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  1. Due to excellent snow conditions and a record number of tourists, our local hill had to get creative with it's spillover parking...
  2. Tracks

    Yesterday half the local hill was roped off due to a GS race. This left one of the arguably best carving runs on the hill inaccessible unless you were willing to take a t-bar lift and hoof it a bit (ie nobody was touching it). I was riding with a fellow hardbooter who wasn't scared of a little work and a war commenced, right under the lifts; EC (Swoard) vs. Bomber (Coiler) style.
  3. Edge tools, which ones?

    The rubber pads are nothing special but those are just for waxing/base repair. Being able to put the board into those slots and holding it up on edge makes it a lot easier to work the edge. The board is really locked in and it is easier to apply consistent pressure on the exposed edge. When I'm tuning, I'm only working the side edge (not the base) so I use gummy stone to knock off the burr.
  4. Newbie Question: Shaving Off Speed

    Ohio, where at? I used to live in Xenia when I was a little nipper. The whole Scandinavian question was just because of your handle. Mord makes for an interesting translation into Swedish or Norwegian. :)
  5. Newbie Question: Shaving Off Speed

    When you really get the board on edge you can turn inside that radius. But yeah, if you don’t want to skid, then you control your speed by the completeness of the turns (and by the tightening the turn radius; getting the board really up on edge). Another hint for beginners is that when you are starting your run, make your initial carve at a lower speed than you would normally turn-in at. Once you loose control of your speed you’ve really gotta work hard to slow down again unless you want to skid. Mord... you aren’t based in Norway (or Scandinavia) by any chance?
  6. Edge tools, which ones?

    Sitting in the “ski prep” room... What the hell, throw in a gummi stone (removes the thin flap of metal that develops when filing the side edge and its an eraser for rust) and a spring clamp. ...And leather gloves... ...Blood rusts edges.
  7. Edge tools, which ones?

    Oh forgot one surprisingly important tool: a sidewall cutter. Its a lot easier to set/maintain your side edge if you’re only working the steel alone. If you are prepping a new board you pretty much need one of these. It needs a slow and steady pull to avoid hacking up the sidewall. PS: this is assuming that you already have a good set of vises. I’m using the swix t-bar 500.
  8. Edge tools, which ones?

    My wife had one of those but I never trusted it completely. I’ve gotten best results from a fixed guide (swix race) a swix second cut chrome file (for setting the angle or repairing) and diamond stones for deburring(200) and general maintenance (400). Usually get at least as good results as the guys that have the electric sharpeners. Base angle you can get by with taping one side of the file.
  9. 1) F2 Silberpfeil: This was my first alpine deck. Got it because it was cheap. Now it is my rock board (so I can practice early and late in the season). 2)Coiler NFC Balance: This was board #2 and my first metal board. A total game changer in my learning curve. The board didn't make me a better rider over-night but it gave me tons of confidence to really push harder on different techniques in variable conditions. As a result I learned a ton because of this board. 3)Coiler NFC Energy: This was board #3 and a little shorter and turnier than my Balance. I got this as a refinement of my NFC-B because I got to the point where I could understand/anticipate what got me happy on a board, and I wanted something a bit "racier" than the NFC-B, but equally versatile in just about all conditions. This is absolutely my go-to board: perfect-groomers, pow, runs that have been rutted up by the local alpine teams, crowds, etc. This board handles everything predictably and with poise. It really shines in less than ideal conditions. 4)Kessler 162: I got this the same time I ordered the NFC-E because it was used and cheap. I wanted in on the European "legend". This is my adrenaline rush board, . Since I'm not riding off piste anymore, I realistically could have been perfectly content with just the Silberpfeil and the NFC-E. That would cover an entire season. However, having having taken a bite of the SL apple, the Kessler just amps up the stoke level to 11 on the days when I can get it out. The NFC-B (which I still love) kinda gets relegated to being the spare. Not planning and not interested in any new boards for the foreseeable future.
  10. hardboot carving % vs softboot, you personally?

    From '90 to '15 was 100% soft. From '15 and onwards I'm now 100% hard.
  11. Hey Erazz! Can I be an honorary member of the LCI? Please? Loveland was my homebase in the 90s and I still have the best memories of the shenanigans my friends and I used to get up to there. The wind though... It was AWESOME. Kept all of the riff-raff away, and it made the chairlifts redundant on occasion.
  12. New Binding purchase assistance

    I'm usually in the minority in this but if you go with F2 I'd recommend also picking up a bag of extra T-nuts (Donek sells them) and do annual inspection of your bindings. Great bindings though. @jburk That's a helluva lotta toe lift you got there, looks like my back heel! Am I missing out on some magic by only running a teeny amount of time lift in my front foot (two stacked cant wedges)?
  13. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    There is a picture of the intec internals here. Scroll down a little over half way.
  14. To Trench or Not To Trench? ...

    Better recalibrate that can. Mine all weigh either 504g or 10g, anything else is defective.
  15. Racing v. Carving boards

    The 162 sure has some magic going on in it. I had mine out for back to back runs along with my NFC energy 170 (with scr of 10/12/11), and even though I was turning the 162 inside of the Coiler's tracks it managed to keep a stupid amount of speed. When I swapped back out to the Coiler it comparatively felt like I was stepping on the brakes in each carve. This might be the board or it might be that the Kessler doesn't let me get away with bad habits to the degree that the Coiler will, and so I was turning a cleaner line on the Kessler. Either way, the Kessler is a hoot to ride, but the Coiler would be my first choice when riding steep and unfamiliar terrain just because of that speed management. Like everyone mentioned that 162 is a lot stiffer than any of my other boards and it is heavier than the Coiler by about 1.5lbs.