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  1. Whitetail / Liberty 2017-18

    Shoot.... forgot to post riding review of last trip to Roundtop. I rode at Roundtop today and had a blast. 2/19 Saturday snow brought many people to WT/Liberty/Roundtop. Yesterday, WT & Roundtop posted in FB around Noon that they reached maximum capacity and no more space in parking lot. I checked their webcams and confirmed they were CROWDED. Today forecast was rain, so I figured it will be less crowded. I left home before 8 and arrived Roundtop at 10. Here is a photo taken at 10:30 at the bottom of Minuteman. WHAT?? Nearest parking lot was not even 1/2 full. Minuteman was empty like the photo above. Same emptiness on Ramrod & Gunbarrel (both black diamond). Exhibition was set up for Nastar gates and not more than 20 ppls were there. I rode mostly Exhibition & Minuteman and never had to wait. 38 degree at 9 and 42 around 2. light rain at 3. Fogged up at 4. Typical icy under slush day of Mid Atlantic. After 2 days of massive holiday crowd, pretty much snow was pushed to sides and showing ice in middle for every trails. Steeper areas and high traffic areas were very thin. Due to its condition, there were not much bumps but pushed around snow only. It was ok to carve down with good visibility, Edge hold was very minimal so had to really pay attention on each turn. Madd helped me tons. Their terrain park featured many rails and jumps that are much bigger and better than WT or Liberty. I did few jumps and rode down some banks. it was fun.Rain at 3 pretty much emptied slopes. Then it fogged in next hour. Visibility got so bad I wasn't able to make 2-3 consecutive hard charging turns, so called it a day at 4. A half of Upper & Lower Exhibition were used for their ski team training in the morning and Lower Exhibition was set up for NASTAR from Noon. That was my main reason to come to Roundtop, even though it is the farthest among Snowtime resorts. My 10 years old son wanted to try out but WT & Liberty do NASTAR only one or two day for a season. Roundtop does it every weekend from Noon to 3 & Friday night and also hosts a lot of USASA competitions. He did it alright (35 sec.) with park/jibbing skis. I never skied before... so no real ski advice were given to him, except watching Vonn & Shiffrin's skiing down on TV last few days. He is hooked. I guess I'll be visiting Roundtop more often.
  2. Adventures in plates (3D Printed)

    @erazz & @jim_s, Thank you guys for doing this. Once all are done, can anyone change thickness and canted angles? How much would it cost to print a set of bindings? Any recommending filament materials for the plates? (I want them to be like 90-95A)
  3. Awesome. Just by looking at those decks, I guess the most playful and versatile one would be the Blade.
  4. Heel Hold Harness?

    Also, try footbeds that have deep heel pocket like Sole. They are off-the-shelf footbeds so try them on for your arch height.
  5. Newbie Question: Shaving Off Speed

    Welcome, Complete the turn. Once you are on the edge, the board turns according to its sidecut radius. Try to finish the turn, like 'C' shape then engage other edge and finish the turn again. More you finish the turn, more shaving off the speed.
  6. I wrote reviews of this board in following thread. It was interesting experience to test a board that is constructed with partial new technologies (carbon beams, titanal laminated, kevlar layers). The board is made for specifically Korean softboot carving market, which is getting popular recent years. In my opinion, this construction and shape allow non-hardboot experience softbooters to really get into 'carving' without penalties from conventional mass-market all mountain/carving decks. its similarity of flex, sidecut radius, and decambered nose with 'normal' softboot snowboards surely make them comfortable to learn and excel with this board. I know one colleague who started alpine snowboarding with a proper modern alpine deck few years ago but he has been in quiet struggle. Now with this deck (shorter version), he rides quiet comfortable and progresses his way toward alpine snowboarding. Intrigued by its constructions, I got this last month from Korea and test rode 3 days (3-4 hours/day). Its condition is like new. (White smudges on the photo are from my hands). The base is covered with wax. SOLD Here are my postings for spec. and its characteristics.
  7. Ok, why do we need so many different boards, seriously?

