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  1. Mountain Creek 2017/2018

    Its usually Dave and I on early weekend mornings. Jimmy and Ken will ride early as well. Jimmy is usually the only one riding in hard boots but all of have had many years riding hard boots. More than likely we will be able to help you out. If you come up on a week day maybe you can solicit Eric J to ride. He knows a little about it too.
  2. Mountain Creek 2017/2018

    Jeff, A few of us ride first lift at north just about every Saturday and Sunday morning. This up and coming weekend will be Jan 27/28 and most of us will be riding however the conditions will more than likely not be so great. If you are coming up regardless of conditions try to get there as early as possible. The cab starts loading at 8 am and usually we are part of the first group on the hill. See you there. jt
  3. Binding Angles (soft boots)

    I have Ride El Hefe bindings and Burton Ion boots. My riding style in soft boots with steep angles 57/60 is the same as my hard boot style. I jam my knees together and drive my turns with my knees pressuring the sides of my boots. However when i ride low angles it is probably similar to most soft boot carvers that use a lot of ankle flexion to turn. My riding style is very strange. I will admit that and most people question why I ride such steep angles. It works for me but I'm not so sure it would work for others.
  4. Binding Angles (soft boots)

    My softboot angles are 60 degree back foot and 57 degree front foot. My stance width is about 18.5 inches. I still ride my softboots like I am riding hard boots and have never gotten away from my steep angles. From time to time I will ride 15 back and front but usually only when the snow is very soft or I am either park or woods riding. Most of the time I am carving groomers so I ride some pretty steep angles. I have had a lot of people asking me about my stance angles lately and talk about how they are thinking about moving their angles steeper. Today a guy started asking me if it helps to carve. Funny but I really didn't know what to say because I really don't know of any other soft booters (except one other, Dave) that rides in such steep angles for soft boots. I think there may have been some threads about binding angles but I don't know if any one exists about steep (say 45 or better) soft boot angles. I'm curious if any other soft booter rides steep angles or am I a lone misfit. Thanks jt
  5. Mountain Creek 2017/2018

    Day number 6 for me was yesterday 12/28/17 at MC. They have been making snow non-stop all of this week and have a lot to show for it. They are open top to bottom with a little more than half of the slopes open. They have been making snow on Zero-G, Grand Prix, and Great Northern for the last few days and more than likely will be open this weekend. As you can guess conditions have been good. Lower Straightaway and Garden State are both open along with twist and Sayanora. Matchmaker (the old pipe) is soon to open as well. I have only ridden north but they have also been making snow on south and Bear Peaks as well. Connecting trail is not open yet but I think this weekend they will be able to open it. I will be riding Saturday and Sunday mornings at north and Granite. Hope to see other carvers.
  6. Has anyone been riding Jiminy Peak lately? I may make a trip up there next week 1/3/18. How have conditions been?
  7. piusthedrcarve, Finally this post is getting some where. WOW!!! That has to be the best review I have ever seen. Thanks for the details. I liked the comparison you made to the F2 and Rossi. I will look for this board and make an effort to some how ride it this season. If you ever venture up to the NJ/NY area send me a pm. It would be great to ride with you and the rest of my buddies. Thanks jt
  8. piusthedrcarve, If and when you do ride that "Hammer Deck", post a review. The board definitely looks cool, like it would totally rip through hard pack but its so difficult to tell by looking at it. I would just hate to drop $500 - $700 on a cool looking board that isn't what I expected it to be. Thanks jt
  9. piusthedrcarve, I like your post but am very skeptical about some of those boards. I just bought a one year old 160 cm Ampid UNW8. Supposedly it is a good carving deck for softbooters. I think it has the carbon honey comb sheet and some other features that make it a good board for carving. I rode it twice this year and am not so sure that it is any better carving than any of my other boards. I have seen other boards like the one you posted above that claim to be great carving boards for softbooters. Hats off to all companies that are starting to see the light by trying to build a deck that softbooters can carve, however I would like to ride it first before purchasing it. I find myself questioning any board manufacturer that constructs a "soft boot carving board" that hasn't already been in the market of manufacturing hard carving decks or even boardercross boards. Personally I'd rather see it the other way around. I find myself still gravitating to hard boot carving decks and compare all the new "soft boot carving boards" I've ridden lately to my Rad Air Tanker. They just aren't there yet. I hope some day those manufactures reach the point of mastering soft boot carving decks. Hopefully it is coming soon. jt
  10. I'm pretty sure that snowboarding originated with soft boots. I can say for sure that I was carving a soft board long before I was carving a hard deck. I vividly remember on my local hill that none of us had hard boot equipment until the early 90's. All throughout the late 80's we were carving on our soft boards. There were no parks or pipes then and all of us took pride in the way we rode. It was all about carving and searching for some side slope hit that we could jump off of. Today it seems like more and more kids are carving their soft decks for the same reasons we were 30 years ago. It was the only board we had and it was fun.
  11. Windham or Hunter?

    Hey queequeg, How was Belleayre? Did they have the gondola running yet? How many trails were open? I remember riding there with you and a few other carvers. Belleayre is one of my favorite mountains in the east for day trips. I will often choose Belleayre over Hunter because of the crowds and price. All year long if you bring in an empty coke can or bottle on Wednesday you can ride for $32. Check it out. I will be up there on January 3. Hopefully other carvers will be there. Jt
  12. Phillip Cross surf-style old school

    Jam those knees together boys. I think there still are a few of us left from the 80's style of riding. Nice videos
  13. 160 Amplid UNW8

    Buell, pm sent jt
  14. 160 Amplid UNW8

    Hi Buell, I'm interested as well. If drschwartz is no go I will take the board. Thanks JT
  15. Board tech in NYC Area?

    Yeah, there are quite a few in northern NJ. There are many in and around Vernon NJ. Mcaffee ski shop is pretty good. They guy there has been tuning forever. There are also a few guys at the Mountain Creek ski tune shop that can tune pretty good. good Luck