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  1. West Coast EC Coiler meets East Coast AM Coiler!

    There is plenty of snow, good edge hold and very fast. Not any dirt spots yet on entire mountain. Some ice spots at the very bottom.
  2. Raichle 323 mondo 26,5

    Those heels are for Older SnoPro reverse pin bindings.
  3. Coiler Titanal .3 or .4?

    Will soon find out today. Have had a 013 Nirvana 174 6.5+5.5 with 0.3 titanal, very plush magic carpet ride that seemingly can read your mind before you have the thought of doing something. And a new to me , to be ridden today 017 AM T 176 7.2 +4 with 0.4 titanal. Will comment tonight. Tough to compare both of these boards as one is a Nirvana and the other an AM. Great day, great snow conditions, very firm hardpack, 10 deg to 18 deg f all day. Rode the AM T 176 with 0.4 titanal. This board has a bigger board feel, and an overall stiffer presence. At first was feeling out how it turned, but after some time becoming comfortable with it, realized that you really need to throw your weight into it to make the 12 scr turn quickly and get a swing going. The harder you hit it, the better it turns. This AM is a carver. Very fast, very comfortable and stable. But to try to answer the question of 0.3 or 0.4, for me at this time, I would go with the 0.4mm titanal. If I can compare the 2 different boards, the 0.4mm you can throw more energy at it and it will deliver in a higher performance manner than the 0.3mm. IMO. Am 6'-1" , 200 pounds plus. Quite a change after riding the Mk for 2 years, forgot what a 12 scr rides like.
  4. Coiler AMT 169/24

    Got myself a Coiler 176 AMT 017 7.2 + 4 , 21.5 cm waist, looks to be a 12 scr (average measure), 265/215/260, 158 eff edge. Planning on riding it at present 70/70 angle, or can lower to 65/65 maybe 60/60. Will play with it, see what happens. This 2017 board was a specific order for a remake of the 2000's AM model. I always mount my bindings from past boards with 1 inch mid point setback from center of effective edge. This board has a stiff nose and softer tail, the soft tail lessens the harsh ride in crud. Was told to mount bindings centered for mid point. Am assuming this will lessen the weight on the soft tail, and have more control on the stiffer nose. I did mount bindings as far forward as possible , and still am 1/2 inch setback of effective edge midpoint. Flexing the board by hand feels great and not noticing the tail being too soft. Maybe I'm thinking this to hard, just go ride it, yes/no?
  5. Hardboot beginner issues

    Don't worry too much about angles, ride what is comfortable to you. I started hardboots after only 1 year on softs, and first day rode 70/70 and have not changed a thing, it takes some time, but it sounds like you are already comfortable in getting down the hill. On the slope, find your good easy carve spots and try doing one complete carve , then another easy spot, etc, practice your strong side, then practice your weak side, after sometime, try linking a turn in a easy spot, and keep doing this, again after some time , you will start doing more carves in more places, and eventually start to link the whole trail top to bottom. Focus on getting one trail under your belt, then do another trail. It takes time, but that is the fun part. Mastering a trail, then going to the next trail, greens, then blues. That is a nice top level board, respect its power, and learn to use it carefully, you probably already have respect for the downhill edge, over the handlebars crash. So learn to Totally commit to an edge and pick the board up as high as you can, it will hold you. Do back up the hill drills, both for heal and toe side. Helmet, body armour, wrist guards. Watch your tail/don't get hit. good luck
  6. All-Mountain Board Recommendations

    I got this board yesterday, Coiler AM 176T 7.2 + 4, 21.5 waist , approx. 12 scr. average Am used to 17 or 18 cm waist, with 70/70 angles. Can go as low as 65/65 maybe 60/60 for a 21.5 waist. Also maybe should of put this in the All mt board thread.
  7. MK at Loon

    3/12/2018 Steve Ash riding Mk at Loon vid https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzPmXtEZ7KolGnrUgSKM0YI6_74niz2y/view?ts=5aa72a75
  8. Madd Killer Strikes Back!

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IzPmXtEZ7KolGnrUgSKM0YI6_74niz2y/view?ts=5aa72a75 3/12/2018 Steve Ash riding Mk vid at Loon
  9. Donek Custom 172

    Flatten board , slide paper. The rear should have a smaller amount of decamber as well. yes on 4 to 5cm nose , approx. what the MK has. Good write up.
  10. 1.0 side, zero base , 0.5 base touch up if needed, No Detune.
  11. Coiler Nirvana Energy 170 - Tight Radius - SOLD!

    I asked for as tight a single radius as possible on a 174 with a soft front,, because that is what I like to ride. Bruce made a 11.0 for me, and for metal, it flexes more than a glass. So the metal 11 turns like a glass 10. He was correct. As for that board not selling, lets see a real good pic of the hit. Fuzzy pics scare me, Ive learned the hard way. Good pics sell the board.
  12. Hang in there and keep riding, At the beginning of the year riding the MK, Turn myself into a Zombie, Barely able to walk from my car to the house at end of day,, and just crawl into bed to recover at 6pm., waking up the next day, and still barely able to walk, slowly get to the hill anyway, loosen up, and OK lets do this again. Repeat, repeat... Once you get in shape/conditioned, piece of cake. The first few weeks are rough. Some times ask myself, why am I doing this, but then say ok, I know why, when its time to start making carves with the MK.
  13. Brand new to hard booting, can’t keep my heel side intact

    try some slow speed carves, get the hang of the balance points on slow speed, then slowly increase your speeds for the carves and see what happens, imo , you may be able to see what you are doing better, both correctly and incorrectly in doing the slow speed carve first.
  14. Brand new to hard booting, can’t keep my heel side intact

    Have seen what you are describing on many new to hardboots but lots of years on softboots. You probably have a good toe side on hardboots because you have the years on softboots and have developed your muscle control needed for a good toeside carve. With a toeside carve , you just ride out out using your muscles and the g force is a bit less than on a good heelside, so you make it happen. Guessing that you are initiating your heelside well, but around 1/2 way thru the carve, right when the power g force kicks in , you are bailing out and going back to a butter/slide carve. Find yourself a nice open area with just the right pitch/slope, make sure no one is behind you, get going a comfortable speed, and hit a heel carve solid with the full intention of riding the carve out and go backup the hill, and then do so. Look behind you to make sure it is clear, no one there, before doing this. You need to pick the board up as high as possible, and keep it there for the entire carve, try using downward pressure on your rear boot /knee/leg, to pick the board up to 90 deg , it will hold, and ride it out, also look back up the hill as you do this. Put your outward arm on your inner/front knee, push a little if you want to. Your body will be very low to the ground as you ride it out, and your speed will decrease to zero, and you end up just lying there on the slope. Keep trying this, at different speeds. Once you get it right the first time , you will have an Ahaa moment, and the rest will be history. Once you get this heel side correctly, then try linking this heel carve with a toe carve. good luck, remember to make sure it is clear behind you.
  15. Aaaaaand We are Back: from Fin

    before ice out or after mud season.....