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    North Carolina/West Virginia
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    Donek Rev 163
    Aggression 162
    Oxygen KR 59
    Mistral Sonic 163
    F2 Beamer
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    Old Mistrals
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    Head Stratos w/Intuition Liners 26.5
    Krypton 03 Hard boots
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    TD2 step in and sidewinder

    Snowpro Base plate
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  1. BTS, and intec heels

    What about the board, is it still around?
  2. SOLD - Oxygen Proton Boots 27.5

    Sold to Moose...
  3. SOLD - Head Stratos Pro 28.0

    Sold to Habs2c...
  4. Whitetail / Liberty 2017-18

    I was up at Liberty that sat/Sunday night, we got about 2inches of fresh on Saturday. Sunday was crazy when we first got there, same thing hard to find a parking spot. Since I have a Night Club Card, I had to wait til 3 on Sunday, the day crowd started to thin out but I rode the singles line to get through quicker. Rode softies still working on teaching my daughter. We broke for dinner and overheard people saying there was a bit over 8,000 on the mountain that day and it was in the Top 5 of biggest days ever, obviously no way to confirm but I did hear also about Whitetail getting to capacity on that Sunday. My buddy is up at Liberty tonight(Monday) and he said they are confirming being open during the week, but the weekend right now is sketchy, they may not have enough to be open this weekend so we will see. I was planning on going Saturday night.
  5. Used deeluxe Suzuka 26.5

    I think I may have that. Tim
  6. SOLD - Head Stratos Pro 28.0

  7. SOLD - Head Stratos Pro 28.0

  8. SOLD - Head Stratos Pro 28.0

    Habs2c, Sorry, not really needing to trade, I had another set of Heads that were 26.5 and I thought were too small, the bootfitter baked the Intuition liners I had with them they fit perfect now. So just want to sell these outright.
  9. SOLD - Oxygen Proton Boots 27.5

    These were my go to boots for a couple seasons, had a pair of Oxygen Kryptons that I hated, these fit much different and remind me of the Head Stratos boot. went to a boot fitter over the weekend and found out this set of boots is also too big for me as I was sized wrong at a different place a couple seasons ago. would love to get $150 plus shipping.
  10. SOLD - Head Stratos Pro 28.0

    Went to a good boot fitter last weekend just to find out somebody sized me wrong a couple years ago. I got these this year, used twice for about 12 runs, they are in excellent shape, look barely used. Stock Head Liners that don't appear to have been ever molded. Stock lean mechanism. Silver Race Tongues included. Would like to get $250 plus shipping.
  11. Used deeluxe Suzuka 26.5

    Do you still have these boots?
  12. Whitetail / Liberty 2017-18

    What did you think of Roundtop? I haven't been up there in a really long time.
  13. Track 700s - MP26

    Are these still available or already gone?
  14. TD3 Sidewinder step-in upper kit

    I am interested in Heel kit, sending PM
  15. Whitetail / Liberty 2017-18

    If I can get outta work around noon Friday, I am going to hit Whitetail both Friday and Saturday Night.