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  1. Been watching a bunch of the Rama videos and noticed that he's got a pretty versatile bag of butter tricks for a forward stance like that. In this video right below he even does some jumps and jibs too. Not exactly the high speed long distance Ryan Knapton butters but still pretty cool stuff. I really like the way switch tricks and tail presses look too with forward stances. Here's some more examples of butter tricks in his channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3pAET6r_Jc&t=20s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pua6t8nByzQ Another thing i noticed is that if you translate the comment sections, he mentions his stance/angles in a few of the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSTfFxK3gb0&t=1s (60cm, 36f/27r) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v72DvZ7FFWU (33f/27r) https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=EwInSHpR40U (33/33) 60 cm (23.6")? Isn't that pretty wide for the type of angles he's running? Unless this guy is just really really tall. His feet do look like they're just really far apart though. Does anyone else here go that wide on a forward stance?
  2. Going to squaw early june and possibly even again later. My brother ski's there. Read something about them opening all summer the other day. Is that really going down? How much of the mountain is open this late in the season? Interesting how that zardoz site tutorial recommends non-flourinated wax in contrast to the other high fluorinated recommendations i've read about for spring. Might have to test out a few different cocktails on different boards. ..and ya, always been doing the summer wax storage.
  3. that was a really good read. thanks.
  4. They guy who did the structuring grinded out the structure pattern for me and told me to not wax it afterwards. To just ride it dry. That's what i meant. I haven't even tried riding the structured base with wax in spring slush yet. Ya, i figured the zardoz was an in-addition type thing. I'll get the puck.
  5. Doing a trip to Squaw. Interested in trying zardoz on the spring slush. Heard it was good for that. There's the wipes, the puck, or the wax infused version. Which one do people tend to use? Last year i tried the base structuring which is the main thing people suggest. When i took it to the shop, the guy did the structuring but also unwaxed/dried out my base which was actually my previous solution to spring slush. According to him, the structuring alone wasn't going to work, so i just trusted him and rode it like that. I want to avoid riding a dried out base this year because i heard it messes up sintered bases. So though of trying the zardoz. I heard graphite wax works too. Can you combine the graphite with zardoz?
  6. If anyone's got the 7 degree cant too, I'm interested. i know there's a few different burton plate bindings right..? I'm referring to the one that's closest to the IBEX and Speed TC design.
  7. Change your TD3 Sidewinder E pads Video

    The yellow ones are way easier to compress by the way. It's just the blue ones.
  8. Change your TD3 Sidewinder E pads Video

    You got to be burly as hell. I just took out the blue ones with the same size clamp as you. Only way i could rotate the clamp past a certain point was by setting it on the floor and using my foot. I even bent my key trying to pry the dam thing out. I'd recommend using a more heavy duty clamp.
  9. Check it out: http://www.panjo.com/buy/unused-palau-eva-liner-from-la-sportiva-sideral-ski-boot-mondo-26-5-us-8-5-227993?index=1&internalReferral=site_feed Never used or molded. Very light. One liner weighs 145 grams (see photo) Heat moldable. Came with my La Sportiva Sideral boots. I have Zipfit liners so i don't need these.
  10. Check it out here: http://www.panjo.com/buy/shell-only-garmont-mega-lite-alpine-touring-boots-mondo-size-26-us-8-227990?index=2&internalReferral=site_feed This is for the shell only. Does not come with liners. I've actually never toured/hiked on these. They were actually used as hardboot snowboard boots for just half a season only. I had to cut small chamfers on the forefoot area of the rubber sole (You can see in the pictures) to make them fit better in my snowboard plate bindings. The sole is otherwise in very good shape as you can see. Shell forefoot width has been stretched and punched in certain areas. Very soft plastic for a touring boot. I've tried Dynafit and La sportiva's and this is for sure more flexible. Selling because i wanted to go to a slightly smaller shell size. (I normally wear a 8.5 street shoe). I bought this before realizing most poeple tend to size down.
  11. Yup, i was lucky to have found a pair on ebay, but it just had the blue pads instead of the yellow. I'll check with Bomber. I'm surprised this product wasn't meant to be disassembled, especially since they sell so many spare parts.
  12. !!!!!!!!! Clamps. Got it. Glad i took the time to post this. So the old splitboard sidewinders and current td3 sidewinders use the same e-pads right? I just want to make sure since the splitboard version is a different design and discontinued.
  13. Here's some pictures. Trying to see if blue e-pads can be changed. I'm not sure how to properly disassemble this thing or if I even supposed to do so: I unscrewed the bolt on one side as you can see here: The bold on the other side doesn't want to come off. I tried twisting/applying pressure. Is it fixed to the bail...? Am i supposed to flex/bend the bail outwards on the right side (see pic below) till it goes over the bolt?
  14. I guess they stopped selling them. Someone sold me their used ones.
  15. Got some splitboard sidewinder bindings heading my way, I can't tell if the e-pads can be swapped on the old splitboard sidewinders. Are they the same e-pads used on the TD3 sidewinders? They come with the blue and i want to get the yellow ones.