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  1. Is this a good beginner setup?

    You plan to spend almost half of your budget on bindings. While I realize this is the Bomber forum, I find this bias quite heavy. Are you sure you want step-in capability? Many love it, others (like myself) never missed it. More importantly, step-in bindings will never make up what the wrong boots can detract from your riding enjoyment. If you can get away with $ 229 boots, more power to you. Many (including myself) have spent considerably more, even if the boots themselves were at the same price point. Bottom line: If you have a limited budget, start with cheaper bindings (maybe bail-type) on the chance that your feet will require to have more money thrown at them. Unhappy feet make for bad carves.
  2. Advice on bindings

    YMMV. I have never used step-in bindings and never missed them. With your angles, you will probably be alright with Intecs. With low angles, the much higher lateral stiffness (compared to bail bindings) can become problematic, Titanflex or no. Note that for Intecs you will also need Intec heels. Those add some height, so you may want to use a bit more toe lift in front.
  3. Pure Boarding, shapes?

    Thanks nutmeg Of course you can ORDER a custom board from Canada or the U.S. for less than EUR 900. You will, however, be out of considerably more money when you finally HAVE the board. Transatlantic shipping rates for oversize items, anyone? Duty? Import tax? Import tax on shipping cost (I kid you not)? Believe me, I looked at that option long and hard. If any Swiss boardbuilder as much as answers the phone about a custom job for EUR 900, he must be a very frugal Swiss boardbuilder indeed. Last I checked, a STOCK Kessler cost nearly EUR 900 at my local board shop, and that was discounted from 1,100. I don't know about Slovenia, but I'd be happy to hear more.
  4. Pure Boarding, shapes?

    Now I am intrigued. Where can I get a custom board for less than EUR 900,-? As for the titanal vs. glass discussion: That, too, is intentional. Unless things have changed dramatically, metal boards are not nearly as durable as glass boards. And when you have seen Joerg ride, it is easy to see why a damper board wouldn't interest him.
  5. Pure Boarding, shapes?

    Maybe on your side of the Atlantic. Over here, custom boards run much further into four-figure territory. The effective edge is a function of overall length and shape. There are certainly boards of equal length with longer effective edge - at the cost of versatility. Also, my PB Bastard has seen about 130 days so far, and while it certainly looks used, it rides lively and shows no signs of giving up. Not sure what you mean by "better quality".
  6. Number crunching

    So, none that count
  7. Pure Boarding, shapes?

    The flat spot on PB boards is intentional. Jörg told me that the first prototypes did not have it, but it was developed to provide better grip in laydowns, where the board is weighted toward the nose late in the turn, with the tail up in the air.
  8. Been there, made those mistakes ;-)
  9. I always tell people this who ask me about snowboarding. But I always make sure to tell them that the second day is a VERY different matter! IMHO, the learning curve for the first, say, 40 % of skills is far steeper in snowboarding, i.e. people progress much faster than on skis.
  10. The boots the bearded gentleman is wearing? I could have sworn those are Blax Toni snowboard hardboots.
  11. Board A.D.D.? (Changing boards through the day)

    I have only one board, and that is what I ride. Sometimes I find myself coveting a board, but I never buy one. It would be too much of a hassle for me to bring more than one board to the mountain, ride to the bottom, hike to the car ... Far better to have one board that I trust in all conditions.
  12. Upz boot cant

    I had a bit of pressure trouble at the top of the boots. So I removed the liners, put the boots in the bindings, stepped into the boots and set the cant so that the boot cuff is as nearly equidistant from my legs on the in- and outside as I could make it. Feels better now. The 2nd and 3rd buckle on the rear boot are rather worn down, but they still hold up. I use the red tongues, but then I'm only 6' and 155 lbs.
  13. Euro-carving is back, apparently

    What a steaming turd of journalistic sloppiness.
  14. Board width - what is going on???

    Nor would I, given that my alpine board has 23.8 cm waist.
  15. Our narcissistic sport

    I enjoy carving when no one is watching, trying what works and what doesn't. But when I am on a run under the chair, I feel I have to give it my best shot as an ambassador of the carve, and yes, I find the occasional oooh and aaah rewarding :-)