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  1. WTF 2018 post is up.
  2. It's a done deal. We will be riding Jan 25-Feb 2. Hopefully we'll see some new faces along with old friends. If anyone is thinking of coming check out the hibernation house. It's the best deal on the mountain. This is not sanctioned we just show up and have fun.
  3. Do you still need boots?
  4. Great job John. Somehow you make me look like a decent rider.
  5. Dan were looking at January 25 -February 3. I don't know when Nice is.
  6. Hi Dan. Let me look into it.
  7. Hi West. Look for Bill he is a local. I sold him a old board. A yellow Mistral. Give him some pointers oh you see him.
  8. But your still going out.
  9. It was great seeing and riding with everyone. Good times all around. Thanks West for taking the week off. Johnasmo thanks for the pictures and rides up the mountain. Looking forward to next year.
  10. Hi Big Canuck, I don't think Shred is checking the ride board. I can confirm all his weapons have been used.
  11. Ok this is what West didn't tell you. His description was spot on. But he failed to say that he was carving on a soft setup things I was gust sliding down. I was looking to get back up top to better conditions. I will say in my defense he had fresh legs. Let's see what conditions we have tomorrow. It was warm today darn sun.
  12. A little firm today Thursday. Carvable if I had a pair. Back side was good (yes I said back side). Hi hopes for tomorrow. It stayed cold and started snowing very lightly. It should look good after grooming.
  13. Ill look for you Friday West. Let's keep the snow switch on.
  14. were ready West. One more day of work. One to many. It will be fun. Weathers looking good. Will we see you Thursday? to bad you can't make it Allee.
  15. Well see you when you get back. No shirts this year. We just don't get a big enough order to bring down the price. See everyone in a week.