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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. MK at Loon

    That's a video that should be in the Madd Killer thread. Mid video there are some turns that come round so tight and quick Steve looks like he's going to see his own backside.
  2. Best way to prevent heel lift inside boot?

    Modded my previous Head Stratos Pros for better heel hold and better forward flex control (video shows details). Modded the rear foot UPZ after my first trip away riding them was marked by major rear heel lift issues. In both sets of mods, changing the ankle strap angle was a key step to achieving good heel hold down. Compare the ankle strap angles on Northwaves .950, Mountain Slope .951, Deeluxe, Head SPs and UPZ boots. Holes from original ankle strap attachment point filled with cuff offcut plastic melted/welded with soldering iron for watertight seal. M6 toothed T-nuts & machine screws used to replace buckle rivets. I cut away slightly too much cuff and created gaps where the liner surface can be seen. Hasn't been a major problem given that I can cover these with the trouser cuff and have routed Intec handle extension through knee level vent in my trousers. Note that I also took the cuff extension from my old head SPs and added them to the top of the UPZ cuffs.
  3. onboardcam

    Agree with Corey, great perspective! Had you thought about trialling a 90 degree rotation in camera angle to get the "landscape" format when you're right up on edge?
  4. tail following nose?

    This post/thread covers the same kind of ground i.e. how to get the board to track smoothly in the turn. Click "SunSurfer replied to a topic" to go straight to the post. It really is as @Rob Stevens said. "All things being equal"
  5. Looking for bigger radius

    Ondrej, 0.4mm not 4mm. My understanding is that the titanal layer improves the torsional stiffness of the board, reducing the difference in edge angle between the tips and the middle of the board when it is being carved. Bruce was trying to save his remaining stock of 0.3mm for builds for smaller/lighter riders. I'm 82kg and had no problem making my 0.4mm board bend along its' length to make tight turns, while the edge hold was very good. Try reading some of the reviews of Coilers made since January 2017, that was when Bruce started to make 0.4mm boards in volume.
  6. Madd original vs. reissue

    Mixing the metric and US units is just imprecise. Metric 6mm machine screws have a 1mm pitch but there are 25.4mm approx per inch.
  7. Looking for bigger radius

    Sounds like SG have run out of .3mm titanal just like Bruce @ Coiler has. Good sales strategy to turn a forced change into a "positive". The experience with .4mm titanal so far has generally been enthusiastic acceptance. I certainly love my NFCE T+ with .4T.
  8. Mountain Slope boots?

    So I'm hoping for a range of cant disc angles, rotating base plate on top of that, then adjustable distance heel and toe pieces with 6mm bails, topped off with a toe piece like the old Fritschi F41 step ins. What else do we want? Edit after photos added: Even the colour scheme matches!
  9. Mountain Slope boots?

    I'm intrigued. Intec is widely available and the system works reasonably well and reliably. What factors have led you to decide to use/develop a different system?
  10. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    ^ As someone who specialises in deviant snowboarding, come to the very dark side >:)
  11. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    Where's your sense of adventure? Try it, and tell us the tale.
  12. How many days do you carve in hardboots per year?

    Not tricky, you're just 17 years older and less flexible. Options: a) PSRs strap fix b) hamstring stretches c) buy yourself a pair of Intec equipped bindings. Do b & c and your back will thank you.
  13. The qualification times for each rider and both courses is interesting data. Haven't done formal stat's on it but it fails an intra-ocular traumatic test for Red course being clearly faster at time of qualifying. That said, this race format sure raises the stakes in setting a qualifying time! It appeared that often the faster of any two riders in qualification chose the Red course for head to head racing. So why would they choose Red? Better light? more shade to keep the snow cooler and firmer? ????
  14. finishing edges and bases w/o a Steigermeister

    Wintersteiger AG
  15. Photos in PM's?

    Jim, those pic's are very significant in what they mean for riders wanting precise lift and cant while TD3s remain unavailable.