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    portland oregon
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    Mt Hood Meadows
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    volkl rt 78 & 83, volkl cross 167, mistral sonic 73, ride kildy 69, donek fcII 63, 2 Tankers 2k ,192,187w
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    Rachlie af700's w/ BTS, 325's
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    4 sets TD2's , burton raceplates
  1. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Still plenty snow at Timberline on Mt Hood in Oregon . Skinned last Saturday morning ! The groomers looked great . Zig Zag glacier was smooth and fun! Come on out !
  2. Still plenty of snow at timberline with low 5000ft snow levels thru next monday !
  3. I used to ride burton/ipex and broke a pair a year? Same size as you . But they are light and have a little flex ? Maybe the ipex ones are better . Or I would go flat 0 disks like lonbordin said on td2s ?
  4. Rad-air 200

    I have rode Bryans "aka oldsnowboards" and liked it but still a Radair nut ! I do have a hazelwood split
  5. Rad-air 200

    Not sure if anyones commited , I want it ! Keep it in the PNW ! I need a replacement :(
  6. sox?

    Sizing ? I am 11 to 11.5 ? Any hints on xsock sizing ? they have 9-11 and 11.5-13 ?
  7. WTB Volkl Renn Tiger 173 or loner

    $300 shipped ? pm me
  8. Mt Hood Meadows 16/17

    Although a weekend , Sunday was really nice . Good grooming and most importantly they opened heather canyon all the way to top ! Fun day with my daughter riding all over !
  9. If you want burton raceplates I would just buy some used ones ? Save yourself a bunch of money as they usually go for around $100?
  10. It is possible to get more "alpine " style angles using pucks and cutting them down . The trick is to change the direction of front slider to slide from the heellside . Otherwise the touring brackets are in the way . This is what I did to get 50/45 on my donek split keeping my 21" stance width .
  11. WTB Volkl Renn Tiger 173 or loner

    I have a 173 in this vintage I am willing to sell if interested ? Jim in pdx
  12. Mt Hood Meadows 16/17

    Again Monday and Tuesday are delivering for me ! Great riding both days with a good snowpack now built. The groom should get better and better if more new snow doesn't ruin it ! Got a couple runs with Bryan and Mike today too!
  13. Mt Hood Meadows 16/17

    Another couple of great days on the mountain . Great snow with Vista opening untracked terrain for some "cold smoke" as Byran put it! More big snow days coming so find your biggest pow stick and go out and ride !
  14. Mt Hood Meadows 16/17

    Would have been a great day to skin ! I think I saw Keenan and ran into Mike Tinkler. Great powder on monday and perfect bluebird today !
  15. Spin class, weights , biking , surfing , paddling ! Also every day I work, I do 2 sets of stair well climbs 12 stories up and down with crunchs . Try to do this everyday to keep my back healthy too.