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  1. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    The mini SES returned to Spirit today with temps near freezing rocketing up to 50°F by early afternoon. After a spectacular day at Indianhead yesterday, I was not looking forward to having my joints rattled carving on the ice base at Spirit. I think Cory said that after one day (Thursday) on this stuff his legs felt the same as after 7 days at Aspen. Yesterday at Indianhead felt like much needed therapy. Carvers on the hill today were @jolson, @bobble, @DonPablo, @khoward, @Corey .Busy day on the hill with competitions and St Paddy day revelers. Found some softer carvable groom in the big air park. The hill was turning to slush piles by early afternoon when we left. Cory might have some video to post after he gets home. Felt like summer by the time I got home, but cooler temps in the forecast might usher us into some nice spring conditions.
  2. Indianhead / Blackjack opening

    Buttermilk East?Well maybe not quite, oh but the snow was so good6" of new snow refreshed the slopes prior to the arrival of our mini traveling SES. Al welcomed us to the hill, got us some discounted guest passes and then guided us around to his favorite runs (which is pretty much all of them)─it's hard to pick a favorite─each one puts a bigger smile on your face. Seems like we were all giggling at the bottom of each run with how lucky we were to have such fun terrain, blue skies and very little traffic on the hill for the first two hours. To keep in the spirit of the SES there was some board swapping and demo-ing and I got to take a few turns on Al's 180 Thirst WARP8 before he had to run off. Here's some pics of Bob. Cory was apparently too fast for the photographer to capture. Back to Spirit tomorrow. Dave, we missed you (but good job tricking Cory into coming down here)....next timeHave a good trip back to the middleofnowhere ,
  3. Indianhead / Blackjack opening

    Cory, Bobble and I are heading to Indianhead tomorrow. Just heard from Al and he'll be there in the morning too!
  4. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Some of our early work on Gandy, still there when we left the hill. Rode 10-4. Rough ice base under a surface groom and scattered slush piles. Made you think about plating up and thankful for boards that don't mind a bit of ice.
  5. Thirst 7WARP superconductor

    A video of a demo ride on the 175 Superconductor. This is an unedited clip with flat light (not the best quality image or riding (carrying a 5' stick with a camera on the end with poor lighting kinda cramps my style)). Also, it's slowed to ½ speed to see what the board is doing.
  6. Thirst 7WARP superconductor

    I got to demo a Superconductor WARP 7 for the better part of Sunday afternoon at Indianhead, compliments of Mark (Thirst snowboards) and @Algunderfoot 175cm, 19cm waist, 11.3m toeside scr, and 12m heelside scr (sidecut is offset for regular rider). Glass fiber? with wood core, no metal. I don't know for sure, it's all top secret. Conditions were firm late-day groom, a bit rutted up with some icy patches, but mostly good to excellent carving conditions, except for the flat light. This board has a noticeably softer flex than any of my other boards. It's also 1.5cm narrower than boards I've been riding lately. According to Al, the WARP design concept involves a unique core construction that helps produce a continuous flex (no flat spots under the bindings), sort of like what an isolation plate does, with the goal of producing smoother carves. So, some of the benefits of a plate, but without the loss of snow feel. This board has a noticeably different feel─every carve feels super smooth─slippery fast/silky smooth (like a Kessler, but it likes to complete turns)─all with no chatter or pumping motion during any carves at all. Very secure edge hold, fairly damp and seems to hook up into a turn quickly (might be because it's narrower than my boards). I never really got bounced around by the late day ruts. Once in a steep carve I felt it slip on ice, but immediately reconnect with the carve. Afterwards, looking at some video I made, I could see that I had some boot drag when way up on edge. I like that the board likes to complete turns so I can bleed off speed on steeps before going into the next turn─easy to vary the size of the carve without changing the quality of the smoothness and edge hold. Despite being a fairly soft flexing board, I was surprised that I could push as hard as I wanted in a turn and it never let go of its edge. Rode for 3 hours and had a chance to get pretty comfortable with this board. I found myself doing things I might have hesitated to do before, feeling almost... ...invincible. ...and then thinking I didn't want to give the board back─but I knew Al would track me down, and with the rugged terrain in da UP, my remains wouldn't be found for years. Check out the crazy flex profile on this board! Whatever Mark is doing, he's really onto something, and it's working. Apparently the result of decades of building boards in the wilds of northern Idaho. I'd put this board right up there with the best of the best carving boards. Superconductor=super clean, secure solid carves. We should all feel fortunate to have such passionate board builders (and binding and boot makers) experimenting and innovating and making our small sport of carving more and more amazing and fun.
  7. Thirst BX

