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  1. Two pair F2 titanium size L bail bindings

    sent you a pm you not get it?I had to buy new . shipping from switzerland to lengthy/costly
  2. Two pair F2 titanium size L bail bindings

    I'll take a pair with assorted cant/wedges. how to pay?
  3. wtb td2 or 3 base plate

    Digger that would be great I sent you a message.
  4. wtb td2 or 3 base plate

    Help , I broke my td3 base plate , now I am in need of a replacement plate to finish out the season .td2 or td3
  5. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    This is the 3rd season of hard riding with this set of td3s . close to 150 days on this set. 2 days prior to the above pics these binders were on top of my main whip , af plate /163 rev with bomber bp 3 degree cants . very rapid fire turning. what you see in pics is the second board kit that stays mounted on the 185, there has never been a screw in that hole , its just a smudge. We have a very high volcanic cinder dust content in the snow here at my local area it really degrades the td3 Bling. I have to say this is might be a "one size fits all " issue that affects the large footed rider..
  6. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    Here is some close up shots .The inboard threads for the toe block may be the issue . Lowrider I think the same thing would happen to the heel piece if the base plate was rotated 180 degrees. I read this thread when it was first posted & inspected my base plates but found no visible fractures. 10 carving days later Im laying a heelside carve, got a knee wobble ,looked down, and my toe block flew off!
  7. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    happened yesterday , I'm also in the over 200lb club. any one have an idea on where to get parts?
  8. Line feedback

    those lines look great, good links , try to get some video! scrubbing your speed doesnt need to be pretty just do it . pointing the fall line is easier once you accept it.
  9. used once 35$ shipped lower 48 possibly trade for one 0degree td-3 cant plate shipped to me pay pal
  10. Id recommend getting some body armour
  11. sorry I dont want to offend or jinx anyone ,but whenever I hear of soft boot carving all I can think of is when I fractured my talus bone. I guess if your built like fred flintstone or ryan knapton you might ok.
  12. Freerider looking for answers!

    Tim, I had those binders , I had to make safety straps that went around the boot to keep them from popping open heelside. Im 200lbs , ride around 50-60days in a season , I found out the bails are a little weak & prone to breaking . burton hard boots are going to fit these step in binders better than most other boots . old burton boots will probably need new liners. the alps 3d hole pattern will also limit your option of bindings . alps are a wider carving boards, so depending on your foot size, maybe buy some bomber power plates to use with your soft boot setup? reviving these older set ups can be a little tricky & you might spend more than you want and still not get it up to par. Ideas for a good start ; get a complete tune up, base grind ,edge tune & wax. replace the step in binders with some ibex bindings & use your burton 3d center discs. find some burton hard boots on BOL , if needed put new liners in them. then go ride!
  13. What is your comfort Zone

    I discovered ice rash on my beer gut & my jacket smells like pine trees
  14. bennet is 5.0 w/ cindrich base ,,,, tracker is 130mm .. bushings on both trucks are set up for a 200lb person...