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    I went through the process of ordering a Nirvana Energy with Bruce in late 2016. One of Bruce's comments was that the Nirvana designs' length sweet spot was the 174cm. You would need to talk to Bruce to find out whether the Nirvana concept would translate to both a shorter length and SCR. That said, you could probably buy 3 Coilers for the price of 2 metal Doneks. Bruce is an artist. Plenty of people here will tell you how Bruce produced the board they didn't know they wanted, how he essentially, in the conversation before the design was finalised, read their mind and produced something they loved. Bruce has started to talk about retiring in the last year or so. How much longer you'll be able to order one of his works of art is unclear. NB:Disclaimer: I own 3 Coilers, 0 Doneks.
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    Gabe T

    Coiler Angrry 170

    Just put this together with some shots from a couple of seasons ago.
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    Cuban Carving Gooding

    Bend it....

    Im sorry Corey. I found a toe side from 2013. You might need to Zoom in.
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    Donek vs SG - Advice please!

    I would recommend staying away from race specific boards (unless you are using it to race) for free carving and learning. Boards by SG and Kessler have a large radius in the tail designed to get you down the race course as fast and straight as possible. That does not translate well to free carving. Coming off of 20 year old Ultra Prime you are going to be blown away by anything made in the 21st century. Look at the Donek Proteus or Free carve line or as Corey mentioned you can't go wrong with Coilers Stay away from the Donek REV line if it is for free carving. The REV are boards are specifically for racing, I have a REV and us it for racing only. Given that you are in MD, your trails will be narrow so you'll want a board with a radius of 10m-12m or 12-14m.
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    April Big Sky Carving Meetup? Thoughts?

    I've been interested in checking out Montana for quite some time.