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So is closing day a good day to bring the vintage quiver up?

i have my favorite burtons ready to go

171 Kelly slope style. Craig's actual board 94'

162 pj regular 3hole 94'

160 m6 regular (angel) 94'

162 asym air regular (red wood top) 93'

162 air6 93'

these are my "heyday" boards 3strap and td2 3 hole lowers available. If I'm not on one, you are welcome to ride it


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It was a good day. Mixed bag conditions and an MES of 2-5. Usual players and not so usual players in attendance. Dennis was behind the camera, James, Hillary, Kevin, Juhwan, Coach Ink and his Squire along with The Dude. Katie and I were running at a different pace and Aaron joined up with us for a few laps while I was busy playing musical snowboards. We all hooked up with Reed and his Girlfriend as well as the Johann's. (Apologies for not getting better acquainted) Great folks from a few states away. The orange Coiler was easy to spot and the Johanns knew what to do with the vintage Rossi's!

We all saddled up for a drink or three before the blizzard kicked in.

You were missed Mario. But We all had a fun and safe closing day. Catch you at A-Bay before seasons end!? 

BBQ at my place in a month or so!

hope that covers it. Anyone have anything to add? 

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Yep, a great day and a great crowd of hooligans for the Lovey closer!  Dennis, thanks for the photos, sorry for your board loss.  Kai, you looked super smooth on that SG!  And we can't forget the the Cinco de Mono riders, who assisted with run destruction.  In retrospect, we (or I) missed Mario's (no injuries – no one died) toast.

A-Basin's trying to make June.  I may snag a ticket for the closer.

See you hooligans soon!


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Hey sorry to dip out on everyone like that.  I started to wait at 6, but thought I was too tired to ride anymore. Ran into Lance at the bottom and had to do another.  See you guys at the Basin or next season!

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