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  1. YEs they are still.
  2. Hi Dave, Yup. When are you coming to Aldie hospital? PM me for date and time.
  3. Matt, That was my initial intention to get OS1 for any newbie but you have progressed and I see you have found your comfort zone. I recommend you to buy some more wedges & lifts for your f2 and just add/remove what you have. Catek is in history. Don't get me wrong. I still love Catek's adjustability but now, I rarely change my bindings setup, except stance width.
  4. Few updates. I almost made a mistake to let go of the Madd(s) (158 & 170). I took the 158 to CO last week and rode with mixing up with newly acquired Donek Metal FC 171. Due to freeze/thaw cycle, mornings were much like general east cost condition ,which Madd shines above all. And hooking nicely on the CO's steep trails assured me that I shouldn't let go these decks. So, Supermodel 81, F2 Silperfeil 172, and F2 Race Titanium (L) bindings are left still.
  5. No problem. I came back from CO few days ago. Mostly rode in A-basin and few days at Breck and Keystone with kids. Yeah definitely need to follow someone at least few days to what slopes to hit or not, especially when snow is not in ideal condition. Maybe next time, I will visit Vail (although I felt in love with A-basin).
  6. Took easy on today. Few laps at A-basin green and blue trails after 10:30. The condition is still nice. Went to back bowl and rode Columbine and Larkspur. It was more chopped up than lodge side but pitch was nice. Even more reasons to ride A-basin. On my last run at 2, I met Aaron (kitepearson?) and rode down High-Noon together. It was soft but we loved it every bit of it and made deep trenches on the way down. I will be at A-basin next two days in the morning.
  7. Despite of unimpressed slopes, I went out again in the today morning. I meant to stay in Peak 9 but got lost again and ended up either Northstar or Claimjumper. And met a hardbooter ripping nicely. We chatted a min or so and went our own way (riding with a 7 yrs old). Then, hit Keystone afternoon. Now, I do really respect CO riders for their endurance. 3 runs from top to bottom (Frenchman & Wild Irishman) shot my legs. Will be at A-basin tomorrow.
  8. I am at Breckenridge with family and am astonished by its size and picturesque sceneries. BUT, slush all around. I hoped for better condition on snowy Sunday. Upper half was ok but too windy. Most of all, crossing trails from peak to peak are too flat. Too wide and mellow steepness with pointless rollers invite straightliners. Abasin was excellent on Sat & Today. Probably will ride there most of this week and maybe Keystone.
  9. CO folks. I am coming to Summit county next week. Sine I can bring 3 decks, no shipping if you can meet me At Breck/Keystone/Abasin.
  10. Thanks all.
  11. You're welcome.
  12. Yup. It's medium/firm but I didn't have any issue to bend it at 185 lbs. Compared to my other 170 range carving decks, the f2 is in middle for flex. I don't really look at spec. and ride accordingly. If the spec. says Taper=0, well.. that tells me it is made to finish turns. I didn't know that. Yeah come to think of it, the f2 like to finish turns. Thanks for the spec. check. Newest F2 board I rode was 14' RS. It's not ideal to compare GS vs. FC board but F2 flex has been pretty much same for me.
  13. It's a 2010-11 model. Non-carbon. I don't know what current specification is. Its specification is here. http://www.wslc.co.jp/snow/f2/10_11/boards/silberpfeil.php I do have a pair of F2 Race Titanium bindings (Large) for sale too.