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  1. ATC 2017: Who's coming?

    I'd love to come, if I can get the time off from my shop.
  2. (Relative) Newbie doesn't like ice

    Eric, it is Okemo that is running the demo. They will have Donek boards, Bomber bindings, and a fleet of demo boots (Deeluxe 325's). Remember Sean Mezkat from the Gate? He's the director of retail at Okemo and met w/Angie & Jim last year after ECES to seal the deal. Plus, I believe the Muellers (sp?), owners of Okemo, their daughter races alpine. It makes sense there. Yeah, I hear ya, about how difficult it is to find demo gear. This is a really great opportunity for East Coasters, and very centrally located!
  3. (Relative) Newbie doesn't like ice

    Starting this season, Okemo Mountain will have a full line of demo equipment. Boots, boards, bindings. A short trip from Western MA.
  4. Ladies ride at ECES!

    Gail, it was a pleasure both meeting and riding with you! Welcome back to carving! Come and visit me soon with your boots, so you can get back to ripping it up.
  5. ECES Clinics

    PSR, I'm sorry to hear that you tweaked your knee and won't be joining us this year. You'll be missed!
  6. Ladies ride at ECES!

    Erik, This has never been a "clinic" really. Its more of a gathering of the women at the event, all riding together. I do get questions from some of them, but I have never set it up as a clinic in the past. Why don't we schedule it for Thursday morning @10am, and we'll let it take its own form.
  7. Ladies ride at ECES!

    Hi Annie, I'm glad that you will be back this year! I'd be happy to help you out w/technical questions, although I'm not an instructor. @Erik...I'd love to tie the Ladies ride in w/a clinic & have your expertise, plus film/review. I was thinking of Thursday am. Let me know your schedule w/other clinics & if you will be available, that would be great!
  8. Wish me luck. . .

    Hi there Hammerwoman! Im looking forward to meeting you at ECES. The best shop for tunes at Stratton is the Startingate. Take your Ultra Prime in there for some tender loving care! I just put a post up in the ECES forum about a Ladies ride. I hope you will join us.
  9. Ladies ride at ECES!

    Calling all ladies attending ECES...is there interest in a ladies ride during the event? If you would like to see this added to the schedule, please post your interest here. I'd be happy to host this again.
  10. Lodging deals at Stratton for East Coast Expression Session are available for another 2 DAYS! January 21st is the cut-off date for our secured deals. If you haven't made your plans to attend, you've got 2 more days to do so. Anything booked after February does not have a guarantee on our pricing. Don't miss out....book today!
  11. ECES 2016 Kick-off Thread

    Hi All, Just a reminder that the cutoff date for lift/lodging deals that are mentioned above is January 22, 2016. Its just over a month away! If you are planning to attend, don't miss out. Book your stay soon.
  12. Stratton

    Snowing/sleeting now. Tomorrow will be interesting if anything. I may be on softies or skis!
  13. Recommendations from women

    Excellent! So, start thinking about the properties you want in this alpine board. You mention that you love your Elan, because its nimble...so, something with a smaller SCR maybe. Ordering a custom board is an excellent choice. Ive done it a few times now, and highly recommend it. I would suggest thinking about all the snowboards you've ridden, and what you liked/didn't like. While many of us here can tell you what WE like, that doesnt mean YOU would like the same thing. Please dont read this as me being flippant, but it is a very personal thing! I think other women here can attest to that. I also love what alpinegirl says above "they want to build you a snowboard, but above all, they want you to end uo with the best snowboard for you".
  14. Recommendations from women

    So, I'm unclear as to what type of board you want to add to your quiver. An alpine board? An all-mountain board? A free-ride board? What type of riding do you like to do? With so many options available, answering these questions will help lots:)