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  1. Worth a shot.... I'll see what I can do.

    ^^^ So was I Believe me I want to take it but between this, the killer Flux and some other stuff that's been posted here I would be sleeping in the yard before I could put in the first two letters of my password to Paypal. Way too many choices way too little money.

    Is there some Montucky vacuum sucking up killer Coiler deals here? Sheesh!
  4. Not willing to accept money but there might be someone who has said disk. (PMing you) The forces in those bindings are pretty large (see the thread with the broken plates). I want to look at my binding to see what can be done so it's still safe. (Probably a shim underneath the binding altogether)
  5. Coiler Nirvana

    I'll add my 2 cents here. Just came back from day 1 on my NFCB 174 with 10/12.7/12 SCR and I have to agree with all that has been said here. Fun and friendly. It's as though it's telling me: "Don't worry, I got your back." It really gave me a ton of confidence. I think that for the first time I felt as comfortable in hardboots as I do in softboots. Best of all, finally I think I have my answer to the question of "why hardboots?"
  6. Yo Lci!!

    Coilerfest!!!! What a fun day! Conditions were pretty much perfect. Big Mario, Ink, The Dude, pcdenver, arneburner, Odd Job, and the Carvin' Marvin were all seen from time to time. I had a blast! Traffic was thankfully light too.
  7. The code allows for changing the binding angle, height, cant, lift, width, length (both top and bottom), and some other miscellaneous values. Right now I'm printing a 28.5mm high, 27 degree, no cant or lift plate for a 0/6 cant and 27/9 binding angle set. @jim_s's idea of using OpenSCAD rocks. I should thank him for pointing me in this direction but since it's turned to obsession I'm not sure that's appropriate I would recommend ABS since it's cheap, stable, and has good low temperature performance. I do want to try out Nylon since it might have better shock absorption but can't recommend it at the moment because I don't know what the water absorption would do to it. Depending on the material of choice the cost is very minimal. Each plate weighs ~150 grams. Even with expensive material you are not going to go over $15 for the pair. Another expense are the screws. I'm using M6x45mm stainless countersunk screws (for a 28.5mm high plate). These cost around $9 for a pack of 10 on Amazon. Print time is around 12-15 hours per plate (at least on my printer). If you need any help in generating a particular set let us know! Unfortunately the Thingiverse customizer is not working (and hasn't been working for a month apparently) so the best way to generate an STL is to download OpenSCAD and open the code file there (I'm attaching the latest rev) Power_Plate.scad
  8. Donek Flux 182 --- $400 shipped lower 48

    Yeah, I remember when that board was on here at first. Unfortunately I am financially challenged in terms of snowboard acquisition at the moment (read bosslady says no). I do hope someone picks it up, not just because it's awesome but it would also remove the temptation! :D
  9. I've tried @slopestar's Donek Saber and have really liked it. He rips on it! I think your plan of driving over and having a chat with Sean is probably a good idea regardless. Once I recover from this year's taxes I'll probably do the same. The gold solution used to be the Bomber Power plates IMHO. We all hope they'll start making them again. With that being off the table I've been 3D printing cants/risers with great success. There's a thread over in the Binding section which documents that. Other than that ebay and the classifieds here are your best bet.
  10. Donek Flux 182 --- $400 shipped lower 48

    Must... Resist.... Urge.... Too bad I lost weight! Sweet ride. Was that SVR's?
  11. Feeling better and better about this code :) I've updated the lightening holes using a formula for finding incenters of triangles. It works!!! I know it looks the same but now the code is much more robust. I've updated the thingiverse link (found here: www.thingiverse.com/thing:2790669) Hopefully they get it running and we can use that to generate plates. In the meantime I've printed another set based on this code and they look primo. Super stoked on that! I think that the OpenSCAD version looks better but that's a personal preference :). The nice part is that the base is only 10cm wide while the tops are 13cm wide. That means that the bindings are fully supported while the footprint on the board is reduced, hopefully allowing it to bend more naturally. I've examined the screw holes, plates, screws, and bindings - no sign of damage whatsoever. While I'm not the most aggressive rider they do seem to be pretty skookum. Best part is that they work!! I'd love to know if anyone else is trying these out! (If you need help generating the files let me know too)
  12. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I figure it’s got my back... (until it stabs me there) :)
  13. Birthday Laps

    Nice!! To be emulated on the 27th.
  14. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I have to agree.... The HAL9000 eye especially. I found a jepg with a lot of detail and it came out SPECTACULAR.
  15. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    OK, I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.... (let me find my caliper :D)