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    Heavenly, Peek'n Peak, Big Mountain
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    work hard all day
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    170,2-180 Madd. 183,177 F2's. 168 liquid, 167 minstral, 155 Free surf Highlander, 161 Hooger comp, 168Morrow .. Coiler 182 Carbomonster.
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    UPZ RC10
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    F2 Race Titanium. F 69 B 65
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  1. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    That's not good buster. Can you change your flight?
  2. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Thick top to bottom today by the look of the MT cams.
  3. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Winch groom sounds great. I need to get there one of these years. Whitefish looks thick on top today.
  4. How you guys feeling about new soft boot carving phenomenon?

    It's about time. Thank you for not bombing strait down the hill.
  5. Edge detunning

    I don't. Leave it all sharp.
  6. Hi Barry, Ill be in Tahoe in Feb. I was wondering if you will be out there?

  7. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Brought over from Lucid. The dates are correct. Shred and I arrive on the 24th and depart on the 3rd. Not riding on those days. WTF is just a name Shred and I call our vacation. I would love to see more carvers. Come for a day or stay the hole thing. Nothing organised do as you please. Besides chair #2 at 9 am and variable lunch times We do meet up for dinner and drinks some nights. Remember No affiliation with the resort. Its a fun trip with people who want too help promote carving.
  8. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    Start the snow dance. The Bierstube Remodel – Completed In early 2017 Whitefish Mountain Resort entered a long-term lease agreement with Bierstube business owner, Scott McIntosh. As part of the agreement, the Bierstube received an exterior remodel including a new roof, windows, doors and siding. Additionally the Bierstube will have a new deck partially covered by a gable roof. While the exterior and new deck are the major improvements, some interior improvements will make customers more comfortable while maintaining the bar’s charm. The Bierstube’s exterior design was created by Montana Creative architecture + design, and Dow’s Construction completed the project.
  9. Support the US Snowboard Racing Team

  10. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    I haven't but Shred has. He found this gem for the flat landers in Cleveland.
  11. WTF 2018. Jan 24~Feb 3

    70th Anniversary Season
  12. Feb 4/5 Tahoe Riding

    Barryj ill look for on the 5th. What runs do you frequent?
  13. Heavenly Feb 4 Mar 3 2018

    February 4- March 3
  14. Bend it....

    Nice riding Donpablo. I just got lucky corey.
  15. Where to go for a month?

    Dan its a vacation trip. About 5 1/2 weeks. We are arriving on Wednesday Jan 24th at WTF. I go on to Heavenly Feb 3-Mar 4. Stop in. Presidents week is not the best .