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  1. Why is longer faster and why are skis faster

    My non-professional/uneducated view. Sorry, no physics, here. If we're talking about racing, or folk who haul a$$ down the hill... Skis aren't necessarily faster. As a matter of self-preservation, you simply wouldn't want to go that fast on one plank, as it's much easier to make corrections when your feet are separate. Of course needing make said corrections at-speed is unavoidable. Also, wouldn't there be more drag/friction from one, deep rail pushing into the ground, than two rails skimming the snow? I don't know about putting the board/skis flat, as I'd never do that, at high speed. In theory, if the surface area is essentially the same, my guess is they'd go relatively the same speed. But... The skier himself also has the distinct advantage of being able to become more aerodynamic. I follow my ski friends around, we probably all have the same length tools. They're aggressive, to be sure, and I can keep-up. Just not for that long. Fatigue and errors are far more dangerous (and costly) on a board. It's those repercussions that have me pulling back about mid-way through a bombie run, or not bombing at all if your tired.
  2. Tracks

    -12F, 275' of vertical, 1 lift, and you have it all to yourself. Got to love our Minnesota bumps! (this place is so small, it's not even listed on OnTheSnow)
  3. Racing v. Carving boards

    Stiffness? I don't know; I use my REV 175 as a recreational/powder board.
  4. Scary/Inspirational stuff. Just had a family member get hit by West Nile. Similar thing; Induced coma for a few weeks, and start learning all over again. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/humankind/2018/02/02/snowboarder-goes-coma-winter-olympics-medal-contender/300341002/
  5. MES 2018

  6. Breckenridge

    After some 30-40 days of riding at Breck, over the last 2-seasons, I finally saw another carver, this past Saturday (and again on Sunday)! Not sure who; Guy on a black w/red-letters, Donek FC (if you're reading, I had the black, REV 175). I always find it funny that virtually no-one working at Breck has any idea of what an alpine board is. Yet if I go to our dinky MN local bump, most every liftie knows the deal. Cheers!
  7. Coffee Mill || 2017

    Bummer. That happened right after I left (because of a somewhat decent digger). Given that there weren't that many people there, I probably saw her at some point. The article doesn't say anything about a helmet, but based on what I saw, if you were wearing a helmet, you were in the very small minority. Out of the (roughly) 40 people that were out, my guess is that only 5 or 6 of us had helmets. I've only had a few serious falls, in the last several years, and a disproportionate number of them have been at Coffee Mill. The runs are tight, and can be kind of roll-y. Not like the wide-open faces at other local MN hills. A guy's got to keep on his toes.
  8. I've been riding brand-new (from YYZ) Track 700's for this season. Compared to my older 700's, always thought these felt a little mushy. I just ignored it, as I'm using these with new F2's, on a new board, this season. Whilst riding the local bump, yesterday, I took a little digger. My back is a little sore, and my bell definitely got rung (thank god for Helmets!). Nothing a little ibuprofen can't fix; Could have been worse. So after getting to the car, I noticed my left (front) boot had a 'rattle' coming from the angle/walk mechanism. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the upper pin that goes though the shell, and through the top of the mechanism, never actually went through the lever! There is no way for the pin to "pop out"; It must go through two molded holes in the shell, and two in the mechanism. This entire time it must have just been simple pressure keeping this in-place. Anyway, I'm not saying that this is what caused my spill (I sort of suck), but I'm sure it didn't help. So if you have new Deeluxe boots, you may want to check and ensure the top pin is indeed going through the walk mechanism. Cheers! -Brian
  9. Coffee Mill || 2017

    Gotta love the 'Mill. Even though there's only 3 good carving runs, you have them all to yourself. I've come to like the extra 100' vertical you get over Afton, Welch, or Buck; A few extra turns is quite nice. Always something fresh being grilled outside, and you never wait for a lift. Just looking at the Afton cam, there's a dozen in the Bowl, and 30+ at the Bunny. I love the 'Mill.
  10. Afton Alps 2017/18

    Here's to playing (morning) hooky. Completely empty. 31 lifts for a whopping total of 7,038 feet. Ohm and all in 2'ish hours. I'm still dizzy.
  11. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    I don't know. It could be a matter of basic port forwarding. Or it could be something physical, depending on where the cameras are located (heaters, wipers, wifi, etc.). When I looked a while ago, it was trying to pull a Class C address for the camera. Yeah, that's not going to work. I've had some great, empty days at Spirit. With my prior company, we had several larger clients in Duluth, so I was up there quite often. I'd always pad-in an extra day or so. Nothing like a Tuesday morning, the crisp northland air, and not a soul around. It's been a couple years, unfortunately.
  12. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    When are they going to get the webcam(s) working???
  13. Hello, I'm working in the east-side of Portland (Gresham?), this week. I'm half-tempted to drag-along the gear, as it looks like Skibowl is about 56-minutes away. I was thinking of hitting that up for some night skiing, one or two days this week. Anyway, I've never ridden in Oregon (just the cold, frozen north). How is it? Would it be worth the trouble? I see there are other places around, but that's about as far as I'd want to drive, I think. Thanks! -Brian
  14. *** Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert carver, racer, etc. This is just two-cents I thought I'd share *** Short Review: This board is incredible. Buy it. Long Review: SPECS: Custom, 175, SSR 10M, 21.5, Standard Flex ME: 6'2", 175 lb, M30 Now on my second season on the REV, I find myself enjoying this board more, and more, with each run. I ride this as an all-mountain board, taking it on groomers, shoots and glades, and powder-filled bowls. That's in Colorado. In MN, it handles the rock-hard ice groom with ease. I think the width helps with powder days. As stated above, I'm not a perfect carver/booter. What I've found with this board is that I can take it out in any condition, and know that it will track perfectly, and respond instantly and expectedly. It can carve through several inches of CO fresh without any issue. I love being able to carve on Powder Days! What I love most about this board is the confidence, and absolute control it offers. It's like a freaking surgical knife. I love knowing if I lean a bit on the tail, it'll respond instantly. Oh, and did I mention the out-of-the-pocket speed this has? Straighten it out for a second, and this thing is moving. Simply put, for someone who's an 'average' carver, I find this board to be the one board I keep going back to. I'll head-out with one board, do a few runs, and then go get the REV. Every time, no matter what the conditions. Maybe I'm riding it wrong? All I know is this thing will do whatever you ask of it (except maybe go switch). Cheers! Brian
  15. Breckenridge

    Anyone out-and-about over the Holidays? I've been out the last 4-days, and haven't seen another 'booter. I know, I know; LCI, etc. But Epic-Pass + House-next-to-Shock-Station = I'm riding Breck (and maybe A Basin). It's been surprisingly mellow, this week, given the holidays and all that. Nice fresh yesterday, but the wind is roaring today. We'll be here through the 30th.