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  1. Donek f plate for sale

    sorry , plate is sold
  2. Donek f plate for sale

    Used f plate in great condition , works for upm mounting only . $300 shipped in the conus , i have it with me at atc
  3. size 23 upz's , in very good shape. Comes with red ( soft ) and original black tongues. also with both the original and atb sole pieces. spring system has been replaced with aftermarket unit. $350 shipped in the conus James
  4. F2 binding vs Bomber

    Metal vs. plastic tow clips might also make a difference
  5. Cold Feet

    If the boot gloves don't help consider a boot heater , i have run one for 3 seasons ( thermic ) and would not go back .
  6. 2016 ATC & ECES board reviews

    I got to try the new donek plate at atc ,this one uses the allflex mounting pattern . I tried it on the 163,175 and 185 revs . There was no learning curve with this setup and it was actually easy to forget that i had it on . Edge to edge quickness and all around manuverability is not compromised . I rode the boards with and without the plate and man the effect is startling , in a nutshell the ride feel is quieted down and smoother by a ton . I have ridden the earlier plates and have felt too isolated from the action , this one gives me enough feel while taking out the harsh vibrations . Game changer for sure
  7. 167 coiler for sale

    sold to Henry, thanks everyone for looking James
  8. 167 coiler for sale

  9. 167 coiler for sale

    167 coiler nfc ( not sure what that means ) 20 cm wide metal construction specs on sidewall are : 7.3 + 8 w asym core ( regular) made for 120-150 lb rider topsheet and base in 9+ condition $350 shipped in the conus
  10. How do you keep your boards ?

    1 inch foam covered dowels drilled into a 2X4 at an angle....
  11. For sale , 4mm lite boiler plate with upm mounting hardware,only used a dozen days so in perfect shape. Includes a wunderbar $ 520 shipped in the conus thanks
  12. burton 154 aym air ( regular)

    Board in decent shape, make offer
  13. Relationship question - guys and gals please chime in.

    And what exactly is useful with the center for DISEASE control study on the dangers of snowboarding ? Tell me something i don't know .... Btw a few years back cdc determined that snowboarding was the most dangerous outdoor activity . Feel better anyone ? Maybe we should ban snowboarding for the public good
  14. newb saying g'day

    Welcome, I ride at mount rose and have some loaner gear available , you're welcome to contact me .