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  1. Best way to prevent heel lift inside boot?

    Just reading the earlier comments... Cranking on the buckles to hold the foot down is ineffective and likely to be very uncomfortable. A heel heel lift under the liner, or under the footbed can work, especially if dorsiflexion is an issue. Other wise pads etc on the liner. There are lots of videos about putting on ski boots around. Flexing forward to push the heel back doesn't work so well in SB boots, so I had always done the bang heel of boot on the floor thing. Then I saw a video by Harold Harb. The lifting the liner trick at 12.20 is the best thing since sliced bread. You don't need the loops to pull the liner up. I find I just need to press the heel down and back (without any real banging on the floor).
  2. Goggles for peripheral vision?

    I just leave this here
  3. Buck Hill 2017/18

    My mistake. I read somewhere about aluminum alloys with a very small amount of titanium in the mix. Perhaps that's what they were using.
  4. Buck Hill 2017/18

    I think ski manufacturers say titanium rather than titanal, because it is better for marketing. Titanal has a small amount of titanium in the aluminum alloy. I doubt that Blizzard made any real change
  5. Buck Hill 2017/18

    Palmer has worked with Kessler almost from the start on snowboards and skis. The Palmer crown has been around since 2000. http://www.palmersnowboards.com/products/crown/ Palmer skis were designed by Kessler and were/are? made in the short run/special dept at the Head factory in Austria. People say Kessler's own skis are better, but the specs are essentially the same.
  6. Buck Hill 2017/18

    I think what Kessler does best is to blend the many aspects of ski or board design and construction. The ski manufacturers eventually caught on to early rise tips and multi-radius sidecuts, but held back on making a radical package. I think in part this is because the mechanics of ski racing are different from snowboard racing, and that influences the way skiing is taught to the masses. The Palmer skis don't require the tip pressure that even the latest early rise slalom skis do. in fact, the Palmers don't like too much forward pressure. This makes the Palmers skis a problem in ski instructor clinics where you always look in the back seat. Ski manufacturers have also avoided any rocker or rise in the tail of race/carve skis, even though that's an important aspect of Kessler snowboard design success. The Palmers skis have the most camber I have ever seen on a ski. Interestingly though when the two ski are pressed together, the separation of the bases occurs about a foot before the real early rise starts. Same with the tail. With other slalom skis, the bases don't separate until the early rise. Nordica have resisted early rise on SL skis, but I noticed that this seasons SL skis do have that early separation seen on the Palmers, just without the early rise tip. I have several times put ski students who need a boost on the 155cm Palmers. The difference in their skiing is amazing. The Palmers give them an instant boost in what they are able to do. That in turn improves their skiing on any ski. I saw a similar thing happen to many alpine riders when the new design boards came out.
  7. Buck Hill 2017/18

    Trent took this photo of me on Olympic several years ago. This was on the palmer 170s. I don't think most carving/race skis are designed to be ridden like this. In fact most expert skiers I let try the palmers really disliked them.
  8. For several years now, I have been using wet and dry paper on my edges. I cut aluminum bar into about five inch sections, and use a light coat of spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the bar. After several passes along the edge, I advance the bar on the guide about 3/16". You can see the wear lines from advancing the bar on the W & D paper. I got the idea from the crazy sharp videos. I normally just go from 100 grit to 400 grit, but have gone up 2000 grit on occasion. The smaller bar fits in a base edge guide.
  9. Buck Hill 2017/18

    I quite often take a few runs down Milk Run and take note of the time. It's easier to find yourself on the youtube link, rather than the smaller BH web site screen. I haven't found a way to download short clips yet. Took this with my cell phone, trying to figure out what happened. CD1.mp4
  10. Aside...

    They know something you don't?
  11. Long thread, so I might have missed someone posting this before. Found this Nidecker video on snowboard stances. The video clearly advises forward angles for carving and freeride. No, it's not an ancient video (just last year).
  12. I looked up this old thread after a skiing discussion I had yesterday. I think Beckmann on pages 3 & 4 gives some of the best explanations of technique I have read anywhere. Knowing more about skiing now than I did then, I am even more impressed.
  13. A 7.something metre sidecut radius is going to give an extremely sharp turn if carved at a high angle, wherever your weight is. It would be over so fast that it makes it hard to figure out what's going on. A larger radius gives you some "down" time to think about what you are doing during the turn. A carved turn normally starts with weight forward, and finishes with weight back.
  14. Buck Hill 2017/18

    The plus to the moguls is that they actually resemble real moguls, not the deep divots we normally see. I noticed on the webcam Wednesday night, that the groomer flattened the mogul field, then rebuilt the whole thing. I could see today the the moguls looked even friendlier than on Wednesday.