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  1. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    In that I have had it very differently; powder kicks my ass much harder than a groomer day ever does. Am I alone in this?
  2. New In Stock Boards on Sale!

    Proteus is sold, but the rest are still good to go!
  3. Demo Boards on Sale!

    Lots of good boards still for sale...
  4. 2017-2018 season prep thread.

    It's the altitude. Despite the amount of work your body is doing, you are less hungry than at lower altitudes. From a personal perspective, I know when I go to sea level I am hungry all the time and have a tough time getting full. Inevitably I gain 10 pounds in a week, and then lose it when I go back home to Colorado. Some interesting studies are linked in this article.
  5. wtb tomahawk sl 157 to 163

    I have a 165 with a 50cm stance. Interested?
  6. New and Demo Boards on Sale

    Bomber's got our pre-season sale going on now. Check out the new board specials here, and the demo boards for sale here.
  7. Demo Boards on Sale!

    All of our demo boards are hand tuned here at Bomber and kept in the same condition as our own personal gear. For sale, we have: BX: 163 Kessler BX for $550 159 Oxess BX for $650 Hardboot: 171 Oxess RXR (new as of the 15-16 season) $900 168 Kessler Alpine for $650 171 Sold Kessler Alpine for $650 Sold! 185 Kessler Alpine for $500 Sold!
  8. New In Stock Boards on Sale!

    We've got a lot of decks left over from last season, and as part of our pre-season sale, we're offering them at a huge discount. Be sure to check them out: 164 Donek Nomad, normally $800, on sale for $599 180 Donek Proteus, normally$1150, on sale for $750 SOLD! 168 and 178 Oxess XR, normally $1,899, on sale for $1100 162, 168 and 171 Kessler KST, normally $1299, on sale for $899 179 Donek Freecarve, normally $1150, on sale for $750 Swoard Extremecarvers, normally $999, on sale for $699 We also have a full list of demo boards on sale. Be sure to check out the other thread for more details.
  9. Is this a good beginner setup?

    Welcome to the community! I like your thoughts on the setup, but do want to clarify a couple things: -The head boots are a great entry level price point, but do factor in they don't come stock with fully moldable liners. That said, you can always upgrade at another point or at the time of purchase to make your feet happier if they need it. -While in general the pilot is geared towards youth racers, it is also a good board for entry level riders on the lighter side of things, say sub-155lbs. Might you outgrow it in a few years? Possibly, but if you're under the upper weight limit I think the pilot could be a good board to start out on. If you have any more questions about options, setup, etc. feel free to shoot me an email at jim at bomberonline.com
  10. Fin and Michelle...

    No it isn't. However it did get to a point in mid-January where we were hoping it wouldn't snow so that we didn't have to get up super early and go ride. So many pow days in a row this January...
  11. Alternative to Palau 141 liners for Deeluxe?

    That's not normal for the Palau liners, and sounds like a molding/fitting issue. Give me a call and let's discuss. 970.513.7733.
  12. Non-UPM plates?

    A plate would set your riding back 5 steps. Do not get one.
  13. Cateks?

    We've got a couple things in the pipeline. No word on timelines yet, though.
  14. What is the ultimate crud buster?

    Eh, Tankers break too easily. Gone through two of them way too quickly.
  15. What is the ultimate crud buster?

    That used to be the best crud buster.....