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    Nakiska, Alberta, Canada
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    I count things
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    Donek Axxess 167, Coiler PR173, Coiler AMT167, Madd proto 159, Prior FLC173, Rome Agent.
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    F2 Race Titanium, 65/55, F2 Carve RS 55/45
  1. Achy Knees

    But I want the pink ones. Or camo, at the very least. 7mm, not 5's, huh.
  2. Achy Knees

    Between Oly lifting training, Crossfit and carving, my knees hate me pretty much all the time. Glucosamine daily, ibuprofen right after riding, rolling series on the quads/glutes/IT's, and lots of stretching in saddle pose keep knee pain in check pretty well for me. A lot of mine is compression - my knees feel much worse after a day on choppy snow v a day on good groom. I notice the same when I do a lot of lifting volume, and hit the platform hard in lifting shoes. If I do the same volume in Crossfit class on the rubber mats with softer shoes, I don't have anywhere near the same issues. I've been thinking about knee sleeves too, it sounds like I might have to get some.
  3. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Bought my lift tickets for beerfest weekend yesterday. I'll see you guys on the hill on Saturday, I'll be in town Friday afternoon.
  4. I've seen pictures of your riding and it's definitely not "meh". At least you stayed upright. If I am ever going to blow a turn and slide on my face, it's always in front of the Whitefish photographer ...
  5. Glad you're having a good time. I'm jealous - it's a little cold in the mornings but the weather is great.
  6. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    I heard about the Canadian dude on the news this morning, but I just caught the tail end of it. I hope they find the other guy :-(
  7. You timed it well. There's snow coming this weekend and conditions should be excellent next week. I guess it depends on what the rest of the family wants to ride. I've never been to Norquay, but I'd happily ride all the rest of those hills on a Nirvana.. And the groomers at Nakiska and Louise should be stellar on two day groom.. I really think you'd kick yourself in you left the carver at home...you can always rent a high end soft board, but it doesn't work the other way around.
  8. Broken boot

    I thought that was a Canadian kid thing. Like dragging your board base down through the parking lot by the front binding. Guess not.
  9. Why is longer faster and why are skis faster

    You could see it on the boardercross v the skicross at the Olympics. That was a great course for boardercross. It was borderline breakneck for the skiers (as I'm sure Chris Del Bosco will tell you). The speed differential was very obvious.
  10. Instagram for me - @projectvanlife and @sprintercampervans - although I lean towards the Nissan NV200 as the van of choice.
  11. Hey! That's my mighty ski wagon you're s***-talking. That's the last time you get a lift anywhere :-) And Mig, you're right - #Idontunderstandphysics
  12. Yeah, me too. Roof boxes are great for hauling gear, but unless I jam some strategic towels in there, the boards move around a lot. I've got cracks in the back of the box from where I've had to brake suddenly, and the boards have shot backwards and hit the end hard. I've also got some rash on topsheets where I've gotten lazy, and just tossed them in at the end of the day for the drive home. My SX4 is too short to fit long carving boards inside ... hopefully the next car will have a little more room!
  13. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Dude, you guys got hammered again? And it looks cold enough to break your scoreboard too, looks like Chair 1 might not be running today. Our weather forecast says that the cold is here until the end of the month, ugh. Look after that knee. Ice and ibuprofen, ouch.
  14. Norquay advice?

    Stay warm this weekend. Tomorrow (Sat) looks to be not too bad, but Sunday and Monday look very cold.
  15. Banff/Nakiska 2017/2018

    Heading to Nakiska tomorrow. Sunday and Monday look to be freezing cold.