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    10+ boards between 160 & 178cm, 1995 to 2017 builds.
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    Modified UPZ RC10S. A pair of standard boots is just the start of the fun!
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    Regular stance. Models: F2 & Bomber TD3 Intecs. Isocline plates, both DIY design/builds and BBP 4mm, with UPM & 4x4 pattern, ride with fixed axle front. Experimenting with stance distance & skwal style stances.
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  1. Lucid Carving site

    Bump! The number of people logging in is growing. Make sure you have created a link to the backup forum. When I last Google searched for the new Lucid forum it wasn't showing up, so being able to find it easily that way isn't guaranteed yet.
  2. Is bomber out of business?

    The thought this post recorded didn't work out like I planned.
  3. Is bomber out of business?

    Just checked the FAQs on Invision Community, the hosting service for BomberOnLine. Pricing to stay with Invision would be steep - https://invisioncommunity.com/buy Getting a download of the data is possible, but since Bomber has been paying for it there would need to be some kind of negotiation with the bankruptcy trustee/receiver. see "If I cancel, can I keep my IPS software?" in the FAQs on the same page.
  4. Is bomber out of business?

    Do you have a link for that news?
  5. Is bomber out of business?

    Thanks Jack, good for a defined fall-back position to be well known.
  6. Is bomber out of business?

    IF, and it's a big if, the Bomber Forum was to stop running without notice, looking to somewhere like Oldsnowboards (moderator) Facebook page for updates/ new beginnings might be a way forward. It would all depend on how many friends Bryan thinks he could cope with! Something like that would be a way to regroup and build something new. I would hate to lose contact with all the people here.
  7. Coiler Nirvana Balance vs Donek FC/MetalFC

    I went through the process of ordering a Nirvana Energy with Bruce in late 2016. One of Bruce's comments was that the Nirvana designs' length sweet spot was the 174cm. You would need to talk to Bruce to find out whether the Nirvana concept would translate to both a shorter length and SCR. That said, you could probably buy 3 Coilers for the price of 2 metal Doneks. Bruce is an artist. Plenty of people here will tell you how Bruce produced the board they didn't know they wanted, how he essentially, in the conversation before the design was finalised, read their mind and produced something they loved. Bruce has started to talk about retiring in the last year or so. How much longer you'll be able to order one of his works of art is unclear. NB:Disclaimer: I own 3 Coilers, 0 Doneks.
  8. Minds in the Water

    Unlike J Bay, there are no big hungry munchies in Conwy!
  9. Track 700/425 pro

    Depends what you liked about the Head fit. Have you actually tried on a pair of the 700s? I'm a similar shape to you, 6'0" and 180lbs. I started off in Deeluxe 325s and needed more forefoot width and better heel hold. The Head Stratos Pros I bought gave me the width, and adequate heel hold with some modification. When the Heads started to crack & fail I transitioned to UPZ RC10s, (2016 model with the gull wing tongue). Bought mine during the off season sale at UPZ Canada in the same size as my Heads (mondo 29.0 - 29.5). The forefoot width was fine and the heel width a good fit for my relatively narrow (compared to my forefoot) heel. Quite a number of RC10 users have rapidly gone to aftermarket liners and for a range of reasons I've done the same. Although the UPZ doesn't fit the Bomber BTS there are equivalent aftermarket flex adjustment systems if you don't like what the boots come fitted with. I used BTS on my Heads, but have used the stock spring system on my UPZs. Hope you find a good fit in whatever you end up buying.
  10. 2017-2018 Season Board Porn

    3 boards, out of the current 12 in the quiver, that will carve snow every season while I, and they, still function. From newest to oldest - 2017 Coiler Nirvana Energy, Titanal 0.4mm, P-Tex deck, 174 x 20cm, SCR 12/14m. It was love at the first turn. There's a reason this is the 4th Nirvana in this thread, and there I'm sure there will be lots more. If you haven't ridden one, if you get the chance try one! 2003-4 Hot Blast Slalom (Red) 160cm x 21cm, SCR 8.9m, with my own design & build isolation plate (hinge/hinge & slide). Edge hold and ability to carve a wide range of turn radii is like the Donek MK I rode at ATC 2017. Mid 1990's Riot Supercarve 178cm x 17cm waist. Effective edge 171cm. I think the SCR is about 12m. Bomber UPM mechanicals with a DIY plate core from a trashed F2 Eliminator with 3 layers unidirectional carbon fibre laminate, shaped to cope with the narrow waist. I keep coming back to this board. It was the one I first really carved linked turns on and as my skills improve it performs better and better.
  11. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Jack, that is almost, almost, too beautiful to ride!
  12. Donek Freecarve vs Metal FC

    Not damp, as in "wetter", more as in "damping ratio" (see below). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damping_ratio I haven't ridden a board I thought was overdamped. Possibly a custom raceboard might be overdamped (and also overly stiff) for a weekend warrior. The metal in most boards seems to have been Titanal 0.3mm https://www.amag.at/en/our-aluminium/sporting-consumer-products/sporting-goods/amag-titanalr.html but recently, due to supply issues, Bruce Varsava @ Coiler has been working with 0.4mm Titanal. I own a 2017 Nirvana Energy with 0.4mm Titanal, and my experience with it at ATC 2017, and that of other more experienced riders, is that this thickness seems to also add to the torsional rigidity of the board, i.e. the edge hold is a step up from the equivalent 0.3mm Nirvana. Mine soaks up the bumps so well that though I ride many of my other boards with a full isolation plate, I'm very happy to ride this Nirvana without.
  13. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Picked up my Nirvana Energy .4mm Titanal 174cm 12-14m SCR with a black P-tex top at ATC this year and white Coiler logo. Love at the first turn....... Look at the front of Coilers updated site (link above).
  14. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    It would be funny, except that the burning crosses and lynchings were real. And in today's America the same attitudes are still widely held. Time to change the subject back to carving.
  15. Binding ramblings

    Tanglefoot, factor in that hard boots are ridden from angles of around 0 degrees on wider boards right up to 90 degrees on skwals. The way lateral and fore/aft motion are needed varies accordingly. At one extreme fore/aft flex weights the board edge, at the other lateral flex weights the board edge. And in the transition zone between, where most of us ride, both styles of edge weighting have their followers. Both the cant and lift that bindings are set up with, and board flex as it carves a turn, create pressures, and discomfort, on our feet, ankles and lower legs. The appropriate cant and lift in the "at rest" position and full isolation plates vastly reduce these pressures. For the greatest control, and comfort, both the riders style and boot/binding set-up must be consistent. Trying to ride out of the side of your boots with a set-up that suits heel/toe riding will be an exercise in discomfort and frustration.