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  1. Moss

    It means usually that you look for stiff bindings and stiff boots. But i see that you can carve on anything, just don't get point. Been there, done that, and now getting out of that due don't get any benefit of that. I rather ride with optimal gear for powder riding when riding on soft boots.
  2. Moss

    Why one should carve on powder board or even with fr-board? Proper boards carve so much better
  3. Goggles for peripheral vision?

    This one has integrated drinking and quick lunch option
  4. You can also ask your local bicycle shop to make those cables. Done that. Just make sure that piece which goes to boot has correct end shape.
  5. Apex Gecko setup

    Jack, i hope you get change also to test run them, if you have not yet done.
  6. 2017-2018 New Board Porn

    Interested to hear how it works in such short board
  7. Swellpanik Magistral 182 (2018 year model)

    Price for shipping to Finland?
  8. So that is not so much more than std one
  9. Isolation plate for softboot carving

    Have you tried Gecko's? Good compromise between weight and dampening.
  10. There was no issue here.
  11. There is no photo finish camera on finish line, rider must just cut laser beam.
  12. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    Will comment later when have more mileage with it, now running three different setups takes lot to compare and think. Sorry
  13. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    Not really, due i have not yet tested AllFlex, and Apex concept is totally different. I still have access to my old Apex, but due it was UPM i can not test it with my current board.
  14. Alpine Snowboard Plate Systems

    It is not composite, looks more like POM and Al. I have one on my board.
  15. How to watch 2018 Olympic Snowboarding

    There is no photo finish, it is just like in skiing, rider must cut laser beam, who cuts that first wins. Korean guy had his hand in better position