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    Cannabis extraction
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    Catek os2's 12" apart, lotsa toe cant front foot * 3 degree heel back cant
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  1. schwietzer spring pass $99 till the 11th

    Schweitzer will be open till April 15th. Trench on my hard boot breathen
  2. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    I also make my own electric too. Kram and others are coming over after our event nice is over the week before. Our winch cat grooming is the steepest in the USA probably to steep for montuckians.
  3. NICE 2018

    I will be around to play a bunch. Looking forward to seeing everyone
  4. Is bomber out of business?

    Boots finally came took only 6 months. Now next dilemma. Need bindings. My concern is buying td3 then company goes out of business like catek. Ironically that's the binding I'm looking to replace. So question is are they going out of business or is it being resurrected? Don't want to invest in something that is no longer available.
  5. Official/Unofficial ATC 2018 thread

    I'm in for bachelor
  6. Is bomber out of business?

    Will be in touch soon Paul
  7. Is bomber out of business?

    Right only fin or Sean can save it now
  8. Is bomber out of business?

    So what about those of us that paid for stuff and never got the merchandise? Email bomber and hope that trustee will handle it? Call credit card company and see what they can do? Another binding going way of the dinosaur.....obsolete.
  9. Is bomber out of business?

    I ordered boots in may he had them then but was too busy fly fishing was what he said. Finally sent invoice in August or September. Paid it and nothing. Looks like bomber and catek are no longer a binding company. What sucks most is what I've got vested besides the $645. I'm disabled and use specialty gear. Been using a garmont at boot for over a decade now because of the lack of forward lean built into the boot. I came down to act in Feb to demo new gear. Bomber helped me then. Was able to come up with a solution to my boot dilemma. Goal is to buy a 225 deluxe boot with bts installed to remove as much forward lean on my polio leg as possible. Also a set of step in sidewinders. Total over $1200 but now it's all just a dream as I break out my old boots for the season. Replacing all the buckles again, ankle hinge pins, and buy another set of liners is now my only option. To say I'm disappointed would be understated.
  10. Is bomber out of business?

    I have ordered boots in may. I still haven't got them. All I got is a tracking number from ups. Ups hasn't received the package yet according to there tracking system. At this point they have stole $645 from me.
  11. Born to Snowboard: Russ Britt

    So thank you to all I'm honored for your mutual respect. I'm a medical marijuana patient, I also have MS which is what the cannabis is for. I run an extraction lab in Washington , the topsheet is sheets of shatter " cannabis concentrate". Correct since I run 12" narrow stance with the strong leg being in the rear, I can't pressure the nose much. So I ride far un on the board to compensate. My powder board is mostly nose on a prior 4x4 with same narrow stance set far back, just rode her today. In Ruts We Trust, Russ
  12. Aspen Trenching Convention Daily Rub In

    Thanks Ryan for the skit on my gimp ass, see you all out on the slopes.