    It's interesting to use golf analogy for our obsession of building a never-ending quiver. I am an avid golfer w/ +2.1 hcp and played more than 30 years (competitively in early years). I used to upgrade(?) to newer clubs every time when I see their advertising characteristics and spec. seemed what I was looking for. Then realized none can do exactly what I wanted to do. So, I built (changing configuration such as different shaft, swing weight, etc.) my ideal clubs for my swings characteristics (speed, tempo, acceleration, etc.) and where I play most (surroundings). I went through many club builders to build a custom set but they weren't able to get it 100% right because I wasn't completely understood what my games were. So, I started to test most shafts, clubs head, grips, and balls to really understand how each performs. With endless trips to places that have commercial launch monitors, repeat of buy-sell components, and assembling those components. and testing them again. It took me about 3 years to build my current set. The trials and process diagnosed my playability in whole different level and I was able to understand what characteristics of equipments can better my game. Thanks to interchangeable design that I can keep few different components and swap, according to surrounding such as condition, course layout, etc. Same goes to my current quiver of boards & alpine snowboarding equipments. Probably went through +80 boards, and many bindings and boots over last decade. Still wanting to experiment but I have pretty much good idea of what I'm looking for and happy with my current quiver. Interestingly, equipment of both sports that I chose and configured are 'vintage' mostly. In example, irons with Mizuno mp14 w/ Black Gold shafts (of course, pured and matched frequency per each club for my preferred lie/loft/length/weight). Driver with a 417cc head with 2 different characteristic shafts (low spin/high launch & medium spin/low launch). Main carving boards are Madd 158/170. After those long trials for finding my 'ultimate' equipments for both sports, my criteria got simple. Instead of 'What I need (or what I think I need)', I went with 'What equipment/configuration gave me more smiles' Recently, I rode chopped up, bumpy, and wet snow that wider, decambered, metal added construction boards surely have advantages. But I had more smiles and adrenalines on a skinny, cambered, glass (basically unforgiving) board. The board will be in my quiver and others will be let go. As all snowboards are consumable, if my favorites are no longer rideable by age (likely by crashes), I will order one to our talented board builders with precise characteristics and spec. of what I'm looking for. I know they can add their knowledge to make one better or at least par to the retired.
  8. The rumor were from homeowner(s) of Timberline Four Season. Operations of Timberline has been questionable last few seasons and changed their management team again. Staff has shortage and they are suffering big time. There had been lawsuits from people that fell from lift (last season) due to malfunction and utility companies thatTimberline hasn't paid yet. Timberline raised their daily ticket price this season to $90 something (weekend single day) to cover their financial issues, meanwhile Canaan putting a lot of investment (more guns and re-modernizing their lodges) and promotions and put their lift ticket on liftopia to attract more. A lot of snow sport lovers are choosing Canaan over Timberline this season. I personally liked trails of timberline so hasn't explored Canaan much. (been there once at late season so many trails were closed). I will update if new update is available. I think there will be some after this season.
  9. After-market Footbeds/Insoles

    I've used Superfeet RedHOT insoles for my UPZ boots and quiet happy with its support. But over 4-5 years of use, I noticed the support has been not same as before. So I went with custom footbed route and got Sidas and Superfeet Cork footbeds. But nowhere near me do know how to custom mold it to my feet. what a shame.. So I got after-market Soles, and Same Superfeet RedHot and tried them. For hardboots, I like Sole much more. Sole insoles that I got is Sole Signature Chris Davenport/CD Thin Insulate insole. It is low profile and has a lot more support and heal pocket than superfeet RedHot. I decided to use Superfeet RedHOT on softboots and the Sole for UPZ.
  10. Flow NX2 bindings question

