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    Coiler/Evil 168 Am-Tvsr, Coiler FC177-Tvsr Dingbat edition, Rossi 1 Mag/Flows softie
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    UPZ RC10, Finally boots that fit!!!
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    F2 intecs 19inch 55x52
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  1. UPZ Sizing Help Request

    I need the Good leads
  2. UPZ Sizing Help Request

    2nd what Jack said, It wont be fun trying to get in those boots with liners molded to a Delux shell
  3. Beast 2018

    Went today with Mrs Buggs. I expected mid winter condish but it was pretty hard and there were many cookies about. Its getting harder to come back each season, at 55 Im starting to wonder if I will make it to 60. I need to keep in mind its still before Christmas and there has not been significant snow fall yet but man my legs were chirping at me. I was speaking with the owners and they said they still have not gotten to peak output capacity from the snow making system but expect to be full on by next week. Also heard they got the parts for that down lift and it will start turning by Christmas week.
  4. UPZ Sizing Help Request

    I went with 27s in the UPZ, was in 26s in delux and was always having issues. Right foot 27.3 left 26.8 but when you pull the laces on the Zip liner it is mad hold even with the size difference. rode them today and they were a bit stiff at the start then started to be nice to me. Maybe someday I will actually follow the molding process and see how they fit then but even without doing that they are great. If you can find a shop to try them in your current shells you will understand what I mean. Great part is you can try them in a shop, even if they mold them and if you dont like them they are not used, they can be put back in the box and remolded for someone else. No risk to the shop.
  5. UPZ Sizing Help Request

    Deck, I had so many different versions of Deluxx and Foam, Thermo liners since 2000 that Im embarrassed on how much I have spent. I went to UPZ and it was a huge difference but the best thing I bought for boot fitting is the Zip Fit liners. I dont see my self spending $$ on a liner for the rest of my riding after getting the ZipFit liners. You might consider trying the Zips in your current boots and if they dont help with your current issue ditch those shells and move the Zips in the UPZ. Seriously I wish I tried the Zips years ago. My feet would have been much happier and I would have saved a ton of doe
  6. Board Leash Poll

    Stopped using one 10 plus years ago, now you got me thinking
  7. Beast 2018

    I can see why they were hopeful but 50 degree days and 35 degree nights kilt that
  8. Beast 2018

    Good November riding is total Bonus and rare. Even December can be sketchy. Patients grass hoppers
  9. Zip fit anyone???

    Bump since people seem to be missing out on this awesome option for liners. I wont bother with Thermo's again.
  10. No Slow-motion this season

    Well done!! Let the stoke begin
  11. Beast 2018

    My pass is booked and waiting for me.
  12. F2 Titanflex Intec - New to the System Q's

    Well let me put it this way, I had the risers/foam pad set up and for Me its much better being closer to the board with less stuff under my feet. I had No problem converting them to standard flat to the board versions, there was really nothing to it. Oh yeah, I dont race.
  13. F2 Titanflex Intec - New to the System Q's

    You might call it flex but I call it loss of feel
  14. Beast 2018

    Im starting Early
  15. Who's Stoked for a new season and what is your goal?

    Keep people coming to the Beast. Commit more time to my soft boot set up. Really want to close the gap in ability between the 2 styles