Buck Hill 2016/17

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epic conditions. grippy cord. not a cloud in the sky. non-stop from 8:50am till about 12:30pm.

unfortunately nastar was going on. and then the ski jammer bus showed up. it got busy in the lift line. only had one near miss with another snowboarder.


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lotta people showed up early. i was in a line to get lift ticket.

beautiful day out. excellent snow.

tried randy's mad killer. couldn't ride it like he can. i mounted my bindings without adjusting angles. with the 18 cm waist, i had 1-1/2 inch over hang on rear boot. not that it mattered because by the time i tipped the board it had already completed the turn. guess i'm too slow for the transitions.  serious edge hold. only problem was whenever i came in to stop on either edge, it felt funny like the nose was hooking up. thing wanted to turn.

weather doesn't look good for the rest of the week.



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warm temps. above freezing. it snowed a couple inches last night but riding was rough. rode upright most of the time. kept hitting the ice underneath which felt harsh.   tried getting low but mistakes were made.



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