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    Jay Peak, Sugarloaf and the river
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    I work with money
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  1. Two Coilers, Kessler Ride 163

    Not quite, HK! Get the most out of what we have left before snow flies..unfortunately I need Bruce's most dense build for..well..my build..I'm sure it won't last long!
  2. 2 Pair New Flow NX2-GT Bindings Size XL

    starcarver- the hybrid powerstrap comes with the green pair, correct for $125? My zip is 03906 for shipping quote. Thanks Derek
  3. Two Coilers, Kessler Ride 163

    Hey Henry! I hope you enjoy your next adventures after APex. What was the weight range on the Coiler Nirvana? Had been leaning to the energy but then this popped up. Thank you Derek
  4. Winterstick has a Woody! ( a bunch actually)

    Dan and Kobi talked me out of the red gum for durability..so are you flipping your 64 for the ST?
  5. Looking at those threads with base damage is painful. Find a craigslist beater and ride it until it flames out
  6. Winterstick has a Woody! ( a bunch actually)

    Winterstick has some sexier new veneers and topsheets this season..board building has started in earnest at the factory. Check out the new ARK Rob Kingwill and the new Tom Burt. Waiting to see the new turkey ash sheet for my steed. Some real beauties. After having two seasons of riding many stock and proto creations, I completely support their builds. Awesome guys, living the brand and willing to do anything for their customers. Find an ambassador in your neck of the woods and get on it. Bring on winter!!!!
  7. ECSS 2017...?

    Perhaps changing mountains will change the bad weather ju-ju...wait and see for week and location. My guess would be 2/26-3/2 since the week before is President's/School Vacation week for most of New England. NH is 2/26-3/2 and some of VT is 2/12-2/16. Isn't the CO session 2/12-2/16?
  8. Loon/WV Opening Days

    Guy...powdah riding for Wednesday...get u sum o that
  9. 188 Coiler Skully Carbo Monster

  10. Sugarloaf Session 2017

    As always, a blast having you with us azn orange!
  11. Sugarloaf Session-2/26-3/4

    Dave I have corporate discount but it'll still be 65. I'll see if I can find something better for you
  12. Sugarloaf Session-2/26-3/4

    I'm guessing David is there as well Sunday
  13. Sugarloaf Session-2/26-3/4

    I'll be there Sunday-plan to ride but going to wait for live reports before I strap in..
  14. Sugarloaf Session-2/26-3/4

    Agreed...let's not forget...last year we were testing the repellent limits of our goretex with that mess at Stratton. The mountain has had plenty of snow-it'll get tilled up and it might be a day or two before it's sorted but I have confidence it will be good. When are you arriving?
  15. Madd Killer Strikes Back!

    You're about to have your wish granted...52 in the shade right at the Loaf according to Jack...Sunday the mercury drops..I suspect MK and Madds will be something we are glad to have to go to