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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. That's the way to sell it to the other half! "Honey, if I go to Aspen to ride with the ATC crew I'll come back sleek and trim." ;-)
  2. Riding fitness is one part of the equation. Drinking and eating enough while you ride is important as well. Even piling in the calories and fluids I usually lose weight when I've come to SES/ATC.
  3. I have to disagree with Joe about the need for cardio, especially if you are a sea-level dweller who is coming to ride at Aspen or similar altitude resorts. The oxygen level on Aspen's mountains is only about 2/3 that at sea level so you'd better have your oxygen transport systems in shape if you want to ride hard. That said, I live at sea level, I turned 58 just after ATC 2017 and was turning in repeated 10,000+ vertical metre (33,000+ feet) days during the week before and the week of ATC without problems, and I don't stop for the rest day. My cardio and quads exercise includes hill climb repeats on my road bike as well as long rides year round. I haven't made weights part of my fitness routine, I enjoy being outside in the New Zealand sunshine and scenery too much! As I get older stretches and core strengthening are a growing part of my routine in order to keep my stiff back functioning enough to be able to reach the cable release for my Intec heels!
  4. Like the photo. Will it go on the wall at your office next the diplomas during the off season? That would blow a few patients minds!
  5. Note also how the foil loses lift in turbulent, bubble filled (air spaces) water. Not sure a foil would generate lift in pow from watching that.
  6. After I saw the Tintin graphics on a new build Coiler in the New Board Porn thread, I'm not so sure the spaceman theme is out of date! Looking for a longish twin tip to effectively replace an old Avalanche board I had that carved beautifully. My RadAir Pinkerman Extreme 169, (tail chopped Obsession 171) just doesn't carve quite as sweetly.
  7. Sims Search 171 in good condition being advertised locally. Google search doesn't throw much light on performance characteristics apart from Nate W confessing to owning a battered one in a Bomber post from 2004. Anyone ridden one or has info on intended use/specs/review?
  8. NZ 7-1 USA Redemption for the heart breaking loss in San Fran. That time Spithill managed an amazing comeback from 8-1 down to win 8-9 Done on a "shoestring" budget, Team NZ nearly closed up shop 2 years ago for lack of funds. Match racing tactics are starting to come out as control of 50 foot long boats capable of nearly 50 mph improves, Burling's hook-up on Spithill at the start of the 2nd to last race an example, as was Dean Barker (SoftBank Japan) keeping Spithill out of the start box long enough to get a penalty in the preliminaries. Been dreaming of this kind of sailing ever since I read "The 40-Knot Saliboat" as a teenager. Good week to be a Kiwi. Lions for dinner on Saturday.
  9. That was then, Today it's Team NZ 6, Oracle (USA)1, match point, and Peter Burling's wave goodbye to Jimmy Spithill. Larry must be wondering what he got for all his millions. Racing again tomorrow, Monday in Bermuda.
  10. UPZ Canada has it's off season sale on. CA $ 561 for new 2017 model.
  11. The colours and shapes are beautiful. The shapes merging one into another remind me of scrolling through CT and MRI images of the people I help care for revealing the structures inside.
  12. A contrary view would be that for anyone to carve well, good heel hold down is essential, and the appropriate shell shape and buckle configuration for the individuals foot shape is crucial to achieving that.
  13. I'd second the comment about narrow heels and preferring UPZ having tried Deeluxe. UPZ in Canada may still have their off season sale on.
  14. I keep being surprised by how many people on Bomber have been to Mt Hutt & Methven! For those who've never been -'s
  15. And Mt Hutt in New Zealand opened for this year's Southern Hemisphere winter season today. There's almost always SOMEWHERE you can go snowboarding.