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  1. BMES February 12th 2018

    Denise and I will be there-We will try to get to valley lodge by 8. I will have plenty of discount tickets. Look for the guy with the sling on his left arm. Joe
  2. BMES February 12th 2018

    I took a little tumble up at Sugarloaf two weeks ago and dislocated my shoulder-The doctor told me I am out for the season. I still have plenty of discount tickets available though so pm me if interested.
  3. Prior World Cup Race Metal, 163cm

    Wolf, any chance you want to sell the Catek spacers? Joe
  4. Blue

    Glad to see your back Chubz-Denise and I are there Mondays some weeks-Put Feb 12 on the calendar! Joe
  5. carver vs non carver perspective

    Last weekend my wife and I are approaching the lift line when a kid comes racing through the crowd on skis in a snow plow and runs right across Denise's brand new Coiler(big thumbs up to carbonium top sheets-I can't believe there are no scars from the incident). He then falls down so Denise walks over and asks him what is the #1 rule is of the Skier code-he just stairs at her as she tells him "Ski in control" and then she walks away. I think he thought she was going to help him up. I do not think the skier code is posted enough at the ski resorts.
  6. BMES February 12th 2018

    I will be there and have discount tickets available-pm me for details-Joe
  7. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I purchased a set of Cateks from here and the guy(can't remember who it was) set me up with a few extra heel receivers-I asked him where they came from and he was not sure where he got them. They are 316 stainless I believe as they are not magnetic.
  8. Blue

    I am in for Feb 12-pm me if you want a discount ticket!
  9. Blue

    Denise and I were there on Monday. It rained for a few hours before the snow and things got a little crusty. Looks like they have a real good base down. Hey Jessie if you see Chubbs tell him I said hi. BMES 2018-how about a Monday in Feb??
  10. Blue

    Lets try to get a date set for BMES. Monday's are best for Denise and I. I have extra $38.00 lift tickets. Joe
  11. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    I put this under the tree for my wife for Christmas-I guess she is officially a hardbooter now! 165 Nirvana Free Carve Balance with custom Barnegat Lighthouse graphics. It is one of her favorite places and a perfect fit for a snowboard!
  12. How long do the cables last? Mine are 3 or 4 seasons old-maybe 30 days a season. I would hate to brake one while riding although I do carry spares in my bag. Do you change them out every few years to be safe?
  13. Shout out to Dan Yoja at UPZ Boots

    I had a minor issue with my power strap and he shipped out two new ones the next day. Great customer service.
  14. Screws for td1

    FYI-I placed an order with them last Wednesday at 7 pm and they were on my doorstep by 3 pm the next day!
  15. Elk

    We rode at Elk Sunday and Monday-Snow was great and there was hardly anyone there!