    Maybe. I'm using Driver X boots (10.5) this year model, which is known for low height or flat boots on NX2 Fusion. First, the over-covering strap on top of boots is something that needs to get used to it. I noticed that I don't want to crank them to be too tight. it interfere boots going in and most of all, it give too much pressure on top of boots that feel squashing my feet too much. I loosen them bit and switched footbeds that not too high arch to get comfortable. Now, my review of NX2 bindings. (perspective from new to Flow bindings) it's been 3 days of softboot riding with the setup so far. Definitely low volume insoles helped. Convenience is like plate bindings. I love it. Stiffness-wise, They're stiffer than Burton Cartel but not super stiff. (for stiffness, I score cartel to be 5 out of 10). I adjust bindings so that it doesn't crank the upper Fusion PowerStraps down so much. My feet now doesn't have any pain or poor circulation. When its highback is pulled up & locked, it actually tight them down quiet bit. So key is adjust straps little by little until you find your comfortable but responsive setting. The canted thick footbeds are good to go with wider stance for better balance for some tricks. But same time, as worried, I don't really feel board that well. Still adjusting the different feeling of Fusion strap vs. regular toe & ankle straps tho.
  11. Still need 26.5 waist. Can't see how you don't easily boot out in a 25.2 waist with 10.5 on thoses angles. The footprint of Driver X boots is almost one size smaller than other boots that I tried. K2 and Salomon doesn't seem to care about footprint reduction much. Adidas boots have even smaller footprint for same size but they don't have stiff boots that I was looking for. As stated, I set binding angles at 27F/12R and had zero boot out in NXT bindings. I like the dimension of your JaseyJay... very much.. 8/10.5/9.5. Yup.. that's exactly I would like to have.
  12. Matthew, thanks for the review. We talked and discussed but my brain was already thinking about next run down to test its characteristics that I felt I needed to explore more. Oh.. Planning and preparing a overnight trip with 2 kids distracted me and forgot to wax gears. I cleaned and waxed all boards in my quiver yesterday. Now, I need more wax. It's all because of softboot decks. :)
  13. No I haven't. I wanted to ride with my daughter (8 years old snowboarder), who wants to ride fakie, jump, jump, jibbing, and butter with me. it can be done with hardboots on plates but I wanted to do it with alike equipments as hers. I will try this and a BX board on hardboots next time.
  14. Finally... I was able to ride the Endeavor Hammerhead board and compare it with Donek Flux, Waist Width: 25.2 cm Length: 163 cm Effective Edge: 138 cm Sidecut: 8-9-10 m Bindings: Flow NX2 Boots: Burton Driver X 10.5 Binding Angle: 27F / 12R Condition: 1. 2-3" Packed Powder, pushed around, choppy snow on top of typical Mid Atlantic rock hard ice. Then turn in to wet bumpy after sleet and rain. Some of steeper sections and skidded area showed underneath ice. Trails: Wide blue square. Rider: 180 lbs Edge transition was fast and edge grip was very good. The hammerhead shape allowed to engage edge early on. It cut through all the bumps and turned nicely. My usual habit of fore pressing wasn't needed. If I did (like Madd), it bite and hooked tight. Gentle quick press of toe/heel of front foot was enough. The hold was nicely moved down w/o chatters. If I tighten it up by squeezing legs inward, again, it hooked very tight. Flat riding ollie was good and had nice rebound. Buttering was exceptional for any carving specific snowboard. When I rode it aggressively and angulated a lot. it didn't chatter but noticed little wabbled(?) on nose at high speed. It was more noticeable when the snow got wet and heavy. Then, I rode Donek Flux 168 (thanks to matthew) right after. it was a much stiffer deck than Endeavor. It cut through the same condition that Endeavor rode over. I don't know think if it has titanal layers but sure like it had. It had less rebound and playfulness than Endeavor. Edge hold was pretty much same. Sidecut of the Flux was 10-12m and turns very true to the sidecut radius. I felt that it ride like a big mountain board but able to turns on demand. Very well built that handled cruise and aggressive ridings very well. I felt that little softer flex would be ideal for my weight on short and steep hills of Mid Atlantics. In conclusion, the Endeavor's carve-ability were were great. With its seamless edges, partial titanal, and relatively long effective edge give stable and smooth ride . Its softer nose and flex makes the board very playful. At the same time, its softer nose rides over some hard bumps instead of cutting thru. It would be very versatile and fun carving specific freeride board for rider's weight less than me. My thoughts on carving friendly softboot snowboards. I think this type/construction would be very good as a transition board. I see many snowboarders wants to carve but most current available decks in the market are not made for carving. Endeavor hammerhead's long effective edge with camber, soft flex that is able to bend and turn by their usual ankle initiation, the construction that gives stable ride, and most importantly, softer nose/tail to allow riders to play. I think they nailed it for softbooters who want to carve. For me (in perspective of hardbooters), I would like to have tad stiffer in mid section and maybe 8-10-9 sidecut would be better. But I would recommend this board or softer flex of Donex Flux to anyone who wants to carve in softboots. For Flux, I wouldn't change anything if I ride on big mountain. But wants little softer flex on my neck of wood. (not shorter, just tad softer). Matthew also tested the Endeavor. I hope he give in his riding review of the above boards. Side note - As snow are bumpier and chopped, I pulled out Madd 158 and rode it since my boots can flex/travel a lot (RC8 w/ ACSS). As it's condition requires much attention on high speed, especially on Madd, at hauling speed, few bumps made my knees to hit my chest and threw me out few times. I got few 'Are you ok?" from chairs but loved the condition and didn't slow down. I know how to bleed off speed, but somehow, I didn't want to on such condition. Big smile on snow-covered face. I guess I'm a born hardbooter.
  15. Whitetail / Liberty 2017-18

    2/3-4 I am going up to Roundtop this weekend. I heard many good things about the resort. I will ride tonight and tomorrow. I'll be riding hardboots for tonight and maybe softboots tomorrow to test some softboot decks. Hopefully Super Bowl thin out crowds for tomorrow.