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  1. Madd original vs. reissue

    The MK has just as much, if not more, pure edge hold than original 58s, but the originals still feel to be more versatile with turn shape as well as more quiet and stable underfoot. The classic 170 is more stable at stupid speeds than the reissue 170s (I know that they weren't entirely consistent). Both feel relatively soft to me now even at 160lbs. The reissue and original 180s felt very different. I regret letting go of the reissue 180 that I had, and the inserts on my original 180 scare me. Both turned big but felt very different under foot. Just my $0.02 given time on my current quiver.
  2. Premium Carving vacations.

    Good running into you briefly today John. You were correct that it was trash down low, but later in the day actually got better up top as the light pow filled in the crap gaps in the garbage snow from the weekend. Last few runs of the day were pretty awesome before my legs gave out. Hope to see you out there again tomorrow.
  3. Niseko

    Didn't realize it got that cold. We'll plan ahead. Thanks!!
  4. Niseko

    Thank you. That helps, and makes it clear that I need to lug gear with me.
  5. Niseko

    Thanks. We're staying in Hirafu for 6 days/5 nights. Sounds like I need to bring my own carving board. I might as well bring my own powder board too since I'll have to use the tube. Appreciate the tips.
  6. Niseko

    Nope, do you? :)
  7. Niseko

    There isn't a Japan or Asia-specific forum, so forgive me for posting this here. Who's done Niseko before? I'm going to try to get a week in early March. Tips and secrets? How about where to eat in Hirafu? :) Keeping this carving-specific, I was thinking of renting a board or two out there instead of bringing my own gear (will bring boots and plate bindings). I figure powder boards are easy to find there, but how about narrow carving boards, if on the chance we're not getting fresh pow? Are these readily available since the hardboot scene is a bit more prominent there?
  8. Mammoth

    How come I've missed everyone? I was there nearly three weeks straight around the holidays!
  9. June

    Yes, twice now. Weren't you there either opening day or a few days after? I swear I saw your board in the rack. Thin thin thin, especially the bottoms of Schatzi and Matterhorn. Only J7 was open. Snow quality was pretty good but look for the twigs! I'm assuming the weekend and today's storm helped quite a bit, and hopefully opened J4/6. I was on 2 sticks on opening day and softies a week later. Hardboots for me at MMSA the rest of my time up there. I guess I somehow missed @wgarrow and @John Gilmour while I was up there for three weeks.
  10. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Still going here.. last weekend for Mammoth. Barely anything open, only the saddle, Climax and Cornice. Snow is surprisingly decent, especially since it's AUGUST!
  11. 2016-2017 New Board Porn (new purchases)

    Classic 170 != longer classic 158. :)
  12. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Damn, that is significant. About 8-10ft drop in the last 10 days, and that's at the top! August will be a stretch.
  13. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Mammoth is soft even at opening but still a ton of fun. A ridiculous amount of snow everywhere still with nearly 100% coverage on the open runs. Up top is still very deep.
  14. Who's Still Getting After It??

    Fully agreed. Today was pretty awesome, particularly considering it is pretty much summer! I was just in a tshirt by the end of the day, but it wasn't even all that sticky.
  15. Who's Still Getting After It??

    I'm about to head up to Mammoth right now!