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    I teach
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    Oxygen Proton 178, Coiler AM VSR 170, Burton FP 173/167, SG 185, Coiler NSR 183, Ogasaka RC-Z 185, Scott Strike 185
    Soft-boot: F2 Respect 176
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    UPZ RC-10 green (!) w/Flo liners
    Soft: Northwave Decade
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    TD3, SW and regular, 62/60, 3/6 degree front, 6 degree rear.
    Catek OS1, similar setup
    Slight outward cant on front and rear, still trying to dial it in.

    Soft: Burton C60.
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  1. SG Full Race 185 metal, Scott Strike 185

    bump, make an offer
  2. Camelback 17-18

    ^Gnar! I hope I can make it.
  3. good boots for hard racing snowboard..?

    Those boots look to be very soft-flexing (I think it says 60-70 flex on the cuff, but I can't quite make it out). You can change where the cuff buckles mount, either by drilling new holes, or using ones provided. That will allow the cuff to close down further. Maybe that'll do the trick. Foam and/or a "spoiler" (wedge at the top rear of the cuff) might be necessary in addition if the cuff still won't close down far enough. While you're at it, check the overall fit as follows. Remove the liners ("inner boots") from the boots and put your bare foot in the plastic outer shell. By sliding your foot forward and backward in the shell, gauge how much free space there is. You want less than about 10 mm total (or if it's a thick liner, maybe a little more). About 5 mm is a good goal if you're purchasing boots. It may well be that your boots are simply way too big. That's extremely common as far as I've been able to judge. It makes it very hard to control the board (or the skis for that matter). If that's the issue, you should get some smaller boots (for skiing and boarding). Tons of information about getting boots to fit is available from forum member BeckmannAG's site: see especially http://beckmannag.com/alpine-skiing/boot-fitting When you get that somewhat worked out, you may want to look at the article on alignment.
  4. Camelback 17-18

    Nice to see full coverage at Camelback yesterday! 15" - 18" of sloppy wet snow probably helped a lot. Raceway needed more (maybe it blows off there more than elsewhere) to cover some ice floes and brown spots. They say they made snow overnight and this morning. More snow possible and low temps in the forecast for the next week or so, so it's finally looking up for some carving.
  5. Looking for bigger radius

    I've ridden both and while I'm far from expert, I find a big difference between them. Buell's description of the SG as having "more backbone" is a nice way to put it. It's probably stiffer, but it's extremely damp, so the stiffness is harder to compare. The Kessler wants to conform to the snow surface (and does that really well) while the SG seems like it's got so much mass it just cuts/plows/whatever and you barely notice due to the dampness. If I were on softer, bumpy snow I'd prefer the Kessler. Ice, the Kessler, but the SG is tenacious too. The extra feedback and softer (or just different) flex from the Kessler makes me more confident (easier to keep speed down). If I were going really fast I'd prefer the SG. Very secure feeling. Both dreamy. Ride them both if you get a chance.
  6. Catek OS1/WC

    I have some standard, long plate WC and possibly OS1. I'll dig them out and get some photos.
  7. SOLD- TD3 Cant rings & TD3 Blue E-rings

    I'll take the 6 if it's not gone... PMed
  8. UPZ RC 11 vs HSP: New Boot Dilemma

    I've done it with MP28 UPZ versus Deeluxe and actually found a slightly greater ramp with the Deeluxe, so I'm not surprised. I think the legend of greater UPZ ramp might be correct for smaller sizes, though. I haven't measured that yet. I don't think the RCR cuffs will solve the forward travel problem. Grab some stiff springs and tongues and I bet you'll be happy.
  9. UPZ RC 11 vs HSP: New Boot Dilemma

    A few thoughts The black tongues are pretty soft. As lonbordin says, the silver are much stiffer -- the dark grey are pretty close to unbendable by hand. Maybe you're just used to a feature of the HSP, the forward-travel-limiting "wings" on the lower cuff? A lot of posts here on how to hack that back to get more travel. The super-stiff heels lonbordin mentions are also lower, I think ("same height as Northwave") so that might be desirable to cut ramp angle --- except you're in stepins... . The red are already quite stiff (and slippery). You can still get stiffer red or dark grey toepieces. Are the shells too big? What kind of fit do you have? UPZ sizing can be a little confusing. Possibly also the tall cuffs are giving you more leverage?
  10. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    Sure, but shipping to the stratosphere is probably going to run a pretty penny! PMed you
  11. Looking for bigger radius

    You may want to try both a stiffer board of otherwise similar specs, and a board with a bigger scr that's equivalently stiff to your Prior (whatever that means). If it's really the bigger scr you're after, then going longer might be your thing. More board to soak up irregularities, hold on ice, etc. I have a 180 SG Full Carve and a 179 F2 Speedster Equipe from about the same year (2013 or 14) and they have a pretty similar ride (I think...). Pointing that out as you may see F2s available. But I prefer the SG Full Race, probably because I just like damp boards. However, I won't complain about any of them, they're really nice. Just wish there was some winter somewhere close so I could ride 'em... Oh yeah, the Full Carve 170 is what Sigi is riding in the "Ride with Me" video. Seems to be holding up under him... Finally, your Prior might be an older one with a round nose? The newer boards with the blunt nose have lots more edge, so a 170 SG probably is effectively longer than your 173 Prior. Obvious, maybe, but thought I'd point it out just in case.
  12. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    I actually have a Donek plate made for BX before they were banned. It's a little wider to support softboot binding bases.
  13. Mount Snow

  14. Keystone has two downsides worth knowing about in advance: 1) as some have alluded to, there are lots of trail intersections making it even more necessary than usual to be looking everywhere, all the time. 2) lower elevation than A-Basin or Loveland, so it can be sloppy (or closed) when A-basin and Loveland are really nice. Nice runs for sure, though.
  15. Mount Snow

    Anyone have recent Mt Snow condition report? What kind of coverage? Is grooming OK? What are the good wide green or blue runs?