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  1. WTB TD3 Step ins and Fintecs

    PM me please.
  2. WTB TD3 Step ins and Fintecs

    If AcousticBoarder can't help you , I am sure I also have some bindings for you. The heels , not so much. Bryan
  3. WTB TD3 Step ins and Fintecs

    Check the STORE here for a pleasant surprise!!! :) http://store.bomberonline.com/TD3-Sidewinder-Step-In_p_225.html TD3 SW SI only 399$ The TD3 SI is only 315$ WOW!!! Step in sale in progress!!! PS, AND they are BLACK!!!
  4. KarverKai tucking in

    Growing up fast!!!
  5. wtb tomahawk sl 157 to 163

    I have an older slalom that might fit the bill. I will do a quick look see to find it.
  6. Hey, saw in old thread you still had some old 171 steepwater steeps.  Let me know if you still have any.  Just killed the last of the 3 I have and was gonna grab an arbor version but curious what you got. 





  7. Who's Still Getting After It??

    It has been way to long but I very much enjoyed my days in NZ!! I went there to snowboard and fell in Love with the people and the country. May not make it back but I sure have some great memories!!!
  8. Vist Plate 07 question

    I would love to add a New Old Stock of this plate to my collection of plates. I did ride one for a while
  9. Streetcorner find - the best approach skis ever

    NICE!!! Perfect for getting to the bottom of the mile mid summer when the snow is thin and you don't want to ruin your high end board!!! I used to do this but with plates. At least these are likely to be there when you return at the end of the session!!
  10. Vist Plate 07 question

    Just saw the white version for the first time!!! I did not know they made it in white.
  11. Leg Burn

    200cm "Tanker" is the solution :)
  12. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Dan, at your weight I am guessing the 171cm would work very good!!
  13. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

  14. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Hi Dan, here is a review that is almost as detailed as your's!! http://www.snowboardingforum.com/snowboard-reviews/223041-2016-fullbag-hammer-head-181-a.html#/topics/223041?page=1 It was 376 US$ SHIPPED!!! PS Jim bought the other one. More details on "BBBB" FB page. "Bryan's Big Boy Boards" I just received another longboard that is interesting, built in Silverton by Venture. It is a 180cm named "Bomber" 2007 NOS , I have to wonder if their is / was a connection.
  15. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Just pulled the trigger on one of Mig's Fullbag Longboards. Hammerhead 181cm in route from the great white north!! https://fullbag.com/collections/snowsurfs/products/hammerhead-181 376US$ SHIPPED!! Probably end up paying some customs / duty or drayage but still sounds like a great value.