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  1. Summer stoke around Denver.

    This weekend weather permitting
  2. Summer stoke around Denver.

    Tomorrow morning. Cherry creek up to ?(south/east) then coast it back to REI? An easy push and fun coast if you don't LDP
  3. ECSS 2017...?

    ATC? What? If that's true then we should plan another get together
  4. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Rode the secret in soft boots last year with steep angles. A very versatile board. You are going to really like it
  5. Yo Lci!!

    Who in town (west of Denver) should I take my board to for a base grind. Would love to have it structured and edged professionally before the season starts. I'm in Arvada
  6. Yo Lci!!

    Thanks for sharing those dates Pat. Might have to keep it real close to home this season. No new gear. Boards/clothing or otherwise. Next year will be a new stick and outerwear. I'm affording myself a pro tune/grind on my custom saber and that's it. So Loveland and Winterpark with an early December stint at steamboat. Great deal on lift and lodging for the steamboat thing. I'll keep everyone posted. Aspen may be too rich for my wallet this season
  7. Yo Lci!!

    Juhwan/Arron Parsons/Katie and I shared a place. We did the last four days/ banquet and left the next day. We inquired about dates and have not heard back. Frank/virus put up something about similar February dates in aspen. Can't recall where I saw that
  8. Summer stoke around Denver.

    I need to build another one...Saturday morning, weather permitting. Cherry creek trail from REI. South about 5-10 miles then mostly downhill back. Good times!!
  9. Kessler Alpine Question?

    I have a 185 Kessler I will probably only ride in easy groomers in the perfect day. My 174 Coiler nirvana is fantastic. I know there will come a time but I spent a year riding a long modern race board and suffered a couple broken ribs and a very bruised ego to discover that an aggressive freeride deck was the one for me.
  10. Yo Lci!!

    Spent some time at River Run Park. having a river/surfboard made but it will probably not see much use until next spring. Hanging out with the kids who are traveling back to So Cal tonight(sad) but will be back for some days of riding Loveland this Christmas and Spring Break. Great seeing you James and your wife a couple weeks ago! Working on shedding some Pounds before the season starts. Hope all is well. Looking forward to getting back on snow!
  11. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    I switched from Colorado Native Lager to Coors Light. Getting a lot more reps in now. 12oz curls can be brutal
  12. wtb tomahawk sl 157 to 163

    Oldsnowboards maybe?
  13. Milkland... a Surfers Paradise

    Been trying to get my summer surf on at River Run Park here in town. Need to get a board made. My 6'6" Newport Beach rocket doesn't like the short trough.
  14. Is this a good beginner setup?

    Don't skimp on boots/bindings. Comfort is everything!
  15. Summer stoke around Denver.

    Haven't pumped in 10 months. Looking forward to getting some excercise though.