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    Coiler/Evil 168 Am-T, Coiler Fc-Dingbat edition 177-T, Rossi 1 Mag/Flows softie
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    UPZ RC10, Finally boots that fit!!!
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    Sorry Fin, Proflex F2 intecs 19inch 55x52
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  1. Do you use a stomp pad?

    Im serious about my stomp pads, both for removing snow and to have a good plant for 1 footing
  2. The opposite of everything we stand for

    Rode softboots for the first time in a few years 2 weeks ago, stiff K2 double boa boots Flows and a Rossi 1 Magtec. It was humbling going form one of the best snowboarders on the hill to a lower intermediate. That being said it was still fun after like the 3rd run when I actually started to feel something. I admire softbooters that can rip even more now knowing how hard it is to feel the board and power it up in softboots. I guess if I had the patients to dial in my stance I might ride it more.
  3. Killington 3.31 advice requested

    Okemo beats Killington for carving
  4. F2 Titanflex, Med or Large?

    UPS sole is like 2 sizes smaller than Deelux, My 27 UPZ fit my in wifes 25 delux F2 intecs
  5. Zip fit anyone???

    Simple review, They are a lace up, once you tighten down the laces its amazing the fit and heel hold is perfect, I didnt have cold feet, I have some hot spots on the medial side of both ankles especially my front foot. Never had to mess with my boots during the day of riding, open the buckles during lunch and closed them when I went back out. Thats the extend of fooling with my boots. Honestly Im very happy with them. Only disappointment was No one seems to have the extra tubes of goo for me to try and adjust the hot spots. Im not happy the dealer didnt have any after paying full retail. After doing like 800 Thermofits and a few liquid foams If you are on the fence I say go for it.
  6. Stratton

    Getting low today!!!! mis you bro
  7. Beast 2017

    It was perfection Saturday. I put away my Coilers at noon or I would have burnt my legs off. Softboots are a interesting swap especially when you only ride them once every couple years. Humbling going from one of the better riders on the hill to a step above a beginner
  8. Jiminy Peak

    I bet Whirlaway to Exhibition was stellar
  9. variable side-cut radii...advantage...purpose?

    My Coiler VSR all mountain does any type of arc my ability level asks for. I find it easier to vary the turn shapes on a VSR board than a single side cut. I rode a single for the first time in years 2 weeks ago and felt locked into similar type arc in every turn, I was not able to control the size as well as I can on my VSRs. That could have been me but Im very happy on my VSR boards. The only negative I notice on my all mountain is running flat and at certain speed it feels like the different radii are fighting , if that makes any sense, sometimes I dont
  10. Beast 2017

    Rematch this Saturday, anyone??
  11. UPZ Mondo 25 $260 US

    what size shoes do these equal
  12. Only UPZ down fall... so far

    dont you want to be able to flex both knees and get even lower to the board
  13. Only UPZ down fall... so far

    Sun, I notice you have the lower spring cranked tighter on the left boot, why ?
  14. Only UPZ down fall... so far

    Replaced the lower cuff buckle with the new wire type cause thats all they had and it solved my issue. Saved me from replacing 2 buckles. Heel lift has not been an issue in either of the Rcs I have owned. I do get some medial ankle bang on my front foot but I wear a little gel pad and its fine.