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  1. PM sent............
  2. OK.....change that to the Kessler 185! More PM's sent.........
  3. God! I can't wait for summer to be OVER! Thinking Snow already and I need a pair of Apex Gecko Plates, Carve model ....anybody?? Yes I know this isn't the "wanted" thread, but not many are looking this time of year and most of us are going to this thread thanks for looking......
  4. Mine, Mine, Mine! Jim 1st dibs on the Kessler Alpine 171! PM sent....
  5. Hey MackD, Sorry to hear your knee is forcing you to sell. Not sure your specific knee issue but I'm close to 61 and am an Orthropedic's wetdream of a lifetime of broken bones and abused cartilage from from decades of wear and tear. But after all other treatments had had little long lasting effect (excluding knee replacement) my Orthropod suggested stem cell treatments in my knees and that has been a miracle cure for me! Another change that has helped my knees is going to a softer board (Moss Performance Quad 160 and softer boots ( Deluxe 325) It will still carve but takes much less leg and knee strain to ride it. Wishing you well and hope you reconsider retiring from hardbooting!
  6. Hey George, Thanks for the offer............Yes, I'm interested.....I will see if she still has it in Aug/Sept. and let ya know. BJ
  7. I found a One Owner Sims Daytona 162 Candy Apple Red, PRISTINE! She says only used 3 times! She lives in Kelowna, BC......but she won't ship Anybody live anywhere near? I'd pay for your time and trouble to pick it up and ship it.
  8. Hey Pat Ha!...I bought that issue and still have it....but the wife rearranged the office and I can't find anything! I also have the 2001 Alpine snowboard review and photos mag ...that's the issue with Mark Fawcett laying it down near the back of the issue.........but I can't lay my hands on that either
  9. Does anybody have any photos of a Sims Daytona 162, Candy Apple Red (era-2001?) with the pin stripe details?? I want to see if Sean can duplicate the top sheet on a 175 W Proteus project. Here's a link to a 154 Gold Daytona from the same model year to refresh your memory -,118/product_name/Sims+Daytona+Snowboard+154+cm+with+Boots+%26+Bindings+GoldRedGray+-+USED
  10. Hey DC, Welcome to the forum! As for boots, just remember you want a SNUG fit with zero to little heel lift as possible. In that regard it is fairly normal to buy/ride a whole size or more smaller Alpine boot than your street shoe size....... ie: I wear a US size 11 1/2 street shoe and I ride a Mondo 28 which equals a US size 10! It was a little too tight at first, but remember the boot liner will pack out some over time! Now they fit like a glove! Again welcome and good hunting for your setup
  11. Hey LD What's the waist width and for what weight is this board designed for??
  12. Ouch Ladia! Well take it easy and let it mend this summer so you can carve next winter!!
  13. Hey Big R, Wow! Your actually there now!! Thanks for the reply and the info! How would you rate the grooming 1-10 compared to US resorts? ...Out here in CA, family resorts like Northstar are a solid 10, resorts like Squaw are a 2 at best, say they groom but it's marginal with lots of death cookie! My experience of Colorado is a solid 8-10 grooming wise any photos????
  14. Hey Mouse Welcome to the forum! FYI: I tried the Driver X and the Deluxe 225 was softer! I'd go 325 or higher.....and ditto for using higher angles closer to 50 Also I am a size 11 1/2 and wear a size 10 (Mondo 28) for want it SNUG!
  15. Seriously considering a week at Valle Nevado....... I only know I'm not interested in skiing/boarding on a big open glacier like in Europe, so you guys that have been there, what would you compare the runs at Nevado too?......anyplace here in the US?? Any other pros/cons??