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    49* North
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    bend nails
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    k2;tx 170, burton;asym prime,164,alp159,173fp. libtech;184 grocer, gnu choice158,sissy165. identity;173am, 173am carbon,185gscarbon race. nidecker escape 165 175. 168 venture Odin split
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    magic all mountain raichle123(wornout),124, snowboarder 121; nordica SBHard & scarpa pegasus
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    5 pair old style nitro stepins,I prefer the mechanism on the binding, 12yrs hard use still goin strong;2 burton rattraps;
    sold off; raichle Xbones; catec os1
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  1. Hardboots & Freeride boards

    been riding hard shells on free ride boards since the beginning. no biggy. yes you will wear it out faster oh no
  2. Burton Step On

    on the thirst BX and the arbor D70, my 20yr old stepins kicked assss today . just sayin happy fun slush to all
  3. schwietzer spring pass $99 till the 11th

    woo-hoo. mini-sesh for my b-day
  4. schwietzer spring pass $99 till the 11th

    going up with Russ today, will report back buy before mon.the price jumps to $139
  5. starting mon. 12th ; hoping to get some trenchin in w/other wierdos in the coming weeks, gonna try to get it below 10$ a day. next week looks good for wx
  6. Thirst BX

    another good softish groomer day only the 4th full day on bisector, still learning the nuances, didn't bisect many bumps, it did lay out a lot of full c carves on a fav black (queens run at 49*North). Usually groomed half way across 4-5 cats wide; right side fresh and smooth, left was day old groom with light scrapes and piles. Thirst BX barely noticed the difference, lay out toeside, air the tiller ridge in the middle, lay out heelside, 180 the ridge, repeat switch
  7. Ester Ledecka

    new event; Ester's alpine combined, 2 courses, superG and pgs; must run red and blue pgs course and sg course on one edge and two.
  8. Mountain Slope boots?

    this something that any toe/heel ledged boot could step into would be a game changer
  9. Snowboard (non) development

    that that has way more than 2x the attack angle the swingbo had; I rode one once and the lack of edge angle made it useless.
  10. Lib Tech is bringing back the Doughboy

    Identity were made in Kalispell 98-02 or 3 I've had 3 of those 173 am boards carviest pow surfer, rides like the eldo light as the grocer
  11. Ester Ledecka

    true but already honed glisse skills transfer
  12. Lib Tech is bringing back the Doughboy

    sounds more like a longer skunk ape. this does not need magna-wiggle or rocker, look at the reverse sidecut tips; in "93
  13. WTB The Original Burton SI soft boot gear

    can't help w/boots but have extra binders, 1 si-x with lockable carbon fiber highback and a couple blue or red freestyle models, lmk size lg
  14. Tracks

    lighting is everything
  15. Thirst BX

    yep, I ride the same boots (softer 4 buckle raichles) with plates on everything even the old D70 and Grocer, 45* f/30*r on anything 21-25cm wide. The BX is 23 wide which is just right for size 9/27m boots to avoid toe drag on the back. will get a pic of the setup tomorrow. today in chalky cord, ribbon candy pencil lines were testament to laughter causing G's. Big C turns in wind packed offpiste bumps that would have buckled my legs in softies. The dense snow let me bend it into any turn I wanted and it pulled the best extreme carves of my life did I mention refukendiculous edge hold. I've named it the Bisector. ps it blows the butterfly off the madd bx especially switch