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    near Winnipeg, MB, Canada
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    Home: Asessippi, Favorite: Aspen
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    Mechanical Engineer
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    Coiler: Angry 160, VSR 167, EX 175, NSR 182
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    UPZ RC-10 with FinTec heels
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    Bomber TD3 Sidewinders
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  1. Set of TD1 bindings for Burton 3D

    Note that these will also work on 4x4 hole patterns even with the enlarged holes for the 3D pattern.
  2. BPM on Snowboard Run...

    The slope on the altitude is interesting. Fast lifts or slow rides down? I think I'm glad I don't have such data or I'd spend too much time looking at it! RHR of 30's? Nice!
  3. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Lonbordin Dave convinced me to come ride Spirit Mountain. I kept saying no, but he persisted. Ok, not really; I just want to check out another hill and ride with some others! I'll be there to ride Mar 15-17, driving home Mar 18. Anyone else around then? If weather turns bad (warm), I can cancel up to 3 days in advance.
  4. BPM on Snowboard Run...

    I had a FitBit knock-off watch for a while. I logged 190 BPM during aggressive runs with a slalom board. Accuracy is suspect, but it was pretty closely matched readings on a treadmill during HIIT training. If you believe the "220 - your age" rule, I should have died. ;) Didn't care, it was fun.
  5. Why is longer faster and why are skis faster

    I buy into the melting snow theory as you can see the shiny paths laid by straight-lining skis or boards even in very cold conditions.
  6. So apparently he and his coach are of the thought that any movement of the ankle cuff is bad. Extra screws between upper and lower cuffs, stiff tongues, and an aluminum block instead of springs. Locked!
  7. He's thinking of a shim between the toe/heel blocks and the top plate. Like the F2 lift blocks but without the V-groove.
  8. Carving legs

    It's that crazy carving stance shown your avatar. How do you hold that all day long? Even at lunch! ;)
  9. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    You have a nice out-of-the-way spot to have 3 runs without others messing up your photos. :)
  10. I fixed that for you. ;) :p
  11. Paoli Peaks 2017/2018

    That's the close one at 2.5 hours. The 4.5-hour drive one is rocking good snow this year!
  12. Sometimes too far is just far enough. ;) I keep telling myself that I should clean and then rub wax on the edges to prevent rusting, but I never think about it until days later. LOL!
  13. I haven't gone that far. I just put pairs of boards base-to-base in Bomber bags. Then fold down one seat in my Mazda 3 and stick the noses of the boards between or near the passenger seat and the B-pillar. Long boards need to be put at an angle to fit. I'll take a max of 3 boards with bindings. Anything else has no bindings and nests nicely to one side. Going home I don't put boards in bags to allow them to drip, but try to separate the boards with at least one bag.
  14. Paoli Peaks 2017/2018

    I feel for you man! The nearest ski hill decided to save money by only making snow on one run (of 5) this year. The others are ok if you like grass/rocks. Sad.
  15. Birthday Laps

    Like the video, LOVE the socks. :) PM sent for some.