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    Coiler 182 Nirvana Balance 24 wide 12-14 (Flex 6.7 + 5, with powder nose and AM taper)
    Donek 02behle175 (23cm waist, 13m SCR)
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    Deeluxe Indy (Orange vintage) 29.5, Intuition Plug liners, 319 BSL
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    TD3 SWs standard
    52.5 F 6 Toe Lift
    47.5 R 6 Heel Lift
    52.5 cm Stance width
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  1. So that sprain back in late March at Giants Ridge... Yup broke my ankle. Saw the doc today as things weren't healing. First broken bone ever for me, sigh. Ortho doc tomorrow... Boot tonight. Next season!
  2. Sign me up. Lonbordin at hotmail.com
  3. Watch at the 6:35 mark. The "new" parallel rail shapes are FAST. Zoom.
  4. @BigRob The solution is a custom Coiler or Donek or Thirst. USD is still powerful in Canada. I'm a big guy too, big socks (195cm, 115kg). I also size down in shell as much as possible (318/319 BSL). I go between 23-24cm wide. Get a custom wide board, you won't regret it.
  5. Here's the rest of the catalog.
  6. I did comment on that photo on Reddit but I did not post it. Mahalo.
  7. I found that working on the issues Jack addresses here made the ground come to me.
  8. Just fyi... "The heavy canting" of the TDs can be eliminated by purchasing 0* cant disks. Also the TLT6 has much more ramp angle (heel lift) than softies so you might want to use the cants to offset the heel lift moving you back to flat. So perhaps toe lift in both front and rear.
  9. Ski boots in SB bindings w/o highbacks. Innovative.
  10. i had... as posted here- Thanks.
  11. The coiler pure race... What are the specs? Interested.
  12. I use one but that's more because of my home hill. Sticky icy buildup is a reality of life here... Also the main lift is ~8 ft of drop over ~8ft of distance with 90* left or rights required in about~15 additional feet of distance. Add the pile up of first timers on the ground... you really want any extra help you can get. When I've been other places with saner setups and softer snow it's not such a big deal.
  13. Are these the stock specs? Edit... I was able to open the photo on my computer... looks stock. Thanks.
  14. Thanks @pokkis! I see the bails will have to be lowered for these to work. Just received my pair. Did you just bend your bails?
  15. Ah... gfy...