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  1. Donek Plates - School Me Please!

    I ride extremely seldom without any plate, purely for reference/test purposes only. Gecko type is simplest and most easiest to adapt and works well for carving. I see my friends keeping them always, regardless of condition of slope.
  2. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    You can run those carves also in bumpy slopes, it just requires proper technic
  3. Donek Plates - School Me Please!

    BP looks to be close to A
  4. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    I've been playing again with long plate for change, and in process to compare between my own and VistFlex. Main difference is mine is lighter and has longer axle spacing. Need plenty more test riding, but what i feel is good. Looking this more for carving POV than racing.
  5. Coilerlandia

    North, where Santa Claus lives, Finland
  6. Coilerlandia

    Another great day, even cloudy
  7. Fintec bushing replacement - any tips

    If you refer to those plastic ones around pins, i first removed pins and after that just pulled old ones away with screw driver. New ones went on place with gentle push by hand and then after that i put pins on place.
  8. Coiler EC vs Swoard EC ??

    I think Bruce has built those quite few guys here in Coilerlandia
  9. Minds in the Water

  10. Fintec heels compatible?

  11. Those T-nuts are usually breaking in some phase, due that it is good to have spares available. Been breaking both std ones and ss ones, but nowadays use only ss ones. Related lift, if you dont want extra high lift, just pick rather extra set of cants due putting oposite angles on one side you get lift without cant. I use 4 cant pices on rear to get pure lift what i need.
  12. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    I'm getting deja vu related to discussions of metal bords for free carving some 10 years back when people now talk about plates. That they are suitable only for racers
  13. OES snowboard Canada

    That scraper is so narrow that it will not affext to flex. Nice work