for me. Slight discoloration in the back - purely cosmetic. I just left it like it is because I don't want to go after it with solvents. Looking to sell for $500 or trade for a modern, single radius, titanal board (WCRM 183/177 for example).
  12. Seriously....? And I'm stuck at work... :( Should be an awesome weekend though!
  13. And @big mario, This is for you. Can we make it happen? :)
  14. What an epic epic day. Bluebird sky, excellent snow all around, no traffic either way, and an awesome crew. The few who were missing totally missed out. Sorry. At one point there were at least 10 carvers laying waste to Lovies grooms. Snow was 1.5 on the MES scale and though complaining was rampant I think it was pretty neat. So in no particular order today's groom destruction was done by Mario, Monodude, Mr. Ice, RacerH, Swiss Arne man, pcdenver, Ink, Kai (who did an awesome job of plastering Mario), Shelly, a new (to us) Dennis, an odd person, and a small contribution was also made by me.
  15. Hehehe.... Happened to me this year on one of the best pow days. And yes, it was epic and totally worth the 5 hour drive back home. But I digress, @1xsculler, I feel you. I think I went/going through the same thing. I can see it. Immense stoke at the beginning of the season, gear obsession, etc... We're probably not the only ones to go through this. After a season and a half of trying to hardboot I am only marginally better. Season end duldrums? Ya betcha! Will I do this again next year? Oh yeah! My suggestion? Take a breather. Put the board back in the closet. Pick another fun way to fling yourself down a mountain (mtn biking for example) and rock on! The stoke will be back. And if it isn't? Pick something else? This is supposed to be fun. You're paying a lot of money and spending a lot of energy on this. Cut yourself some slack and don't fret about this*. *Oh yeah, if you figure out how to do that let me know!!!