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  1. Step-in release failures

    Most trouble i had once when i manged to push those two small guiding pins of Fintecs to heel receiver holes. It was real pain to get boot out with limited ammount of tools in top of slope.
  2. Gopro / camera

    Another option to think is YI 4K+ Action Camera , note that i refer new 4K+ version, not older 4K version
  3. Why you would switch away from La Sportiva? How they are, i would like to hear about those how they work. They look very tempting to be considered. Anyway i'm happy with my Backlands, but keep my yeyes open.
  4. Rad-air 200

    I have baby brother (192) of him for sale, same model, for 180EUR. Available in Finland.
  5. What is your inspirational video?

    Hard attack has been mine since -95
  6. Dynafit TLT5 for Carving and Powder

    Nope, for me those flexy plastic base works fine.
  7. End of march, Tänndalen Sweden

    Sorry bout shameless highjack, but this is 100km north from Helsinki today
  8. Dynafit TLT5 for Carving and Powder

    Yep, thanks for pressure, it makes me to do something Here is pic and some detais 1. piece of carbon attached with same screws as original system, can be also Al, carbon just look much better 2. Al piece installed with screws to carbon piece. In next version these two will be one carbon one 3. Al piece with M6 female thread. Srew is M6 titan screw and spring is standard spring with smaller dia than BTS. There could be backspring between Al pieces but due my std boot setups are always as straight up boot goes, i dont need it.
  9. Dynafit TLT5 for Carving and Powder

    Ooops, my plan was to slightly clean up those Alu pieces before shooting better pics, never happened, so perhaps I should try to shoot pictures tomorrow. Whole setup is installed to boot with same screws as original one. Anyway my new plan is update that with new full carbon upper piece, just for better look. I like how boot works, they are super light and nice to walk. When riding they work very nice way. Perhaps slightly stiffer boot sideways could be better for corduroy carving, but don't see any need to update.
  10. Boot angulation/board width?

    How much gap, or no gap, is very personal. I'm riding on 90 degrees or more due on softer snow otherwise is braking or making grip to loose.
  11. Myrkdalen, Norge

    Gecko's rule
  12. Myrkdalen, Norge

    Day 3
  13. Myrkdalen, Norge

    Day 2
  14. Myrkdalen, Norge

    Day 1
  15. Great Places