    Demoed a Thirst BX 171? with about a 22cm waist and guessing about 11m scr. Rented it from BSO in Bessemer, MI and rode at Indianhead. Rode hardboots with sidewinders on firm groom with scattered icy patches. I don't have a lot to say, as I only took 3 runs and could tell I was gonna have more fun on one of my carving sticks (or the Superconductor). Still, the BX carves really well. Felt very similar to one of my Inclines. Mark (from Thirst) said the one I rode, was meant to be a "crossover" board for soft booter to hard. My impression is it would be a great all-Mt carver for any hardbooter, and suspect it would be a good choice for riding on several inches of fresh on groom (and the leftover crud), soft 1st day groom, spring slush, or whenever it's too soft to drive an all-out carving stick as hard as you like without burying it.
  8. thirst 7 WARP Superconductor for Demo

    Thanks for the demo Al. I loved the Superconductor. One of the best carving boards I've been on. I didn't want to give it back! I rented the Thirst BX from Ben at BSO on Monday (173cm , 23.4 waist, 9m average scr). Only took 3 runs on it, not because I didn't like it, but I knew one of my carving sticks was gonna be more fun on the firm snow. Having the Super would have been even more better. Mark told me later that this BX was built as a crossover board for softbooters to try hardbooting and not be too intimidating.
  9. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    That's the right attitude There should be plenty of snow on the hill and we're only just entering the spring melt, and may be transitioning into some soft spring conditions by Saturday. At least there are clear skies in the forecast. I'm planning to come up Thursday and Friday (who knows, maybe Saturday too). Russ was mumbling something about coming out Thursday morning before he leaves town. Are you thinking of coming up? You, Randy and Trent? When, Saturday? Could turn into a mini SES (SpiritExpressionSession). All we need now is to conjol @Algunderfoot to bring over some Thirst demos from Indianhead!
  10. Indianhead / Blackjack opening

    Had a great couple of days at Indianhead. First day was overcast with peeks of sun, but I got to ride some orange sunshine (Thirst WARP Superconductor) compliments of @Algunderfoot and Thirst snowboards @BLOODTYPEZX10R. A phenomenal board, unlike anything I've ridden before (more on that later). Next day was bluebird with some picturesque cumulus clouds and a wind that got you in a tuck occasionally. Wishing I could have ridden the Superconductor another day, so I stopped by BSO in Bessemer and borrowed the Thirst BX to see if it had some of the same magic as the WARP design (more on that later). Snow was great for carving. @rwmaron layin into a big carve on the upper steep of FIS right under the chairTurns that make heads turn Riding @jolson's 183 Prior wcrm. Good luck getting that back Jim. You'll have to pry it out his cold dead hands!
  11. onboardcam

    Yes, thought of it after seeing the result of this experiment with a simple upright mount and then rotating the view in the computer afterwards. I've found that I have have a proclivity for making "headless" rider shotsof myself─probably some deep-rooted psychological issues I'm not ready to explore
  12. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    How's Don doing on the Generics SL?
  13. Jasey Jay 162 SL board

    Is this a custom board? The 9-11-10scr seems like more of a "recreational" sidecut radius, more willing to complete turns, compared to a race scr?
  14. onboardcam

    Couple of interesting shots (vsnaps) from a tail-mounted gopro yesterday at Buck Hill, MN, first run on near purrfect groom...
  15. Jasey Jay 162 SL board

    Waist width? If custom, what wt rider is it made for? Inserts pattern?