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  1. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    Good job!
  2. Another TD3 Base Plate Crack!

    Zoom in on the bolt depression created in the base plate on the right side. Looks like a stress riser to me or too long of a bolt?
  3. Ski Cooper Carvers?

    Some affordable mid-week promotions Tues, Weds & Thurs. Might have to check it out. http://skicooper.com/eventcalendar/
  4. Niseko

    3 pages of former thread content can be found using "Niseko" http://forums.bomberonline.com/search/
  5. Niseko

    Found a few former threads via search that may help SVR and Mats may be somewhere in Japan powder boarding this month, not sure on the specifics?
  6. Did you try either boards with plates and hard-boots at lower angles? I ride a Coiler BXFR with plates as it makes it easier to change over to Alpine boards without changing boots. Having a stiffer wide board helps to handle the extra leverage/power plates and hard-boots provide. Something else to have in the quiver if the conditions are not prime for Alpine carving.
  7. Another ski choice

    https://www.skimag.com/gear/head-supershape-ititan-2017 demoed a pair of (the blue ones) last season @ Buttermilk and had fun railing twin tracks on the groomers. I was looking to buy a pair this past fall at a local ski swap but none were to be had. Tried another brand which has a cut out in the tip, but that model did not compare to the Heads. Agree with your reasoning as you have to take advantage of the offer.
  8. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    Between 0:40-0:60 starts to come into focus and through to the end. Both toe and heel sides. Observe torso (shoulders and hips) turning in opposite direction of the turns.
  9. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    Fundamentals of a Carve http://www.carvers.it/club-ski-cern-ch-snowboard-tutor-basic-carve-turn-extension-turns/
  10. (Another) Riding Advice Thread

    you need to correct the counter rotation. http://www.carvers.it/club-ski-cern-ch-snowboard-tutor-counter-rotation-what-not-to-do/
  11. Rear leg more sore...what does it mean?

    SportLegs supplement could have eased the burn . . . . Base elevation at Copper is 10,000 ft and Eugene is around 430 ft? this can be a detrimental factor to us flat landers. The top green run "L" or lumberjack (far skiers-left) can be fun as it usually has low and slow traffic.
  12. Crystal Mt carver wanted to follow down hill.

    Bob, Get anybody to snap a few pictures while you are riding. You need to see how your body is aligning versus what you think you are doing. Others here can chime in as well with suggestions after you post them up. Simply following another may not help in that you will be watching them rather than paying attention to what you need to be doing. Where are you looking? Where are your hands, hips and shoulders in relationship to the direction of the turn? Watching the rider in front of you may cause you to look down the fall one and away from the direction of your turn. Photos or video will help, study them and compare. Implement corrections suggested then repeat the photo process to see your progression. Example
  13. Softboot Carving worth watching

  14. Michigan Carvers

    Bring your sunscreen for tomorrow (01/30/2018). Pine Knob promo "Tremendous Tuesday" - day rate of $26 if purchased by 2:30 p.m. Good for a.m. Session only which is 10:00 to 5:30. I will be there at 9:55 a.m.