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  1. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Sure is!!
  2. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Nah sorry. I've suddenly gotten the wakeboarding bug, after 9 long years of intense waterskiing. Wakeboarding, It's Easier on the shoulders and wakesurfing is just hilarious. My problem is, I own the wrong kind of boat. Trying to scratch up enough dough to make a dent in the down payment for a proper wake boat.
  3. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Price Drop. $650 shipped
  4. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Hey! Forgot I posted this today. Ok yes of course, it was built for 150-200. Sidecut? Probably closer to 13-15m. Waist is 24.5. Can be ridden hard or soft. I was planning to ride it with RC8's and F2 Intec RS plates. I believe the topsheet is real veneer, but I can't be sure. There are zero scratches on it, and feels very hard like a plastic. Whatever the case is, it's durable and beautiful. Looking back at my emails he said this about it: "the construction is full carbon kevlar with a full ash woodcore and high speed race base!"
  5. VIRUS SOULSURF 190!!!

    Frank's personal prototype!! This 190cm free rider is beautiful, and in Tip Top shape. I am tentatively selling this board, as I have a few other obsessions nagging at me. $750 gets this beast shipped to your door in the lower 48. The price from Virus would be €1200 plus shipping... from Europe! So, I don't have to sell it, but if there were somebody who would get more use out of it... Lemme know!!
  6. OXESS 164 RS!!!

    They ARE droolworthy aren't they?
  7. OXESS 164 RS!!!

  8. OXESS 164 RS!!!

    Hi folks. I'm in the middle of full fledged summer gear insanity! I picked this up from a fellow BOL member here a couple of weeks back. This board is awesome, but I think I'm going to stick to some wider waists. The board has a season's worth of use, and maybe 15 days after that. It's not a show queen, as it has a few little bumps, but it's no rock board either. It's got all the good tech inside. Here are the specs: RS164/11.5 -length 1640mm -radius 11.5 -titanal construction -4x4 inserts plus vist inserts -Stiffness: hard I am selling this board for $300 bucks. Perfect season starter board.
  9. Donek Revs for sale, 163 and 2 185s

    The Oxess is Awesome! Thanks!
  10. Donek Revs for sale, 163 and 2 185s

    Dibs on the Oxess!!!
  11. 168cm Osin 4807 for sale or trade

  12. 168cm Osin 4807 for sale or trade

    Oops! I forgot to mention. $150 shipped. Thanks for the reminder!
  13. 168cm Osin 4807 for sale or trade

    Hey guys! I'm looking to send this off to where I'm it might best be used. I found myself a Rossignol Undertaker 198! So, I'm sure to never use this board again. Got anything you are bored of you would like to trade???
  14. 5 Prior and Swoard boards for sale

    What is the waist width on the WCRM?