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  1. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Planning for a Thursday sesh, starting early. Gonna be a little warmer. Should be nice with the new snow! Hoping for a few hours of carving before it gets crowded. Kids snow club shows up at noon.
  2. Wild Mt

    Heading up to Wild tomorrow, ½ price Tuesday. 4" fresh reported since yesterday, 2nd day groom, should be super! Will be kinda cold. Might keep the slopes less busy.
  3. Paoli Peaks 2017/2018

    Best looking pic you've posted from P.P. Sometimes the park is da best place 2 carve! Tho not enuf room for the Kessler?
  4. Wide soft-boot boards

    I can only speak to the Incines: I have two Inclines, a 2001 and a custom one built for me a couple of years ago. The old one has the standard fixed upturned nose and tail that all boards had back then with a full camber between. The new Incline has a more shallow upturn in the nose and tail with a subtle decamber at both ends, a little more in the nose. This was the "new standard" flex profile for the Incline. I can feel how the new flex profile carves a smoother line with less resistance. The old upturned nose profile plows a fatter line through the snow.
  5. Giant's Ridge

    January 2018 Rode up the chair at Spirit with a patroller who had been to Giant's Ridge this season and reported that the 2 new chairs are installed and working. A high-speed quad over Sarajevo and a fixed quad at the Helsinki race hill. According to the website, lift ticket prices have gone up ($47 midwk) and no more late season or senior discounts. A Spirit pass still gets $10 off a weekday ticket.
  6. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Ha! Was just looking back a few posts and saw this...got your wish!
  7. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    They had it sort-of working earlier this season. It would direct you to a YouTube site with a brief clip looking down from the express lift─basically watching folks getting ready to get off the chair I suggested a view up the hill from the the chalet at the bottom of 4pipe. Make sure you check their new hours next time you go, they don't open until noon on Mon & Tues, 10am Wed-Fri.
  8. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    I asked the other day and they said they're "working on it"? How difficult can it be? If the cam was on you would have seen a couple of carvers on their own private hill for the first 2½ hrs today. Same as yesterday, blue sky, started out at 15 below and got up to zero (hand warmers, many layers and no exposed skin makes it well worth it). Firmer cord today. Their were a hundred or so racers over on Gandy and Cinder Snapper, and they tore up Blue Ruin and SkyHooker as well with practice runs, but the big air park had some of the nicest groom today. Otherwise, we rode by ourselves (@rwmaron and me) over on the Express chair side until about 12:30 when some other people showed up─so we left You kinda get spoiled when you literally have the hill all to yourself. It will be an adjustment when it warms up and we have to share the hill We had a lot of fun on JugglerJoe which has a river of rollers on it this year (like waves) and each run is a surprize as you find a different line.
  9. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    And later that same day…
  10. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    First tracks and then some more. 5 inches of snow yesterday groomed in overnight made for nice carving. A little soft in spots, should be good tomorrow. Started out at 15 below and got up to zero. As you can see, it was really busy.
  11. Tracks

    Nice! Love that upper part of Ajax, but the lack of 02 at that altitude always limits my time up there. Python?...A Coiler. Bruce calls it a Boa, but it looks like a Diamond Back to me. It's gorgeous up close!
  12. Spirit Mountain 2017/2018

    Planning to come up to Spirit tomorrow and stay over for a Saturday morning sesh. Hope it keeps snowing up there today. Atmore ski races Fri-Sat-Sun allow racers on the hill at 8am, so expect it to be busy over on the Gandy side. The subzero temps will likely keep most others away or inside.
  13. Buck Hill 2017/18

    @bobble Yea, you were heading out. I had just taken a short break to change boards and ran into MNsurfer clipping in at the bottom of the lift. I have to say, I had a lot more fun than usual at Buck Monday riding my new "baby" Coiler with a tight 9-10scr. Made it much more interesting to be so maneuverable. Milk had the best snow early, but as it got busier I found more room to carve over on Olympic and Warners. Not as much fun when I hopped on the big board.
  14. Tracks

    Hey Bob, Looks like a little fresh on top. Are you finally getting some snow?...and what happened to all of @softbootsurfer 's past tracks photos? Here's a track-thread-worthy shot from Monday morning at Buck, layin' down the first tracks of many that day...the headless rider
  15. Need help w/ toe-side wipeout (new Proteus on ice)

    Has anyone mentioned Angulation! Sounds like it's not boot-out or edge tune. If you reach down for the snow as in Sunsurfer's and Jim_s's avatars you're more likely lose your edge on ice. Reaching for the outside edge as in Workshop7's and Jack's avatars keeps your edge hold more secure. Anyone who learns to ride on ice knows how unforgiving it is of poor technique whereas soft snow is very forgiving of a more relaxed technique. Also, the advice of really focusing on heel or toe pressure from both feet with shoulders/hips facing same direction as your feet is helpful.