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  1. Apex Gecko setup

    @Corey Fantastic ideas! Ill give those a shot. Also, I wanted to pick your brain about your Coiler EC specs and what if anything you would change but ill PM you as to not derail the thread.
  2. Look at the Auction I Won on FleaBay!

    I got to see that new setup on the new board porn thread. Ive been thinking about going in on a coiler EC for next season
  3. Apex Gecko setup

    How well do gecko plates work for a wider EC style board? I am thinking of getting a Coiler EC next year and was wondering how well these plates would do on it. I have a bomber boiler plate and I like it but it is a bit heavy and it increases my stack height (I am 6'4'') to the point where my front knee is compressed under the chairlift footrest bar and I kind of have to lean forward to get comfy. So maybe these would be a nice alternative.
  4. Notes from a lesson

    I appreciate these notes as someone who is still learning the specifics thank you very much!
  5. Entertainment Break: Pole-Plant: The Movie!

    Pole planting like an absolute maniac. I approve <3
  6. 3 Pairs of F2 Race Titanium bindings - SOLD

    @jim alright i have sent an email
  7. 3 Pairs of F2 Race Titanium bindings - SOLD

    Sending a PM for the large F2 races
  8. Question about TD3 lower assembly

    Shoot that's what I was afraid of. I contacted the YYZ guys and they didn't have any of the lowered cants. Then I contacted Shaun of donek and he had 1 pair of 3/3 degrees but he said the thin pucks were cracked and he wouldn't sell them to me so unless bomber gets their stuff together I'm kind of screwed unless one of you kind gentlemen has an extra pair that I can purchase or borrow until bomber is back in business. If anyone would be so willing please PM me and you will be generously rewarded, any help would be awesome thanks.
  9. WIcked Trailer from the Installer series

    I recently came across this series and they have lots of fantastic footage of killer carves and jumps.
  10. I am in desperate need of the boiler plate lower cant disks and E-rings for TD3s, I'll take any combo of degrees but prefer a 6 and a 3. Please help, I ordered these from bomber but when the drama went down they are nowhere to be seen so I am afraid I won't be able to use my new boilerplate in the way it is supposed to be with the bp lower cants.
  11. Question about TD3 lower assembly

    Ok thanks for the response Dr. @drschwartz So you can confirm that the regular sized pucks will work for the Boiler plate version of the TD3 cant disks? I am trying to see if the regular sized TD3 pucks will work with the BP lower cant disks. Also if I do need the thin pucks for the BP cant disks and I cant get a hold of a pair how would i go about adapting my Td3 SI to being attached flat onto the BP?
  12. Question about TD3 lower assembly

    Hello all, I was wondering if the regular TD3 binding plate will work with the boiler plate lower cant disk or if you need the thin disk for it to work? Also if anyone has some bp lower cant disks that they would be willing to let me use/buy until I can get the ones I ordered from bomber to actually come that would be awesome. I am in desperate need of some lowers before the season starts.
  13. 2017-2018 Season Board Porn

    @bigwavedave Hi I have a pair of RC10s and I was looking to put some intuitions in them but I had heard to try out the power wraps. Any reason on why you went with the alpines over the power wraps?
  14. Is bomber out of business?

    Hello everybody. I had sent a message to Jim about the demo Kessler 185 I had picked up from him which did come in the mail(he hasn't got back to me yet). But I had also ordered a set of 6/3 boiler plate lowers for my new bomber boiler plate, I expected these to come along with the board package since the delivery message only included the bp lowers but when the package arrived only the Kessler was in there and there was no sign of the bp lowers. I really hope he can send these but I am not sure this will be happening anymore? Also, unfortunately, I thought the Kessler would have UPM attachments on it as I only bought a UPM kit for my boilerplate but its only got 4 hole so if anyone has an extra bomber BP 4 hole kit for sale I would love to grab it off of you because as of now I cannot ride my BP on my new Kessler which I was massively looking forward to this season. If we hear no signs of life soon I was wondering if the Donek A-plate's 4 hole kit would work for the bomber boilerplate so I might hit up the guys at Donek about it? Thoughts? So yeah if we don't hear anything from them I am looking to buy a 4 hole kit for my bomber BP and BP lowers so if anyone can help me out please let me know it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. ATC and ECES Info

    Dang I was planning on going for my first time this year. Been hardbooting for 2 years so I wanted to step up my game and give it a go. Any word on 2019 yet I know its a ways out but if there'll be one i'd like to start planning now.