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  1. Powder and Hard boots

    Hey WJ. Lucky You! ..but we get tons of pow and are getting buried currently out here in the Sierras....so I got experience in this geographic location in knee to waist deep pow in hardboots and plates #1..........find a board with setback! This is huge in pow to keep you from having to lean back to keep the noise up, which will kill your quads in a just a couple of runs! Hardboots and plates and pow do go together! ...... but you want a softer hard boot...like a Track 325 Not a 425 or 700 For bindings I'm running TD3 sidewinders Step In's ...... you could run 0 degree can't rings...but I run 3 degree cants front and rear for carving on the groom when I need a break from the pow....usually on the same run. Check out these pow slayers!!! http://www.mosssnowstick.com. You can also get some Moss boards through: https://www.evo.com Here's a few of my Moss setups......... all Moss love Pow!.....but can carve and will carve..... but the green board on the right, Moss PQ60 is my go to Pow work board ...and notice the huge setback! It rides like a 170ish board...so don't think you need a huge 180ish longboard....... plus a shorter board is easier to maneuver And easier on the knees and legs!
  2. It's a long way from Cali, but out East on business and am taking a few days to ride. Had a great day ripping it up with Boiler member Rob Alexander at Loon Mtn. in NH! It was a blast trying to get my EC SS 177 14-17scr to stay out of the trees on narrow NH trails following Rob on his Coiler AM 176 12scr!! Great weather, great conditions and great fun! Thanks Rob! Video to follow!!
  3. BTS, and intec heels

    In line for the Donek. Its the lengrh and width im looking for......Sculler what weight range is the board and why might you sell it? ??
  4. I can hardly believe it.

    Sculler, Don't know why you can't believe it. The real deal then .... is still the real deal ! I still wow myself and the locals when I bring out my 2001 159 Salasnek Signature Sims Descender. It plows the crud and still lays down mean tight carves and it will have to snap in half before I quit riding it!
  5. MK and Angry Comparison?

    Corey....... is this comment a reference to the physical and mental strain/drain this beast takes to stay on top of it? Do you think you could/would last all day on it...or half day and you'd be ready for a change? Jim's Comment about #3 edge hold on ice got me thinking................ the only place you see ice in CA is what ya get in your apres-ski cocktail! How would a MK react in hero snow?? Seems like bringing a Bazooka to a gun fight!
  6. MK and Angry Comparison?

    Thanks so much Corey! Hmm?..... so in car speak, where's would you say that puts the Angry? ...and where would, say a Oxess 162 SL or Kessler 162 SL line up in this drag race?? Looking forward to a back to back test!
  7. Moss

    Makes sense Jack, Thanks for the clarification there Admin.
  8. Edge Engagement

    Ha! Get you spectacles out there Dave....I said Try! That call would take a 2nd mortgage and end in Divorce! After bringing 2 new customs and 2 used boards in the house just this winter the wife has me on a No Buy restriction Of course I'm like a horse trader......if I sell or swap one or two boards for another it all evens out - right? Don't mean to hijack your thread WG...but we are talking Oxess here!!
  9. Edge Engagement

    Very Cool riding and video there WG! What resort are you riding in Austria that is below treeline for most of the video?? Make's me want to to try a Oxxes SL 162 even more!
  10. Moss

    Corran Ha! The Moss Whisperer! FWIW - Why this got moved into "Off Topic" is baffling to me...and a little insulting! Seems this is more on topic than.... Achy KneesI Asked Admin why...no answer yet.
  11. MK at Loon

    Wow! It's all So good.......but The very last turn is OMG!.......it's like he pulled 5g's doing a figure 8!! .......must of totally freaked out the video guy!
  12. Achy Knees

    It's was just what was available at physical therapy....... I wrestled HW high school and college (which is surely part of my achy knee problem) and am intimate with the squat rack.......... Don't need that amount of weight anymore. I do like how the dumbbells held close to the chest center the exercise in my core and knees........it is different ....or maybe t's just my achy shoulders appreciate not having to reach to center the barbell on your shoulders, like when your squatting with an Olympic barbell ??
  13. Achy Knees

    Daveo and Corey ....where did you get your Rehbands? There seems to be no source in USA ??
  14. Achy Knees

    Ditto! I ride hundreds of miles weekly and ride rollers all winter and was quite surprised when the physical therapist I was with (for achy knees) said my gluteus muscles had shrank and are all tied to knees strength and stability and that biking doesn't hit that area. Adding Dumb bell squats 1x at 20, 30, 40 into my 3x weight training regime has helped! Additionally ice wraps for 30 minutes after a hard day or couple of days of hard charging has really helped with stiffness/soreness + Advil or Aleve pre and sometimes post event.
  15. Moss

    Beautiful board Corran! As for setting up your bindings......I'm on my 4th Moss and from my experience - Forget What You Think You Know About Where To Set Your Bindings With A Moss. Start with centering your bindings over the recommended "dot" pattern on the inserts...... I swear, no matter what I think I need, I always end up with my binding centered on the dot with one foot and within 1 set of insets of the "recommended dot pattern" on the other foot. Start There and the Moss will speak to you - Trust Me! Here's a new Moss MMD and a close up of the recommended center "dot"