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    Heavenly, Peek'n Peak, Big Mountain
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    work hard all day
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    170,2-180 Madd. 183,177 F2's. 168 liquid, 167 minstral, 155 Free surf Highlander, 161 Hooger comp, 168Morrow .. Coiler 182 Carbomonster.
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    UPZ RC10
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    F2 Race Titanium. F 69 B 65
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  1. Vinyl stickers on carbonium?

    Just a stomp pad.
  2. Where to go for a month?

    Hi Dan. Ill be in Tahoe for the month of February. Close to Heavenly the Nevada side. If things go as planned. Short shuttle ride to Stagecoach lodge.
  3. Vinyl stickers on carbonium?

    I gave up trying. I don't think Slopestar knows your talking about a carbonium topsheet.
  4. Coiler Angrry 170

    It looks like a racing style to me. Racers don't lay out turns if they want to win.
  5. Bend it....

    Im sorry Corey. I found a toe side from 2013. You might need to Zoom in.
  6. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Some Cleveland visitors.
  7. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    That sounds great. Its the best informal carving event.
  8. April Big Sky Carving Meetup? Thoughts?

    Dredman can we get you back to WTF this season? Get the onsies back together.
  9. Bend it....

    I thought i would add the second pick because it was A different board . Photos from Whitefish Mountain Resort. Mountain Life photography do a great job. Check out the WTF page Montana ride board.
  10. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    I cant wait to see the local talent.
  11. Bend it....

  12. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Come join the fun.
  13. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Looks so nice. Im looking forward to the trip. With Bomber not doing A carving session this season. WTF could be a nice alternative.
  14. Bend it....

  15. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Looking good.