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    Beautiful Montucky
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    Rock Dodge. (Red Lodge, Mt)
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    182 Coiler NSR 2009/10
    180 Coiler RaceCarve 2003
    180 Coiler Montucky RaceCarve 2008/9
    176 Prior Pow-stick (23cm waist) 200?
    174 Coiler Montucky Kick Ass Blaster 2015
    174 Coiler T4 Prototype Nirvana Energy 2017
    170 Coiler Montucky TVSR 2010/1
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    Raichle T700 With BTS Red/Red
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    Bomber TD-3's Sidewinders
    Setup angles depend on board width.
    3 degree cants inward front and rear.
    19.5 stance width
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    It has been a wonderful winter in these parts. Good snow and reasonable temperatures.

    First in line! Pm sent
  3. Ford Transit 250 RWD, 500lbs over rear axle, snow tires all the way around. It is super sticky on snowy icy roads. Having room inside/warm to get geared up is wonderful. Remote start on last chair ride for warm undressing...magic. Boot dryers and a small electric heater so I do not have to unload in the evening and gear/van dries out overnight. First picture is just my quiver for a road trip, 2nd one has BigDogDave’s boards up on the bed.
  4. Because America! This is is just what BigDogDave, Johnasmo and I brought to Whitefish for a day of riding. Because we cannot adjust suspension and steering like race cars/bikes. You need and must have the right tool for the right conditions. There is not one board to rule the all.
  5. Like I said... no tune...just ride... Thanks Digger!
  6. In Montucky...we ride...no tune...just ride..
  7. In Montucky...we ride...no tune...just ride...
  8. Racing v. Carving boards

    This is a really good question that I am sure will be answered with lots of technical answers. I will try and give my understanding of the difference in not so technical terms... Race boards are for setting a turn then going straight to the next gate for a short turn then repeat. They also tend to have a flex profile that will accelerate through the turn typically with a stiffer tail. You may hear that they do not like to finish the turn. Freecarve boards like to finish the turn across the fall line. This give you good speed control. They often have a forgiving flex pattern that work well in a wide range of carving conditions. There are tons of tricks that different board builders do to blend designs for specific applications. Side cut, metal construction, core layup, amount/direction/pattern of fiberglass or carbon. The magic of this niche sport is that we have amazing board builders available locally in North America (Sean @ Donek, Bruce @ Coiler, Mark @ Thirst, Prior) that will listen to your needs, watch a video of your riding and build you some magic if you listen to them.
  9. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Finally a fine groomer day! Had a great powerful group of riders today with lots of laughs and fun! BigDogDave and Johnasmo!
  10. Coilerlandia

    Just what Johnasmo, BigDogDave and myself brought up to Whitefish for the day.
  11. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Fun! John, Aaron, Dave B, Me BigDogDave throwing a power heelside
  12. NICE 2018

    Anyone around on Friday the 26th? Thinking on heading that way before WTF. Any tips on cheaper lift tickets? Cheers!
  13. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    They were made the wrong foot forward...
  14. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Looking good! Got the boards waxed up. I should be up that way no later than the 28th.