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  1. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    From Mike Trapp's Facebook page: "QUALIFIERS TOMORROW ARE POSTPONED πŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ Due to a number of reasons the qualifiers scheduled to run tomorrow the 22nd will now run on Saturday with finals. Saturday morning will be qualifiers followed by finals that day. Thank you everyone for all the messages they mean the world to me!! On to Saturday #neversurrender"
  2. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    Had a response from the North American distributor which is Mordiff Distribution. http://mordiff-distribution.com/?page_id=30 The response is: "Unfortunately no, I do not have availability for any parts for heels. You can order new heels at www.yyzcanuck.com in Canada or www.donek.com in the US" Waiting to hear back from F2 International.
  3. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    Might be worth while to look into casting them using silicone molds. http://www.theengineerguy.com/OOMOO-25.html There are some good urethane plastics out there too which might be good candidates to fill the molds with. https://www.smooth-on.com/products/epoxacast-655-101-hardener/ How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go is the question you need to ask yourself. Has anyone tried contacting F2 directly to see if the sell replacement parts? Shooting them emails now to see what comes back....
  4. Lacroix Skwal with Catek Bindings

    If you are looking for a new skwal drop me a PM. I bought a pair of skwal bindings from this seller and would recommend him as a seller.
  5. Reliable FinTec Inner arms.

    Being able to 3D print these guys would be awesome. Anyone up to the task of creating the necessary files? My first set of Fintecs had a broken arm, but I think it was an issue with the first batch. I also noticed a small part had chipped off an arm when I was writing up the how-to on changing the bushing sleeves. Given the sad state of my current pair of Fintecs I might just try and get through the season and buy a new pair next year.
  6. Base Repair Question

    If a board is "beloved", forget the wax and DIY methods. Go to a reputable shop and ask for a base weld.
  7. upz spoilers on rc8?

    Maybe drill some new holes and move the teeth the buckle attaches to?
  8. WTB: Fin Tec heel set

  9. Monoskis

    There was a sweet setup that @BlueB used that was both setup for MONO and alpine on a plate! Check it out!
  10. RESOLVED - Bomber TD1 SKWAL Bindings

    Just found a set on eBay!!! The search is officially over. If you happen to have a set And want to get rid of them shoot me message!
  11. How do you know the terrain isn't good for a skwal if you have never been on one? Any terrain that is good for skis and boards is good for a skwal if you know what you are doing.
  12. Donek Skwal - SOLD!

    Yes, this board has been sold via the eBay auction about 2 years ago. I just updated the title to reflect this. Are you currently looking for a skwal @Roarinfire? I have a couple Ace Skwal Demo boards that I could cut you a deal on. If you are interested shoot me a PM.
  13. Fintec bushing replacement - any tips

    I don't have the time or computing power to offer a proper video tutorial, so here is what I was able to manage. Total time to replace bushing sleeves on 2x boots: ~2.5 hours To replace the bushings on your Fintec heels you will need: Wrench or screwdriver to remove hardware holding Fintec Heel onto boot Bomber Butter(or comparable low temp grease) 4x - IGUS JSM-1012-10 bushing sleeves Phillips Screwdriver Pick tool(recommended, not necessary) Step 1: Lay out tools. As you can see the bushing sleeve is hard to make out in this picture. It should be flush with the side of the Fintec heel. Step 2: Use pick tool to clean out the 4 fastener heads from dirt and rocks, remove fasteners. As you can see these heels have many miles on them, over 250 days of riding. Step 3: Push in clip holding the handle on the pull cable, remove handle. Step 4: Remove screw holding on cover. There are 2 grooves to pry cover out. (note: Inspect cable, mine had a wire coming out that is part of the sleeve.) Step 5: Remove center cam. Step 6: Remove springs. Its best to pry up from side nearest aluminum case. Step 7: Remove pins to the cam sliders. Step 8: You can now slide out the main pins for the Fintec heel. Step 9: Remove old bushing sleeves. This can be very tricky as the bushing sleeves are tightly fitted and there isn't a lot of room to maneuver. The surface area on the edge of the bushing is small and difficult to get a good position on. Push them out from inside of the heel. Using an Allen wrench worked well for me. Step 10: Admire your rubbish bearing sleeves and reflect on the glorious days of trench digging that they offered. Note: There are 3 dimples that ensure sleeves don't fall out. This makes putting the new ones in a little tricky. Step 11: Insert new bearing sleeves. The method that worked best for me was to line the bushings up with the hole and use a flat surface to force them in. The 3 dimples mentioned earlier will shave some of the bushing off. It is a very tight fit! The bushing should be flush with the outside of the Fintec heel. Note: It is possible to push bearing sleeves in past flush, keep them flush! Step 12: Reassemble Fintec heel in the order that it was taken apart. Be sure to use plenty of Bomber Butter, or comparable low-temp grease to properly lubricate parts. Inspect final results and test.
  14. Close calls

  15. Fintec bushing replacement - any tips

    @GeoffV I ordered an 8 count bag today and they are due in next Wednesday. I confirmed that this is indeed the part needed(JSM-1012-10). I will try and document my repair as I have had my heels on my boots for over 8 years now and they are well worn and current bushings/bearings are toast.