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    salt lake city
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    Trench Digger/ Excavating, yes I'm a ditch digger
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    Coiler 184T 14.2m classic
    Coiler NSR, Monster, Nirvana Energy
    Coiler Nirvana 180
    Rossi wc 184 (on the wall)
    Rossi Undertaker 185( modified)
    O Sin 4807 178(Modified)
  • Current Boots Used?
    Suzuka mp27/ with race tongues and BTS red springs
  • Current bindings and set-up?
    TD2's with TD3 erings SI / sidewiders F2 carve intec
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  • Hardbooting since
  1. Birthday Laps

    What socks were you wearing? :)
  2. long board revelation!

    Steven, So glad the board is working out so good for you. I was a little worried as you are 50 lbs lighter than me, but it felt a little soft to me maybe. If you go longer and bigger scr you will just need some more room or you will work harder to turn as tight. My next bigger board is a 184 Monster 14-15 ? 21.5 wide that I had Bruce build specifically for softer, slower snow. I also have Geoff Vs old 185 NSR ,stiffer and 16m ish which bumps up the speed a bit more and also works really well on slower /hero snow. Dont give up on your NFCE, although yours has a tighter side cut than my NFCE 170. Thats my board for hard and fast snow that I usually ride with the Gizmo plates. Usually you just have to reduce the speed and tip it up high with angulation to eliminate the chatter. Another option is to get an EC board. Big radius, but they turn tight if you get high edge angle. I have stuffed the nose on your NFC in soft snow, which resulted in a concussion. Thinking less likely for you with your lighter weight. Just use some caution when it’s soft and see what you can get away with. That board also won the 2012 SES board build off, so give her some RESPECT:)
  3. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    Thanks Pokkis so is your plate sitting on some bumpers? Does one end slide at all? Can’t tell from the pictures.
  4. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Hal, turn hard to starboard. TURN HARD TO STARBOARD HAL. Hal? Hal?
  5. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Ok I’ll bite. What is HIS name?
  6. New guy at Solitude

    Looking for the “ new guy “ at Solitude. Ran into you Sunday. Wanted to ride a bit together. Thanks,Ron
  7. Catek Olympic 0S1 Long Stepin : SOLD

    Sold, Thanks Dave
  8. Base Repair Question

    Repair gun uses higher quality / harder ptex than drip stick and yes it’s just like a glue gun. Show us a pic of the damage. I fixed a 2” long digger that was down to the metal and it has held up fine.
  9. I’ll take the Rossi.
  10. Official/Unofficial ATC 2018 thread

    Yea, Magic Mike from Michigan. Thanks for giving the names Corey.
  11. Base Repair Question

    How much did they want? I’ve got a gun if you get down to SLC. I’ve ridden and repaired worse. Ron
  12. On a related note I’ve never had base grind done on a board. I do notice when i set a base angle the base always seems a touch high, so I always have to put some kind of base angle to hit metal, I just take away some base material next to edge. Is that the main reason to grind, besides structure, to keep base angle near 0 for real hard snow?
  13. Ha ha, i put a 2* base and 0* side on your board and you didn’t even notice!😘 Not my fault, Snowman showed up.😎