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    Sainte-Julie, Quebec, CA
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    Saint-Bruno, Mont-Blanc, Orford, Owl's Head, Mont Sainte-Anne...
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    TV Tech.
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    Coiler ECVC 175cm 13/14 Radius - Custom
    F2 SILBERPFEIL 172cm
    Nidecker SLExtrem60 160cm
    Ride Havoc 163cm (for powder days)
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    Deeluxe Free69 with Intec heels, Yellow BTS
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    (Siberpfeil) F2 Race Titanium Intec step-in
    20" Stance, 57o Front, 50o Back,
    Flat, no cant or lift!
    (Ride Havoc) F2 Race Titanium
    20" Stance, 35o Front, 22o Back

    (Nidecker) Fritschi
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  1. F2 RS 183

    Bon matin Réal! :)
  2. F2 RS 183

    I know the guy and yes, it is still for sale...
  3. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Coiler ECVC 177x22.5, 14/16m scr, 200lbs flex. IMG_3403 by Nicolas Plouffe, on Flickr
  4. Deeluxe 225 Boots, Mondo 27, US 9 - Excellent

    Very interesting, sending PM!
  5. Quebec Carving Session 2018 - The photos...

    IMG_3613 by Nicolas Plouffe, on Flickr IMG_3414 by Nicolas Plouffe, on Flickr IMG_3438 by Nicolas Plouffe, on Flickr IMG_3511 by Nicolas Plouffe, on Flickr
  6. Quebec Carving Session 2018 - The photos...

    Yes, great carving day with good friends... Life is good! :)
  7. Quebec Carving Session 2018 - The photos... https://flic.kr/s/aHsmdxyJVs
  8. St Bruno 2017/18

    J'y vais ve soir, 16h à 19h... Je vais tester un board de Bruce, EC 177 x 22.5 14/16m scr. :)
  9. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    La Swoard Pro a plus de pop que ma Coier EC... J'ai testé les deux il y a quelques semaines... The Swoard Pro has more pop than my Coiler EC... I've tested both a couple weeks ago...
  10. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    I have a Coiler EC, 175x22 13/14m sidecut and like it alot... I've tested one of redia Swoard Pro 175x23 M and found it had more pop than the Coiler but thought the sidecut of the Swoard was a little bit too tight for my taste... Both are great boards. What I would like to try is a Coiler EC 175x23, with a 14/16 sidecut and extra pop... ;) P.S. I will test the Bulat in 2 weeks!
  11. Beginner question about boot flex

    Me too, I like flexible boots... I have Deeluxe Free60 with BTS Springs. I want a large range of movement from my boots, almost upright to sitting on my rear boot...
  12. Need help w/ toe-side wipeout (new Proteus on ice)

    Sidecut difference between the two boards might be a factor, the Stubby is (usualy) 13/14m, the Proteus 11m. I prefer longer sidecuts on ice...
  13. Need help w/ toe-side wipeout (new Proteus on ice)

    Board stifness, is the Coiler softer? Maybe you change edge pressure foward and back too much during your frontside turns? Is it the front or the back of the board that looses edge?
  14. Advice sought, trying to make a come back

    Same specs as me! :) What I have in my quiver: - F2 Silberpfeil 172, 12m sidecut, 18.5cm waist, freecarve board: Good board, quick edge change but to narrow for my taste... Good on hard show. - Coiler Nirvana Energy 170, 11m VSR, 20.5cm waist, .3 Titanal Metal, freecarve board: Great and fun board, turns on a dime, tail has a nice pop, you can easily jump from edge to edge, great board when the slodes are crowded... - Coiler ExtremeCarver 175, 13/14m VSR, 22cm waist, .3 Titanal Metal, Extreme carving board: My main goto board, long, wide, super stable and fun everywhere... Others: Nidecker ExtremeSL 60, 160cm, 20cm waist, 10m sidecut, SL board: To stiff and to short scr, not used anymore... Swoard Extreme Carver PRO 175, 23cm waist, 13m scr, Metal Extreme Carving board from Switzerland: Loaned by a friend, great EC Board, scr a bit short for my taste... F2 Speedster RS 183, 16m scr RS Race board: Loaned by a friend, didn't try it yet... Talk to Bruce at Coiler.com, he is a great builder and you get a good deal with the US/CAN exchange rate!
  15. A sport for loners

    I had the same problems a couple years back... My board was to stiff, with a too short sidecut radius (160cm SL board with a 10m scr), I was not preparing myself with leg exercises before the season and was riding alone, most of the time with a bad technique. I couldn't control my speed on steeps so I had to slide brake often. One day I decided to update my equipment (after 15 years riding the same setup) and the guy that gave me advice at the store told me to come to this site for tips and to meet other carvers from my region, It changed my life! Before that I was about to abandon hardboot and go back to softboots or skis! So with my new F2 Silberpfeil 172 (12m sidecut radius) and new Deeluxe Free69 boots I went to the slopes and met one of the local rider. We became good friends and rode often together, he helped me correct my bad form and initiated me to "Extreme Carving"... So yes, finishing your turns by turning until you go a litle bit uphill will help alot with your speed control. If you have problems "finishing your turns" it might be because of your hips, it was mine... I was not rotating my hips and shoulders enough in the direction I was turning (my board was turning faster than my body) so I could not finish my turns completely, especialy heel side. A good way to get advice would be to get someone to film you riding and post it here, you should get tons of good tips! :)