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  1. Apex Carbon Plate long, UPM mount

    Shipping to sweden is possible but a bit pricey. 65$
  2. 2 boards for sale one Arbor and one oldie Winterstick

    I’ll take winterstick
  3. Apex Carbon Plate long, UPM mount

    Excellent condition APEX carbon composite Plate with hardware. UPM mount. 250$ USD shipped USA or Canada
  4. Hi, I’m very much interested in UPZ boots. Got pics? Thanks frederickgarant@gmail.com
  5. I have to admit, I'm a bit of a gear junkie, a little bit impulsive at times with gear purchase... Got 2 small children at home, not getting as many days out on the mountain as I used to, plus just came back from a week in Whistler riding pow.
  6. Bought it used at the beginning of the seasonn impulse, never got around to actually try it.... Got a few other boards in my quiver & Need the $$$ for kite surf gear. Don't know much about it other then it's supposed to be rocket fast. It's in Very good condition. Normal stiff, Edges are good & sharp, base is in excellent shape. Killer combo with carbon plate.
  7. Testé une Swoard

    Bonjour, je suis curieux d’en tester une... j’habIte Mtl et ride surtout Bromont et st-Sauveur. 514-570-6070 frederick
  8. I’ll take the boots if still available. Thanks
  9. Sold! Kessler 185 Ptex top sheet $180 shipped

    Good looking setup! Enjoy this big mountain gun!
  10. Looking for 1 x 3 Degree cant disc for TD3

    Anyone? i could exchange for 6 degree
  11. Looking for 1 x 3 Degree cant disc for TD3

    I’m Still looking for a 3 degree cant for TD3. thanks.