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    Owner/CEO of Bomber Alpine Snowboard Outfitters and Executive Director of The Red Brick Center for the Arts
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    Donek Metal FC 171, Coiler VSR 168 in the famous PINK snakeskin, Custom Designed Donek (probably modified Nomad) for Pow Days and the entire Bomber Demo Fleet!
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    Track 700s. Best puchase ever.
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    TD3: 6 degree cant and 60 degree angle front, 3 degree cant and 56 degree angle rear...blue rings
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  1. Rare sighting: Alpine gear in a retail shop.

    Thanks for sharing that photo! It took a bit to get Okemo up and running, but we are excited to have retail - along with a demo program, yay - starting up there!
  2. We are now carrying the Carve Comapany binding. It's just not on the store yet because we just got our stock. Give us a ring; we can help you out.
  3. Reconsider the name of this forum?

    Jim asked me to read through this thread and give my input because this is somewhere we haven't been 100% on the same page either and we continue to discuss. The goal of the Hardbooting Community naming was to be approachable to riders who don't necessarily want to drag their armpit on the ground but may be more attracted to hardbooting knowing that it's also accessible for all mountain riding. In fact, we're about even in new-to-hardboot customers who want straight carving equipment versus those seeking all mountain and/or powder set-ups. That said, these people, on the whole, aren't on the forum. So this begs the question of how to leverage the forum best, both for our business and for readership's interest. And here's where things get tricky because, let's face it, the hard carving, arm pit dragging part of the sport is the sexy one yet half of our customer base is looking for all mountain accessible equipment. As many of you know, neither Jim nor I are - or want to be - carving elitists. We enjoy riding everything from hero groom to 20+" of fresh, bumps and trees (like this past Saturday!) and believe many other riders do (or will) feel the same. At this point, it comes down to semantics, and we're at a point where we have to figure out what the point of the forum really is. It seems to me that what people are largely looking for is a place to come to chat about carving, regardless of the type of boots on your feet. But, with the all mountain market growing (even though they don't seem to be active on the forum), we don't want to seem too exclusive of ONLY being about carving. It's like a catch-22 and chicken and the egg all the same time. So what I've suggested is that instead of segregating by equipment - I am still not a fan of a SB sub forum - let's differentiate by terrain and riding style. If someone is seeking advice on riding powder or bumps in hardboots, I feel that would be fine to have in a second forum with specific content to that type of riding. I think this is an option that will keep us (Jim and I and now Bomber) true to our message that hardboots aren't exclusive to carving while allowing a place for carving chatter to take place. So, the Hardbooting Forum (previously the Carving Community) is going to become Carving Central - we too fell out of favor with the word Community once we thought about it. Then, Jim is creating a second forum called All Mountain Hardbooting. We will work on moving appropriate threads to the new forum over time. We're a little slammed now, so it may take awhile and will ask the moderators to look for new topics that belong in the new area instead. It seems like a good compromise that won't dilute the carving content, won't exclude those who don't fruit boot and won't make people feel their only option is to dig a 4" deep trench. Hopefully you agree. But I also know this is an age old "battle" that will never end and and
  4. Site Traffic

    And, you just summed up our entire marketing plan in one sentence ?
  5. Thermoflex liners too soft?

    Ok guys, here's the deal: you all know we don't go around deleting crap out of people's posts just because we don't like it. Therefore, I leave you with the conclusion that this is not about ego; there was content in the post in question that was unacceptable to us as moderators of the forum and more so as the OWNERS of the forum and of BOMBER. Remember, for those that knew us prior to being in such a (new) position, we are no longer just any member on the forum. Interactions with us in a public setting now carry different weight with those who are viewing. That said: We don't expect you to agree with us all the time. We don't even expect that you keep those differing opinions to yourself. What we do expect is that debates or differing opinions will be relayed with constructive verbiage and tone. This is the issue at hand. An attack or insult directly on one of us undermines our knowledge and affects our ability to do our jobs effectively. I assume, as fellow supporters of alpine snowboarding, none of us wants that - regardless of whether your view is the same or different, globally or topically. Lastly, let's take this post back to the original topic at hand. While we aren't going to remove the existing dialogue, any further public debate or questioning of the moderation of this thread or this forum will be removed. If you want to continue the conversation, please take it offline to PMs.
  6. New homepage photo

    Thanks for noticing the new image - it's actually a whole new site (again)! After using the first remake version that I created right after we purchased Bomber last May, we figured out what what was and wasn't working and streamlined. I like it better now - and we have waaaaaay better images than we did when I built the site last year, so that has helped
  7. Gear reviews gone?

    Hi BlueB, The gear review section has been hidden from the forum. We plan to replace this forum section with reviews on the online store, which is a more appropriate place for them to go. This section on the forum was not highly utilized, so information was largely out of date. We were also finding there was a lack of constructive reviews and the content was inaccurately skewed depending on the ability of the rider (that often wasn't disclosed in the review). We are hoping to recreate the reviews in the online store in a more consistent manner. If there is a specific product or board you are looking for a review about, please shoot me a message and we'll pull up the information. Thanks!
  8. I apologize for my inappropriate post

    Yes, that's what I am doing right now!
  9. I apologize for my inappropriate post

    Hey guys, no apologies needed. This was an admin error. We received a request to remove a duplicate post and somehow the entire thread got removed instead. Apologies! That said, we are taking this opportunity to say no political posts on the forum from here on out. The political climate is too divisive right now and we don't want the community torn apart. Plus, wouldn't it be great to know there is one place you can go and NOT see political commentary! :-P
  10. ATC 2017 Info

    The ECES guys do it this way. For them it's just more how their event works - it's more commuter driven, and they don't do any weekend days officially because the slopes are too crowded. We thought it kinda worked though, and it turns out the venue wasn't available Saturday evening so it's kind of part necessity part convenience. All in all, I am actually liking this Sunday - Saturday schedule so far. Also, packages are available!
  11. ATC Packages now available

    Just FYI, Jim is still doing some formatting clean up on the store, so it may look a little weird from time to time but we wanted to get it back up and live. And welcome to my world since high refresh displays - everything is always huge! I'd rather have it be too big than too small :-D
  12. ATC 2017 Info

    To clarify further, yes the dinner will still be Friday night. So even though this year's schedule is a little different and Saturday is an official day of riding, we are still doing the dinner on Friday night. Full schedule is now available at www.trenchinconvention.com.
  13. hey Angie, sometimes I am on the forum and want to go to your store page....but I don't see an easy way to get there.  Just a suggestion to perhaps put a button at the top to get to the store. :)


  14. ATC 2017: Who's coming?

    The thing about the 50% off's is that its' usually literally PER DAY, so you can't get 50% off the discounted multiday tickets; you buy a single day at 50% off. A single day this season is like $125. Our 7-day ticket was $530 last year and should be close to that again this year. So you can do your math and figure out what makes sense.
  15. For the second year in a row, we're offering you a chance to pre-order your Deeluxe boots prior to our shipment arriving. This year, our stock is limited due to some limitations Deeluxe had on their manufacturing, so if you're a popular boot size....we recommend securing your boots now. We expect the shipment will come sometime in mid-October, at which point, we'll turn them around to you. We're also offering 10% off all Deeluxe Boot Pre-Orders AND 141 Liners are now an option when ordering new 700's! http://bomberonline.3dcartstores.com/BOOT-PREORDER_c_86.html